Volunteers and Workers: The People Behind the Scenes at An Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Jul 10, 2012 Under Tips

If you have not planned your own outdoor movie event, what goes on behind the scenes is probably a mystery for you. A ton of work goes into planning one of these events and making it a success. People are needed to perform various jobs that are essential for outdoor movie events. Let’s look at the many people needed behind the scenes at an outdoor movie event.

Parking Attendants
Finding a place to park will be the first concern for guests. If your venue has a small parking lot and you are expecting a large crowd, you might need parking attendants to assist guests with parking. If your parking area is a field, for example, you might need parking attendants to direct guests to where they should park so that all of the guests will be able to fit into the limited parking area.

Event Greeters
Depending on the type of event, greeters might be desired to welcome guests as they enter the venue. Church events typically feature greeters, but you might utilize a greeter at other types of events as well.

Activities Staff
Are you planning any activities to kick off your event and keep guests busy as they wait for the movie start time? If you are planning on having activities such as a bounce house or face painting, you will need staff to organize and supervise the activities.

Concession Workers
Will you have a concession stand at your event? You will need people for several jobs related to the concession stand. You will need concession stand workers to purchase food for the event, and sell food during the event. Concession stand workers might also obtain food donations from local businesses and restaurants.

Clean up crew
Don’t forget about clean-up. Most of your staff will be focused on guests: welcoming them, helping them park, and organizing food sales and activities. A clean-up crew is there to make sure the venue stays clean, and everything gets cleaned up following the outdoor movie event. The clean-up crew provides essential services such as putting out trash pails, emptying the pails as needed throughout the night, and cleaning up after the event.

A great outdoor movie event will seem smooth and effortless to guests, but organizers know better. In order to create a simple, fun outdoor movie event for guests, a lot of work must be done before, during and after the event, and a lot of people are needed to make it all happen.


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