With Inflatable Movie Screens You Can Show Outdoor Movie at School

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Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

With the use of a portable movie screen, you can show outdoor movies at your school. There are many reasons for having a movie event on the school grounds. In the fall it is a terrific way to get the students and their families excited about returning back to school. What a way to kick off a new school year.

Outdoor movie events also make great fund raisers throughout the year. Best of all, these movies provide children, parents, and teachers a wonderful way to spend time together getting to know one another.

Where On the School Grounds Can You Show a Movie?

The modern technology behind portable movie screens allows the school’s PTA to host outdoor movie events in a variety of locations found on the school grounds.
• On the Playgrounds
• On the Baseball Fields
• In the Parking Lot

Any place where the large inflatable screen can be set up makes a perfect location for a school movie event. Many times the PTA will add to the fun and excitement by setting up games, concession stands, or food trucks. The ideas are unlimited when it comes to enjoying an outdoor movie.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Movie Rental Company

Not all outdoor movie rental companies are the same. Some will go that extra mile to ensure you, your guests, and everyone involved is happy while others will do the bare minimum. You want a company that becomes invested in your event, not just showing up for set up and removal.

There are a few things to look for when selecting which company to use. Look for one that advertises the brand of screen they use. You will also want to know the screen’s wind rating. The last thing anyone wants is to have a large screen blow over. Keep your movie event memorable for positive reasons.

You more than likely don’t have a power supply in the location you’ve selected such as the ball field. Your outdoor movie rental company should have a generator for these situations. Make sure that their generators run quietly. No one wants to try to hear the movie over the loud drone of a machine.

Timing Is Important

When choosing an outdoor movie rental company understand what time they can start the movie for you.
Not all screens are made the same. High end screens allow the rental company to begin at sundown when there is still a soft glow of light. Companies without the better screens, such as DJs, have to wait for complete darkness before starting the movie.

The difference in starting a movie early or late can be anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. This can be huge to families with smaller children who need to get to bed. It also isn’t much fun for the adults to get home late from the school’s movie event and have to try to get up for work the next day.

By knowing what to look for when planning your school’s outdoor movie, you’ll have a successful event that everyone will remember. It will be the perfect kick off to the year, fund raiser, or simply a good reason to gather with friends and family.

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Parent Movie Review – How To Train Your Dragon 2

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Parent Movie Review by Southern Outdoor Cinema- How To Train Your Dragon 2

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” is the sequel to the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” and a follow up to the popular Cartoon Network series of the same name. As with the first movie, Hiccup and Toothless discover themselves in a new adventure. The young man and his dragon face a threat that challenges both man and beast’s survival.

Stoick is Hiccup’s big and burly father and the Viking village’s chief. He lives on a remote island called Berk where he rules the villagers with a heavy hand while still being compassionate. Previously in the saga, Hiccup learned how to teach the dragons to work with the Vikings rather than against them. Since Hiccup brought this bond between man and beast about, life has been peaceful for the island of Berk and its inhabitants.

Now that the people and dragons work in harmony, Stoick feels it is time for Hiccup to take on more leadership responsibilities. Unfortunately, his sensitive and scrawny son is afraid he won’t be able to fulfill the expectations his father has. Hiccup would rather work on exploring uncharted lands surrounding the island than learn how to be a leader.

One day Hiccup and Toothless find a secret world when they unexpectedly crash land. They discover hundreds of dragons living with a woman who has taken on the job of protecting the creatures. This woman, Valka, keeps a mean dragon hunter from enslaving the flying beasts. She is also busy keeping a huge secret from Hiccup.

Hiccup’s character has grown up quite a bit from when he debuted in the first movie. The story line reflects this in the battles with the dragon hunter, his feelings of being inadequate, and the revelation that Valka is actually his mother. The family had assumed she was dead, but she had chosen to help the dragons instead of returning home. She did this more because she feared her husband wouldn’t understand her need to help the creatures rather than a desire to abandon the family. As the parents and son are reunited, each one grows in personal strength and character. “How to train Your Dragon 2” is filled with stories of Hiccup’s relationships with family and friends as he discovers his own way to be a leader.

Positive Element

Hiccup learns the importance of his own sense of identity and character as he becomes more comfortable with the idea of being a leader of Berk. He discovers that it will take responsibility and leadership skills more than strength and brawn to be successful. Most importantly, Hiccup realizes that family is crucial to who we become in life.

The movie’s focus remains on the influence parents have over their children learning to be good. The pro-family sentiment inspires one to be helpful, do better, and become a loving family member. When the mother comes back, the entire family learns that although each individual is unique with different strengths and weaknesses, they can be strong together. The mom learns that people can change and not to give up on anyone.

Hiccup learns that you cannot become someone else. Instead he realizes all you can do is try your best. He may never be a leader in the exact way his father was, but he can still do an excellent job of it.

Sexual Element

There are romance scenes in this movie. The main characters, who were teenagers in the original feature, are now in their twenties and of an age to marry. There are several suggestive jokes. The couples kiss a few times during the film, a girl makes suggestive comments while trying to get a man’s attention, and a gay character comes out with a very brief and vague comment.

Astrid and Hiccup kiss twice, once as Gobber covers a child’s eyes. The married couples in the movie are seen kissing and embracing. Ruffnut becomes infatuated with Eret who likes to show off his muscles. She makes comments such as “Ooh, I like that!” and “Take me!” that are rather suggestive. In the meantime, two additional Vikings are trying to get her attention.

Violent Element

The Vikings are shown with their weapons and swords. Many of the characters are seen engaging in rough activity. One Viking reveals his scar from a brand being burned on to his chest. There are also intense battle scenes and explosions. A house catches fire while animals and people are trapped inside. A main character dies in one of the battle scenes. Other deaths are only shown briefly with some blood being depicted.

The alpha-possession of Berk’s dragons can be difficult to watch. Hiccup also encounters many close calls throughout the film. At one point, the sheep are ruthlessly used as game pieces during a competitive event, and numerous battles are shown between the many groups of dragons.

The violence is continued when several of the humans are captured and then beaten. One dragon comes close to death when forced out of air. Two of the largest dragons fight each other, and the people are shown shooting dragons with darts.

Drug and Alcohol Element

The only reference to drugs is when the dragons are shot with a sedative. A male character is also seen as being drugged.


The strongly positive characters portrayed in this movie show the bond between animals and people. In doing so, the message of working together to achieve a common goal is well played out. The touching scenes between parents and child make this a must-see film. One leaves with a feeling of greater self-worth, especially as a contributing member of their family.

Due to the strong messages of violence and suggestively sexual content, it may not be suitable for some children. Parents need to take this into consideration along with each child’s individual personality and age when deciding whether or not to see “How to train Your Dragon 2.”

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Paul is founder of Southern Outdoor Cinema, an outdoor cinema event production company based in Atlanta and a dad to 2 pre-teen girls. When he is is not traveling to create outdoor movie nights for communities, he is spending time playing board games, reading books and of course watching movies with his girls.

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5 Movies to Watch to Get ready to go Back to School

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Movies About Back To School

While going back to school can bring about a mixed basket of emotions, there is one way to get ready for the occasion quite effectively and that is to watch a great movie. Here are 5 great movies to get you ready to go back to school.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower stars Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Ezra Miller, and follows the trio through the unforgettable journey that is “growing up”. It is the story of just how important friendship is, and of how hard it can be to get through all of life’s obstacles without it. The Perks of Being a Wallflower shows us that true friendship will last through the ups and downs that come with growing up.

17 Again

Matthew Perry is Mike O’ Donnell, a 30 something husband and father living a life that doesn’t really fall under his category of dream lives. It’s been nearly 20 years since Mike made a decision that put him on his current life course and miraculously, he is given a second chance to decide differently. Placed back in his 17 year old body (but in current 2009 rather than 1989), Mike finds himself back on the basketball court at high school and in line to be picked by several college recruiters. The question is, will he make the same choice and choose love and responsibility over an altered future that could easily change his present day situation forever? 17 Again is a story of choices, and just how important the one’s that we make throughout life can be.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Matthew Broderick stars as Ferris Bueller, a high school legend who made his fame by successfully cutting classes more than any other individual in his high school. As graduation draws near, Ferris feels the need to successfully cut out of school one last time and he is determined to make it an occasion to remember. Watch as Ferris “borrows” a Ferrari and roams wild through the streets of Chicago with his two best friends, and watch as Principal Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) makes every attempt to catch up with them in the process.

Monsters University

Monsters University tells the story of friendship and how it can spring up between even the most unlikely individuals. James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are a couple of monsters attending the local area Monsters University. When they first meet, it is quite obvious that they can’t stand each other but things change and friendship grows creating an inseparable bond between Sully and Mike. Watch Monsters University and learn just what changed the lives of this monster pair forever.

The School of Rock

Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is an out of work heavy metal guitarist pushed to the edge when he is kicked out of his own band and replaced with a “would be” guitar god one day. After unsuccessfully winning the regional “battle of the bands”, Dewey finds himself with no way to pay the bills. He manages to intercept a phone call for his roommate with an offer for a job as a substitute teacher at an elementary school for gifted kids. Dewey assumes the role of his roomie Ned (Mike White) with no experience in teaching elementary school aged kids whatsoever. Luckily for Dewey, his class of students are gifted in an area that he has a passion for and that is music. One thing leads to another and the kids form a band that lands Dewey right back at the regional “battle of the bands” once again. But will the all tween band have any chance at winning against Dewey’s former band? The only way to find the answer to that question is to watch The School of Rock today.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next special event.

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Filmed in Georgia: Hall Pass

‘Hall Pass’ is a comedy film directed by the Farrelly brothers (‘There’s Something About Mary’ and ‘Dumb and Dumber’) and stars Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. The movie is about two married men, Rick and Fred, who are suffering from marriage problems. After their wives speak with a friend who is a doctor, they give their husbands a “hall pass”. This pass allows them to take a break from their marriage for one week, allowing them to do what they want, even sleep with other women. When things don’t go the way they’d hoped and they find out their wives think they should get a “hall pass” too, the idea doesn’t seem quite as great. The film also stars Stephen Merchant, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate. The film is set in Rhode Island, but was mainly filmed in various locations in Georgia.

On Rick and Fred’s first night out with their hall pass, they visit a local Applebees restaurant. The scene at the Applebees took place at an actual Applebees restaurant located in Johns Creek, Georgia. In the movie, this Applebees is set during the summer in Rhode Island. Filming was done in March, so to make it look like summer, fake branches were attached to trees located in the parking lot and flowers were planted outside the building. Changes also had to be made to the inside of the restaurant. The merchandise that Applebees had on their walls was mostly licensed material, therefore to avoid fees being paid by the film company, the merchandise was removed and more generic material was placed on the walls. Many of the local citizens showed up to be extras during the filming at the restaurant, as well as several of the employees. Filming of the three minute scene took about a day.

At Lake Lanier in Mary Alice Park, which is located in Cumming, Georgia, the cast and crew of ‘Hall Pass’ set up shop. They transformed the beach area around parts of the lake to look like Cape Cod. A beach house and tiki bar were built specifically for the movie and white sand was brought in by trucks. The area was enjoyed by the production crew as it allowed for easy access for them, but still isolated enough from the public. Several extras from the area were used during filming.

In Gainesville, the Days Inn hotel was the location for some of the movie’s scenes. The hotel was picked out of 85 other locations that the film company was looking at, according to the hotel manager. Christina Applegate was one of the film’s stars who was reported to be seen at the Days Inn for filming. They filmed a scene by the pool as well as in one of the rooms.

Filming for ‘Hall Pass’ also took place in Atlanta. A hospital scene was shot at the Gwinnett Medical Center, though in the film it was called Falmouth Hospital. A club scene occurred at the Gold Room on Piedmont Avenue. Johnny’s Hideaway at 3771 Roswell Road, was used for a bar scene where Stan and Fred test out their pick-up lines. A park scene was shot at Peachtree Hills Park in the Buckhead area. A scene was also filmed at The Pool Hall, located at 30 Irby Avenue.

‘Hall Pass’ was released in 2011 and is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.


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Movie Night: A Fundraiser That Both Students And Parents Enjoy

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Fund-raising movie night at school The best events are ones that both the parents and students will find fun to go to, as well as help out with. One school came up with an extremely successful way of accomplishing this.

Rather than holding yet another bake sale, craft fair, or the likes, this school came up with the idea of a movie night at the school. Although it may at first sound like a huge undertaking, these types of events are actually fun for the whole family and easy to organize. Best of all the school earned quite a bit of much needed money.

To pull it all together, the PTA got busy planning. They contacted several local people and businesses to be sponsors. In return, their message or ad was shown on the inflatable screen before the main feature began. Their organizing paid off with enough funds to cover the movie production and licensing fees. There was even some left over to show for their fund raising efforts. This was added to money brought in from activities, food sales, and silent auctions that made the movie night a huge success.

To get the school ready for the event, teachers and parents worked together to recreate a theater setting inside of the school. The gymnasium was used as the area for the actual movie viewing. It worked out perfectly. An inflatable screen was set up, and plenty of mats and chairs were made available for seating.

Before the family friendly movie was played, guests could take part in numerous games such as the ring toss and cake walk. Classrooms were utilized as designated spots for each activity. One room was set up as a game room with foosball and air hockey that the younger students really enjoyed playing. Another was used for karaoke that both the kids and adults had a great time participating in.

The teachers were able to help out even more so by offering their services for a silent auction. Many offered themselves for picnic or pizza lunches that the winner and a friend could enjoy with them. A paper was hung up with their picture, name, and offering. Underneath was a clip board where guests could “bid.” It was an excellent way to earn additional funds while getting to know their students families better.

The PTA knew that food is a big part of the movie night experience. Concession stands were set up that mimicked ones found in the movie theaters. They sold all sorts of movie time snacks such as bags of popcorn and candy. Beverages such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and bottled water were also available. Each item was sold for a dollar with proceeds benefiting the fund raiser. Outside there was a food truck selling pizza and a shaved ice cart located near plenty of benches for customers to sit on while enjoying their treats.

After lots of socializing, game playing, and eating, everyone gathered in front of the inflatable screen in the gymnasium for their main attraction. A family friendly movie that was appropriate for all ages was shown.

Once the movie night came to a conclusion, all agreed that it truly was a successful PTA fundraiser in every way. The community had fun organizing it and attending it, and best of all, they were able to raise a nice amount of money for their school.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next outdoor movie event.

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