Host the Ultimate Tailgate Party with an Outdoor Movie Screen

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How to Host a tailgate party with an outdoor movie screen

Football season is in full swing, which means the time for exciting tailgate parties is upon us. Friends and fans get together in the parking lot before a game, or gather for a party that includes watching or listening to the game as a group. What could be better than good friends, good food and a great game? An inflatable movie screen can take your tailgate party experience to a new level of fun. Here’s how you can host the ultimate tailgate party with an outdoor movie screen.

Inflatable movie screens offer a convenient way to take your ordinary event and create a larger than life experience.
Inflatable movie screens are portable and can be set-up almost anywhere, like parking lots, outside of a restaurant or bar, a city square or even a backyard. These portable screens can be set up quickly, allowing you to easily prepare for and clean-up after your party.

Large movie screens allow you to see the action up close.
You will be able to enjoy your party without missing any of the game. You can have the best seat in the house with a great view of the game, along with the comforts of your party in the location of your choice. No cramming around a small television screen or competing for the best spot.

Since you can choose almost any location and pick the size of your screen, you can make your party as large or small as you wish.
Invite only your closest family and friends or invite a huge group; it is always more exciting watching the game with a crowd of fans. A group can also come together and share set-up, food preparation and clean-up tasks to make the party fun for all.

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Tailgate parties aren’t just for football season.
You can use an inflatable movie screen to create a great tailgate party for any live sporting event, such as fight nights, baseball playoffs and college basketball games.

It is fun to attend a live sporting event, but also great to host or attend a party with friends where you can enjoy great food and additional comfort while viewing the game. A tailgate party, complete with a large inflatable movie screen, offers the best of both experiences. Choose a location and invite your guests, choose a screen size and start planning your party. Complete your party with good food, music and perhaps some party games.

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