Video Game Tournaments on the Big Screen

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 4, 2010 Under Event Productions

Video game playing is not just for young kids anymore. According to The Entertainment and Software Association, the average video game player is 34 years old. Today in American more than 67 percent of households play computer and video games.

With entertainment software being one of the fastest growin industries in America, gaming competitions are taking on a new twist. Kids (and adults) will now can experience awesome graphics and rocking sound on a four story inflatable outdoor movie system. Outdoor gaming tournaments on movie screen systems can be single elimination tournament style or competition play. Many event producers of gaming tournaments use the event as a fundraiser. Southern Outdoor Cinema has the expertise and know-how to host an awesome game tournament.

Guitar Hero Game has become the newest rage in the gaming industry. The Guitar Hero series are music video games in which players use a guitar-shaped game controller to simulate playing lead, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar across numerous rock music songs. Players match notes that scroll on-screen to colored fret buttons on the controller, strumming the controller in time to the music in order to score points, and keep the virtual audience excited. The games attempt to mimic many features of playing a real guitar, including the use of fast-fingering hammer-ons and pull-offs and the use of the whammy bar to alter the pitch of notes.

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