Parent Movie Review: HungerGames MockingJay Part 2

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The Hunger Games final installment is known as Mockingjay Part 2, but it is not exactly the kind of movie you would take your kids off to. You first have to get past the idea that this movie is entertainment for children. It is not. These are movies filled with violence and sexual innuendo that basically never stops. The attacks on a capitalist society are just as bad, and you will feel yourself cringing as an adult when you are watching this movie with your kids. There are many things to look out for if you still want to brave this movie with your kids or your family.

Violent Content
The Hunger Games are violent from start to finish, and there is no way to get around it. These are movies about kids killing other kids, and more people are going to die than in your standard war movie. You might have felt ok showing your kids Midway or Bridge On The River Kwai because those are historic movies that tell your kids about things that really happened. This is a movie that uses violence to get the end of the story plain and simple.

You will see people skewered by arrows shot by the main character, and you will see people die in explosions and other ways that are quite gruesome. That alone makes it very hard to watch, and you need to be prepared for gut-wrenching deaths that your kids are probably not ready for. You can stop right there and think about how much violence you want your kids to see.

The advanced special effects and the plotline require a lot of people to die in this movie, and this movie uses violence to make its point. The point could have been made in a more civil and wholesome way, but the book and movie companies want parents to think that this movie is actually for kids. Please remember that it is not.

Sexual Content
You have to get past the fact that the whole movie is pushing a certain couple into bed together, and it is making their love story seem romantic when it is just a way to survive a war. This is not how you would want your kids to act, but it seems to be the only way that this movie will portray relationships. Remember that there is no Christianity in this movie, and there are basically no morals. That is going to be hard to explain to your kids because the movie is rife with intrigue that is created with the use of any moral compass.

Drug and Alcohol Content
Drugs and alcohol are not really present in the movies, but the problem is that people are poisoned just to make the story keep moving along. So, you are not seeing anything that is asking your kids to do drugs or drink, but they might as well be if they think that it is cool to go into an arena to fight and kill other kids. Two of the kids in the movie actually tried to commit suicide together in an earlier movie, and you have to wonder what kind of message this movie is sending when these kids are doing such things.

You do not want your kids to get any ideas, and it is better that you just keep them away from this movie so that they do not think that anything they could do is not as bad as what happens in the movie. Kids will think like this, and you have to protect their young minds from all the excessive sex and violence that is fueled by poison and the occasional alcoholic drink.

The Verdict
This is a very easy movie to review because it is nothing more than a gratuitous attack on capitalism that uses attractive young actors to make the movie seem appealing. Anyone who is watching this movie will be shocked by how much violence is in it, and the movie does not even have a good resolution because two people who should not be in love or even thinking of having sex are doing just that. The torture scenes are violent in a way that is truly disturbing, and it is not a movie that kids should be allowed to watch.

You would be much better off reading the books with your kids so that you can explain it to them. You will be able to let them into adulthood later in life knowing that they will not want to watch movies like this, and you can avoid the questions that they will ask just by skipping the movie. It is impossible to explain such a violent and sexually-charged movie to your kids when there is nothing else to talk about.


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Filmed in Georgia – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip

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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2015) begins when some of the friends or main characters plan a party for their friend Dave. In addition, one other reason for having a party is for the “Chipettes”. The Chipettes are moving due to the fact that they have the opportunity to become judges on the Television program “American Idol”.

Prior to any festivities or surprise parties Dave decides to take some friends to play some mini golf. One reason for Daves desire to play mini golf is the fact that a girl whom he is dating will be present at the golf course. Dave has talked about marrying this girl of his dreams and many of Dave’s friends feel a wedding is on the horizon.

Dave seems to be an independent person and enjoys doing for himself. Dave always does his own shopping also. One day after returning from the grocery store the “Chipmunks” find a ring in one of the brown grocery bags. The Chipmunks are certain this is an engagement ring that Dave intends to give his future wife. Quite impressed with the new finding, the Chipmunks attempts to steal the ring however their efforts prove to be unsuccessful.

Dave finds out he must travel to Florida because of business. Therefore, Dave decides to bring his lovely Samantha along and propose to her before they return from their Florida trip. Dave feels Florida provides a somewhat romantic setting in which to propose.

The Chipmunks along with Miles decide to travel to Florida in an attempt to sabotage the engagement proposal. In a turn of events, the Chipmunks decide to drug three squirrels . Once the squirrels are drugged they dress them up in unrecognizable clothing in an attempt to fool their neighbor Ms. Price played by Jennifer Coolidge.

During the trip to Florida you can clearly hear one of the Chipmunks songs being played in the background “Christmas Don’t be Late”. The Chipmunks head to a club upon arriving in Florida. The purpose for going to the club was to perform. However, an interruption causes a brawl and they eventually leave the club.

Over a period of months the Chipmunks manage to save some money and travel to New Orleans. The Chipmunks begin to frequently sing the song “Uptown Funk” . Actually, they sang this song many times during their bus trip to New Orleans. Dave feels that the song is well put together and that the Chipmunks definitely capture the attention of the public with their singing.

Weeks later Samantha and Dave reunite with the Chipmunks and offer to drive them to Florida. Once they arrive in Florida Alvin confesses that he was the one who snatched the engagement ring from the shopping bag.

While walking through the streets of Miami weeks later Miles is almost struck by a car. Alvin quickly pushes Miles out of the line of danger and ultimately saves his life. The incident with Miles seems to have a profound affect on Alvin and he seems to have a change of heart about many things.

Alvin not only confessed to taking the ring but he willingly gives the ring back and apologizes. However, once the ring was returned to Dave he tells Alvin he decided not to marry Samantha and that the ring actually belonged to his long time friend Barry which was played by Eddie Steeples. With the ring incident behind them, the Chipmunks get even closer to Dave. Dave decides to legally adopt the Chipmunks. This is a day of much happiness and celebration. Upon leaving the courthouse after the adoption hearing. Dave is as happy as a lark and claims that nothing in the world could spoil his happy mood.

However, once Dave returns home with his newly adopted Chipmunks he finds his home in total disarray. Apparently the squirrels ruined much of Dave’s home. Dave tries to keep his cool but it is quite evident that he is angry about the destruction which has taken place.

Dave unexpectedly shouts Alvin’s name and it was quite clear that Dave was placing at least part of the blame for the home invasion on Alvin. Dave has no choice but to accept the Chipmunks for what they are especially since he has legally adopted them.


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What a $299 movie night package gets you (or may not get you.)

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Southern Outdoor Cinema brings movie events of the highest quality to schools, events, and parties all around the country.

What a $299 movie night package gets you (or may not get you.)
When planning an outdoor movie event, you will find that several equipment companies only charge $299. This sounds like a terrific bargain, but there are several reasons why these companies can charge such a small fee. You may have already read about these companies that skimp on insurance in order to save money while others will use inexpensive, non-commercial grade equipment.

Common Problems with Cheap Outdoor Movie Providers
At Southern Outdoor Cinema we often get calls from school PTA organizers who want to host an outdoor movie event. Many of them have already hosted such events in the past, but these functions have failed. We have heard plenty of stories about horrible experiences when using cheap outdoor movie providers. One organizer told us of a technician who got lost because they didn’t have the proper address. By the time they arrived, it was past the advertised movie start time, and they still had to get their equipment set up.

Often the stories relate to faulty equipment. One DJ had a screen with a hole in it. He didn’t have his own patch kit, so the host had to find duct tape for them. Another equipment provider didn’t even have extension cords long enough to reach the power source. The hosts had to search the school for enough extension cords to allow the show to go on. One group actually had to help set up the screen because the technician was new and didn’t know how to do it.

Hiring a cheap provider for your movie event can result in the following:
• Hassles
• Last minute chaos and confusion
• A poorly executed outdoor movie event
• Stress
• A movie that may never get started

Why Some Outdoor Movie Equipment Rentals are Cheap
There are many reasons why you can find cheap outdoor movie equipment rental companies for as little as $299. Often it is simply because the company doesn’t invest in their equipment. They provide only the bare bones equipment which often results in failure. These budget providers cannot afford to add convenient extras into their service such as patch kits, back up projectors, or reliable sound systems when they charge such low fees.

Often you will find that these $299 providers are actually DJ’s or mom and pop businesses with second jobs. These people don’t focus solely on outdoor movie events. Due to their other business ventures, they don’t have a passion for outdoor movies. It is simply one more way for them to make some money.

What You Can Expect From Southern Outdoor Cinema
At Southern Outdoor Cinema, we are dedicated to outdoor movies. This is where our passion lies. We believe that on the night of your event, you should be stress-free and able to enjoy the movie along with your guests. Our technicians have years of experience with outdoor movie productions. Many people on our crew have done the most outdoor movie setups of any other technicians in the world.

We use high-end equipment, along with backup equipment on hand, to provide you with a Hollywood Premiere like experience. We provide routine inspections and maintenance on our equipment to ensure everything is working properly. You’ll find that we would rather over plan for your event than under plan. For example, we’ll bring twice as many cords than is needed, just in case a mistake was made in calculating the distance to the power source. When you hire Southern Outdoor Cinema, you can count on a hassle free, enjoyable movie event that both you and your guests will enjoy.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close knit community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at

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Parent Movie Review – Alvin & the Chipmunks: Road Chip

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Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are at it again in Road Chip. Once more Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Jesse McCartney lend their voices to this lovable trio.

This time around they are trying to figure out how to stop Dave from proposing to girlfriend Samantha. Seville played by Jason Lee, feels that his “boys” need a more normal upbringing so he takes them off the circuit and starts producing himself.They are disappointed but that soon turns to fear when they find an engagement ring in Dave’s drawer. The intended bride to be, Samantha, has a child of her own, namely Miles. Miles has a propensity for tormenting small creatures i.e. chipmunks. Neither the chipmunks nor Miles want this union so they set out to stop it. Instead they learn important life lessens along the way plus they learn how to become better friends. Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Miles reinforce the need for positive role models in a childs life. The chipmunks need a mom and Miles needs a dad to help wrangle this bunch of mischievous children.As Alvin’s plan usually do, this one goes awry causing many goofy antics to ensue. While this movie has negative aspects, it has some really good ones too.

Positive aspects
This scripts wonderful moments come in when Dave wants to adopt his “boys”. They discuss the importance of having a father in a young child’s life. They also discuss the need we all have to feel like we belong. This movie also shows that no matter matter how how different two people are they can still find common ground. This pic chomps down on the notions of friendship and familiar loyalty. It offers a nice gesture at adoption too. The main topic however remains about the importance of teamwork and family bonds. The foursome also learn that just because you disappoint or disobey your parents their not going to quite loving them. Also that there will be logical consequences to your actions.

Sexual aspects
There is embracing between Dave and Samantha, and then they share a kiss. The movie shows party goers wearing short shorts, short skirts, midriff baring tops and low cut dresses. Women wear skimpy bikinis at the pool and Miami Beach. Expect lewd comments from Alvin. Also he performs hip thrusting gyrations while singing. Theodore sings that he likes big butts.

Violent aspects
Many people get bopped or thumped in this movie, with glee, like on the Three Stooges. An air marshal chasing Alvin, Simon and Theodore, gets an chipmunk slingshot to the crotch. He gets pummeled in a bar fight, smashed face first into a road sign. Then he gets toothpicks thrown at his face where they stick. Most of the violence comes from the bully , Miles, against the chipmunks. He throws them around, pins one to a revolving windmill, and dips one head first into a cotton candy machine. He bends and twists Alvin around like a toy to prove he’s stuffed. Plus a bunch of squirrels tear up a kitchen and living room with their teeth.

Drug and alcohol
Squirrels are taken out by nuts covered in cough syrup. As the movie progresses people are seen drinking beer and wine. Dave and Samantha are imbibing on margaritas. The air marshal is by far the worst example however because he becomes falling down drunk and passes out. When he wakes, he can’t remember what he did the night before or how he got the two tattoos he wakes up with. The movie shows him drinking moonshine containing drinks. All in all, the movie focuses more on the dancing than on the drinking.

Alvin and the Chipmunks-Road Chip is basically the same jokes different storyline. However, it still comes off as funny for the kids and cute for the adults who have to watch it five million times once it hit Blu-Ray and DVD. It isn’t any worse than some of the cartoons they have out nowadays.Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and even Miles have something to teach children today. Miles teaches that it’s important to have a positive father figure around. While Alvin, Simon, and Theodore would probably get in less trouble with a good mother figure. This movie stresses the importance of family bonds and the love that comes with those bonds. It also shows that no matter what your parents will stand right beside you. All in all, it’s a good movie for movie night.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
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Parent Movie Review – Shaun of the Sheep

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Parent Movie Review: Shaun of the Sheep

Shaun of the Sheep Movie is Aardman Animations (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run)latest claymation film aimed at children. The film is rated PG for rude humor. Directed by Mark Burton and Richard Starzak, the film features the voices of Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Omid Djalili, Richard Webber and Kate Harbour.For Shaun the Sheep (voiced by Fletcher), life at the Mossy Bottom Farm is pretty sweet. There is just one tiny problem though. Farm life can just be SO boring. Wake up. Work. Work. Work. Eat. Sleep. Do it over again. Every. Single. Day. Sound familiar?After tiring of this tedious routine, Shaun and friends devise a scheme to take a day off from work. They trick the farmer into sleep by using the old sheep counting trick. As sheep jump over the fence one after another, the farmer counts them and falls asleep before he even reaches ten. They put the passed out farmer in his caravan, which accidentally rolls away into the big city.

The farmer wakes up, having bumped his head, with amnesia. He soon roams into a hair salon. He begins to cut everyone’s hair as if he was shearing a sheep. The customers love it so much that the farmer becomes a famous stylist sensation.

Meanwhile back on the farm, Shaun and rest of the flock find life impossible without the farmer. Shaun and the gang take a bus to the big city to find the farmer. They eventually find him, but he does not remember them. They concoct a plan to put the farmer asleep again and get him on the caravan and back to the farm.

In the end, the farmer wakes up and regains his memory. He helps the sheep rid the farm of an animal control officer, who becomes bent on killing the sheep. Through teamwork, the farmer and sheep stop the evil animal control officer and gain a new fond appreciation and understanding for each other.

Violence Content

A caravan tumbles to the city, narrowly avoiding being hit by a train. The farmer is knocked out by a falling street lamp. The sheep often escape sudden near-death situations.

The animal control officer uses a high-voltage gun that shoots out a hook in order to trap his victims. This could be especially scary for young children when he demonstrates it’s power on a toy, which ignites in flames. The animal control officer also uses a scythe when he chases the sheep.

When the animal control officer becomes particularly enraged in the ending scenes, he drives a large tractor in hopes of pushing the farmer and sheep off a large cliff. He, of course, is unsuccessful.

Positive Elements

Shaun and his buds go to great lengths to save the farmer after realizing life was so much better when their family-unit was whole. They put themselves in great peril and learn the value of teamwork in order to rescue the farmer from the big city.

This theme is continued as the film introduces stray animals who seek a family of their own and teach Shaun and his friends the value of family.

The farmer learns that a bit of R&R and downtime can go a long way as a treat to your hard-working friends and family members.

Sexual Content

The very top part of a man’s buttocks is shown on several occasions due to his sagging pants. There is some flirtation and a few light sexual insinuations.

A farmer is photographed without his shirt for a calendar. The animal control officer openly flirts with a sheep dressed as a human female.

Drug and Alcohol Content

A drink is mixed and served in a cocktail glass. A character drinks a glass of wine during dinner. The farmer holds a bottle of champagne in a photograph.

A patient in the hospital is gassed unconscious before going in the operating room.


Shaun the Sheep is a movie for all ages. Based on the children’s TV show, the film continues the light-hearted tone of the series. As it has very little dialogue, there is no crass language and it also makes the film very easy to follow for kid’s of all ages. Parents should enjoy this one as well.

While the film does rely on some crude sight-gags such as passed-gas and toilet humor, parent’s should feel confident in showing their little one’s Shaun the Sheep Movie. The morals shine through at the end of this movie and seek to teach children to value and love their family and life, even when it can become boring and tedious ever so often.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
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