Parent Movie Review – Cinderella

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Movie Synopsis:
The most recent adaptation of the Cinderella story has an original opening that many fans enjoyed. Instead of starting out with Ella acting as the household maid at the beck and whim of her evil stepmother and two stepsisters, she is happily living with her mother and father. Cinderella has a truly enchanting life with an absolutely huge country mansion filled with little animal friends what communicate with her, and of course her two loving parents who are both alive and well. Sadly this fairy tail lifestyle doesn’t last for long and shortly after the film starts Cinderella’s mother becomes bedridden with an incurable disease. Before dying she bequeathed her only child with the advice to “have courage and be kind.”

Years pass and Ella’s father, a merchant searching for companionship, decides to marry Lady Tremaine to fill the loneliness in his heart. She has two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, who are the same age as Ella and it seems to be a perfect match. Only those who know the classical story know that the match turns out to be anything but perfect. When Ella’s father dies she is left alone with her selfish and overly vain stepmother and two stepsisters. They treat her like a slave, making her wake up at the crack of down to complete a list of chores a mile long. The evil trio go out of their way to make Cinderella’s life a nightmare. All she has to help her through this troubling time are the furry animal friends and her mothers words of courage and kindness.

After the king of the nation falls ill there is a ball held to help the prince find someone that he may be able to marry. Everyone is invited tot he ball, especially eligible young ladies. Cinderella and her stepsisters are bubbling with excitement but each for different reasons. While Anastasia and Drizella are only looking to marry the prince and become queen, Ella is just looking for a chance to have a night of fun and freedom from her daily life. Everyone gets ready but before they leave Lady Tremaine and her daughters dash any hopes Cinderella had of attending the ball by destroying her dress and leaving her with no way of getting to the castle. Luckily, with the help of her fairy godmother Ella is able to attend the ball and meet the prince only to have to leave him at midnight. The rest of the movie follows the classic and beloved Disney tale and had a very happy ending.

Positive Elements:
There are numerous factors of this film that have a positive influence on young watchers. For example, until Lady Tremaine and her daughters are in the picture, Cinderella lives in a very happy and healthy home. She has two parents who are kind and love her. In this environment she grows to be a lovely woman. Even when her father is looking to marry again she humbly thinks of only his happiness. Ella proves to be a strong role model by never giving up on the words of hope her mother gave her, even in the presence of her evil stepmother, step sisters, and even prince charming. She is against the idea of forced marriages that don’t contain any love and are occur for financial and political reasons. Most importantly Ella teaches young children the value of forgiveness by excusing her stepmother and stepsisters.

Spiritual Content:
There are many allusions between the fairy godmother and a guardian angel. During the entire film Cinderella believes that there are good things in the world and if she stays faithful to her creed nothing bad will ever befall her. When Lady Tremaine and her daughters dash her hopes of attending the ball she is overwhelmed and her faith waivers. This is when the fairy godmother helps Ella with her magic, turning a pumpkin into a carriage and some mice into horses. There are also references to Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella symbolizing dark temptations and selfish living. The stepmother’s mean cat is named also named Lucifer.

Sexual Content:
Unlike other popular films to be released in 2015, Disney’s Cinderella is fairly tame in the sexual content category, making it perfect for views of all ages. The women in the film do wear a few low cut dresses and there is a scene showing Anastasia and Drizella in only their undergarments but nothing is ever exposed to the audience. There are also a few kisses between Cinderella’s parents and herself and prince charming.

Violent Content:
Once again there isn’t to much violence for parents to be concerned of in this Disney film. There are a few fights, which are meant to be more humorous than deadly, and a few threats shared between characters. There are a few deaths in the movie but they are very tame. There is no blood or gore.

Crude or Profane Language:
Phrases such as ,”oh gosh”,”oh lords,” and “bloomin'” are used on a rare occasion and there is some name calling by Lady Tremaine and the step sisters including “hussy”, “wench” and “stupid”. No actual curse words are used throughout the film.

Drug and Alcohol Content:
There are no drugs used during the movie but Lady Tremaine drinks wine.

Other Negative Elements:
Gambling and harsh treatment of Ella from Lady Tremaine and her daughters.

Out of all the new live-action films that Disney is producing Cinderella is one of the more tame adaptions. of course there are the evil stepmother and stepsisters which embody everything evil, but Ella’s hope, courage, and kindness outshine they devilish efforts. She stands as a good role model for young children. Parents should be wary of the body images presented on film, for the low cut clothing and corseted waists are unhealthy.


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Outdoor Movie Night at School on a Tight Budget

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Once spring arrives, many elementary schools begin looking for fun family activities to host for the students and their parents. With the weather getting nicer, it would be wonderful to do something outdoors. The children are often restless after a long winter inside, and the parents are anxious to get them out once again. Outdoor movie nights held at the school are perfect. These events tend to bring out the whole family, even the dads. Elementary schools usually don’t have a lot of extra funds for events. The idea of an outdoor movie night may seem out of reach at first, but there is a simple way to make it more affordable. To raise the money needed for this type of event, you can sell movie ads to run before the feature presentation. This is how the movie theaters make money. They sell advertising because the ticket sales alone don’t generate that much of a profit.

You may be wondering who you would get to run ads on the screen before the movie starts. This is simple. Think about your audience and which businesses are geared towards families with young children. Check out the local dance studios who always want to find a way to invite young people into their classes. Pediatricians are another good example of businesses catering to little ones. Children’s clothing shops, local restaurants, and toy stores would all make terrific sponsors who market to the people you’ll have at your movie event.

Each sponsor can customize their ad to their own needs. Full screen ads could be ran for larger corporations who are more invested in their advertising department and can afford a bigger ad. Half screen ads are ideal for smaller businesses. The smaller ad makes it more affordable for them, and the fact that they can advertise to a specific group of people will mean they aren’t wasting their limited budget on advertisements that won’t reach the right people.


As you offer this opportunity to the local businesses, especially any located close by the school, don’t forget that this screen time can be used for more than just commercials. These ads can give parents the perfect way to show everyone how proud they are of their kids. These ads can be used to celebrate a child’s accomplishments or to simply send an encouraging message to them. Imagine the memories you’ll be making. Not only will the kids remember a fun filled outdoor movie event with their friends and family, they’ll never forget seeing themselves up on the big screen.

Southern Outdoor Cinema will provide your sponsors with premium exposure. Twenty minutes or more will be devoted to ads before the main movie begins. While the kids and their families are getting settled in, they’ll be able to view these special messages. It’s just one more way to make a family fun event successful without over stretching your budget. 


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
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Parent Movie Review – Zootopia

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Zootopia – Parent Movie Review

 The newest romp adventure from Disney Animation Studios is so trending in topic and original in presentation it strikes the adult viewer as the most un-Disney like film they ever created for us. The film is for both children and adults, family entertainment, and the inspiration can’t be missed, although the film avoids following footsteps in its forging new territory for Disney.

The animation is visually dazzling to both young and mature audiences. The screenwriters delivered intelligent and attention holding script, which holds center stage in Zootopia, and put WDAS at the top of their award winning game. There is a definite new milestone this year in Disney as their films are modernized and yet still rediscover their talented and original style.

The story line is that mammals have all evolved to live in harmony in a large city of the future. Bunny Judy Hopps wants to be the first rabbit policewoman, and partners a fox con artist to expose a conspiracy in the department. This pairing provides great humor, as they hold personal grudges and prejudices against each other, and portrayal of inter-species bias connects powerfully to today’s sexism and racism employment issues. The point making banter is sometimes surprising and always spot on, in a fun packed story completely original. This is exceptionally welcome from Disney, who has for years been adapting work. This film is funny and witty, producing both at the same time. Since Pixar ranks at top peak of modern animation, WDAS had to borrow some elements and as a result the work feels like Pixar with a seasoning of Disney dashed here and there.

In the story line, the partnership of Bunny Hops and Fox succeed in their solving of the conspiracy crime, but when accepting their award, Bunny reverts to her roots and advises the audience that the city’s predator populations have reverted to their savage beginnings, and future police work needs to recognize that. This betrayal hurt Fox and he abandoned Bunny until their forgiving and understanding reunion at the climax of the film.

Undoubtedly, the bunny element depicts women trying to break the career glass ceiling aspects and the predators are today’s minorities, as this plot line incorporates bullying dangers and sexual exploitations. These might not please all parents of young children, and some humor might fly over the younger viewer heads. However, if this is what modernization requires, Zootopia satisfies that requirement without become crude and offensive to the family genre.

Which brings this review to the only parental guidance warnings within the film, and it must be noted that these are slight, fleeting and small incidents, but still might inflict fear into a small child without appropriate parental guidance:

Profanity: There are no profanities; however, twice irreverent use of “God” is made.
Drugs and Alcohol: The plot requires characters to work within a plant based lab and discovery is made by the law.
Violence, Gore: Using ketchup as blood, there are scenes of facial scratching, leg cuts, and a pained scream in confrontation scenes, and one character’s eye is blinded by another’s attack.
Nudity, Sexual Inference: Scene from floor of two female characters on toilet, only feet shown, and there are nightclub scenes of nude animals not wearing the customary clothing of the film costumes. Nothing private is revealed due to the animal’s fur, but the nude significance is there. “Gazelle”, celebrity dancer, appears throughout the plot performing her nightclub entertainment skits.
Frightening Scenes: A friendly character accidentally reveals her own inner bias in a public announcement that causes hurt and embarrassment by her betrayal so that she resigns from the police in shame. Scenes of children being bullied could be upsetting. In one plot turn, a drink turns the sympathetic friendly predators back into dangerous killing animals.

The emotional positives of forgiveness, reconciliation, sympathy and helpfulness are ingrained throughout the animation and screenplay. Whenever the dialogue might be over a child’s comprehension, the animation displays the emotion felt. The character voices are celebrity actors who will be familiar to adult audiences and enhance their humorous dialogues by their personal identification. The ethereal visual of the overview of Zootomic sends a better-than-life enhanced beauty that signifies the pleasant existence of all those living there amid equality, complete lack of bias or hurtful prejudice.

Zootopia is indeed a very good movie that explains the negatives of hurtful bias and discrimination in any living mammal. It is clearly carefully crafted for every nuance and attention holding message. The themes do not feel heavy; instead, Zootopia presents the young and old audience with a fun adventure wrapped delightfully in a funny, entertaining Disney film.

Zootopia has been presented in many languages of the world, although some countries inexplicably retitled the film, “Zootropolis” with the production company’s permission. The content of this film should be acceptable for children aged 6 and up; younger children might not understand the jokes nor the more adventurous and volatile scenes and might feel fear in what should be an entertaining Disney movie outing with their supportive adults.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
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Parent Movie Review: Norm of the North

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The norm of the North is an American animated adventure of a polar bear (Norm), who can communicate with people. The animated comedy film was directed by Trevor Wall and features voices of among others Heather Graham, Rob Schneider to name a few. This movie released on January 15th is a production of Splash Entertainment and Assemblage Entertainment.

In the Movie Norm of the North, it starts with a failed attempt of the polar bear (Norm) to catch a seal and when he finally manages to capture it he reveals his reasons for not being a killer. He also reveals that he, like his grandpa, is a rare polar bear with the ability to talk to humans. These makes Norm get teased and scoffed at by other bears and animals in his community. Norms only friends in the community is the little lemmings. His father, the polar bear king of the north, is too disappointed by Norm’s kind hearted nature.

In this tale Norm and other bears, caribou, seals to name but a few are renowned for having a significant dance performance to entertain tourists at their winter home in the Arctic. Visitors can’t get enough of a dancing, back-flipping, twerking polar bear who somehow knows their lingo. Animals start getting steamed when they realise that a lot of humans are flocking the frozen north with the aim of turning the Arctic wilderness into a vacation home destination something that gets Norm alarmed too. Norm determined to put an end to the arrival of luxury mobile condos, he and his three lemmings friend sneak onto a cargo ship headed to New York City.

When in New York City Norm learns that Greene Homes, the company behind the building of holiday luxury condos in his Arctic home is hiring a spokesperson for promotion purposes of the holiday homes. Norm pretends to be a human dressed in a bear costume and auditions for the part. Norm is convincing that he gets hired by Vera the company’s marketing manager. Norm starts to gain popularity and struggles with when to reveal his identity and convince the people not to allow Greene’s plan of building holiday condos in the frozen north.

Violence Content
In the tale Norm’s lemming friends appear to be virtually indestructible. They however at some point get stomped on, flattened, battered about to name, but a few of the wrath they face, and they seem to come back to normal with little noticeable damage. There are instances in the tale where Norm is seen to swallow several live blowfish whole as well as an orca gobbling up a seal.

Norm and his grandfather thump into speeding cars and are seen falling from a high height into the ocean depths where Norm gets pinned to the ocean floor by a large piece of metal debris.

Also, there is a man dressed as a bear seen fighting with two guys as well as humans and animals who are seen shot at by tranquilizer darts.
Sexual content
In the film when Norm and other animals are putting on a performance for the tourists, Norm is required to wear a purple spandex suit. A character Vera yells Norm; please come out of which Norm takes a quick look at his attire and replies that he thinks he just did come out. There is a scene where Norm the fully furred bear is seen dropping his bath towel.

Norm is also seen urinating in a fish tank and potted plants as well as many backsides seen being poked and wiggled at the camera.
Drug and Alcohol Content
There is no drug or alcohol use in this film. However, there is a scene where a man says that he smells like sweet vermouth that is an aromatized wine flavoured with among others spices, flowers, seeds to name a few.
What parents should know about the Norm of the North movie is an animated adventure involving a polar bear who communicates with humans and is on a mission to protect his Arctic home from turning into a holiday home destination. The movie has lots of jokes that will have your kids laughing.


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Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2-Filmed in Georgia

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“Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2” is the last film in the series of films based on the science fiction trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The film was directed by Francis Lawrence and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchinson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Claflin, Donald Sutherland, and many more. Katniss (Lawrence) becomes the symbol of hope and strength for the people in the districts and the soldiers waging war against President Snow (Sutherland) under the leadership of President Coin (Moore). This war comes after Katniss’ defiance and escape from the dreaded Hunger Games. Katniss along with Gale, Peeta, Finnick, and other loyal friends travel to the capital with one objective, to kill Snow. The story takes a turn when she realizes that President Coin presents a similar danger to Panem. Nevertheless, Katniss heroically saves the people of Panem, with a selfless act that leads to her imprisonment, but Panem’s democracy. This movie hit the theaters on November 20, 2015.

Filming for this movie took place in many places including European cities such as Berlin and Paris but also several locations in the state of Georgia. Principal photography started in Atlanta in September 2013 and filming took place in other cities in the state of Georgia such as Rockmart and Newnan, where the Caldwell Tanks were used. Scenes of the capitol were filmed at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta on December, 13, 2013. The hotel was used for scenes in which the tributes appeared in their living quarters while in the capital.

One of the most interesting film locations was the setting for President’s Snow’s mansion and office in the Capital of Panem. For this purpose, the crew and cast spent time filming in the Swan House of the Atlanta History Center, located in Buckland, Atlanta. The Swan House is a historical gem built in the 1920’s by a cotton baron. It is designed in Italian and English styles and features exquisite furnishings. The location scouts were drawn in by its elegance. Although there were some changes made for Hollywood effect, many of the original furnishings and objects in the mansion were kept unchanged and appeared as is in the movies. The mansion now features a tour that focuses on the Swan House’s role in the Hunger Games trilogy films. The tour is titled “Designing an Executive Mansion” and features photographs of cast and crew during filming as well as objects that can be spotted on the big screen.

If you missed the “Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2” in theaters, catch it on DVD or Blue Ray.


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