How Colleges Can Deal With Homesick Students

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Outdoor Movie At College University

Many college students find themselves homesick their first year at school. For many of these students, it is the first time they have lived away from home. With today’s economic environment making a college degree essential, some kids can feel stuck. Twenty-five percent of college students will leave for a different university before their second year.

Universities are using special events to welcome students and make them feel at home. Once a student makes new friends at school, they discover college truly can be a fun experience. If the university can help their new students adjust to college life and feel like they belong, they will be much more likely to stay. Organizing outdoor movie nights, fall welcome back events, and spring flings will help students connect with others. This gives them a sense of belonging, and it’s a great way to find friends on campus.

Colleges can get the year off to a wonderful start by hosting a welcome back outdoor movie event. Returning students will be welcomed back while new students will be greeted in a fun and exciting way. The first week of school can be stressful for newbies. Meeting new people can make them nervous. Being invited to an outdoor movie event brings them into the group, allowing for the perfect opportunity to meet fellow students. Watching a movie together in the crisp fall air also sets a positive tone for the rest of the year.

Inclement weather doesn’t need to mean the end of the college fun. During the winter months, this type of event can be brought inside. An indoor cinematic experience can be set up within an auditorium or gym easily. Using an inflatable movie screen allows these areas to quickly be transformed into a movie theater for special events. Screens can be set up and taken back down all within one day, so as not to disturb the room’s normal daytime use.

Inflatable movie screens can turn any available space into the perfect event venue. Parking lots, the quad, and athletic fields can be the ideal theater setting for a spring fling. Your outdoor movie event production company can help you see blockbuster films before they come out on DVD. They will guide you through any licensing processes involved.

School organizations may also want to use inflatable movie screens to help promote their special causes. Outdoor movie events can be educational as well as fun. Documentaries can be shown just as easily as movies. For example, the political club may choose to show election results while the Earth Day club could use inflatable screens for movies about the environment.

Watching a movie with fellow students lets everyone relax and relieve those feelings of homesickness. It gives students an opportunity to bond over common interests. These events give everyone a chance to make friends and socialize in a way they can’t in the classroom. Those who enjoy their experiences while away at college and make new friends are much more likely to return to the same school the following year, eventually earning their degree without the struggle of being homesick.

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College Attracts Students With Unique Campus Tour

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As colleges and universities try to attract prospective students and their families, administrators are hosting unique tours to make their institution memoriable. While academics, location, and tuition are all important factors for students to consider when choosing a college, students also are looking for campus with amazing extracurricular activities. Many college admissions offices are coordinating with the student actiivities offices to plan campus tours during times when specials on-campus events are scheduled. Touring students and families after a day of touring a campus are treated to a relaxing outdoor movie events. A movie under the stars experience on blankets and chairs helps build the feeling of belong to campus life.

Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta offers turn-key high-quality outdoor movie event productions throughout the South. To arrange an outdoor movie night on your college or university campus during tour week, contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at

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