Summer Camps Host Indoor Movie Events

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jul 8, 2015 Under Event Productions

Indoor movie at summer camp

An Atlanta area youth summer camp recently hosted an indoor movie event to surprise the children who attended. Southern Outdoor Cinema was hired to produce the indoor feature film for the group, and it was a complete success. Everyone from the smallest child to the event’s coordinators enjoyed an evening filled with singing and fun as they got to watch a beloved Disney movie.

Power Camp

Power Camp invites the youth in the Atlanta area each year to come and experience some new sporting opportunities that they may otherwise not get a chance to enjoy. The camp gives children between the ages of eight and twelve the ability to participate in some non-traditional sports like lacrosse along with a few favorites such as soccer, tennis, and volleyball. The kids are trained by accomplished athletes that range from high school players to actual professionals. All participants learn skills and team work that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Movie Night

The camp is held at Morehouse College where event coordinators turned the school’s gym into a movie theater complete with popcorn for everyone. This was done as both a reward and special treat for the children. An inflatable screen was set up at the far end of the gymnasium. This left plenty of room to lay out blankets and pillows for all of the campers to relax on while viewing the main attraction.

Movie night was a special treat and a surprise to the campers. Not only was the event itself unexpected, but the movie selection was also a huge surprise. The movie selection wasn’t announced until the start of the film so you can imagine how thrilled the children were when they were shown Frozen. Disney’s big animation hit portraying the icy story of the two totally devoted to each other sisters is a beloved favorite of many so it was only natural that the children sang along with Elsa and Anna throughout the film. The fact that this indoor movie event turned into a sing along only added to the fun of this unique experience.

Movie night in College Gym
Southern Outdoor Cinema – recreates a movie theater in gym

Much of this indoor movie event’s success is due to the expertise of Southern Outdoor Cinema. They have provided all the necessary equipment for several indoor and outdoor movie events. For this particular viewing the movie was shown on a silent movie screen. This new screen technology allows the screen to be blown up and then the blower is removed for a quieter viewing experience. No noises distract from the indoor movie. In addition, Southern Outdoor Cinema’s turnkey service allowed the camp coordinators to not worry about the production details. This let them focus all of their attention on the campers.

The success of this summer camp’s indoor movie event gave the group’s leaders a way to reward the children with a unique surprise. The kids enjoyed their night of popcorn, a movie, and plenty of sing-alongs. Best of all, this event created memories that these children will forever cherish.


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Themed Summer Camp Activities Includes Outdoor Movies

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Outdoor movie at summer camp
The traditional view of a summer camp as a woody place with hiking, canoeing, and campfires is evolving, with greater acceptance of newer summer camps that offer a wide variety of specialized activities. A favorite activity of summer campers are movie nights outdoors under the stars. Campers unwind together on blankets and snack on popcorn as they enjoy a blockbuster film on a portable movie screen. Often camp directors will theme the movie night to the week’s activity.

Pictured: High-energy music is played before the movie start. Often audience members will dance to the music. Here a group of campers join to dance to the YMCA.

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