Filmed in Georgia – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip

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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2015) begins when some of the friends or main characters plan a party for their friend Dave. In addition, one other reason for having a party is for the “Chipettes”. The Chipettes are moving due to the fact that they have the opportunity to become judges on the Television program “American Idol”.

Prior to any festivities or surprise parties Dave decides to take some friends to play some mini golf. One reason for Daves desire to play mini golf is the fact that a girl whom he is dating will be present at the golf course. Dave has talked about marrying this girl of his dreams and many of Dave’s friends feel a wedding is on the horizon.

Dave seems to be an independent person and enjoys doing for himself. Dave always does his own shopping also. One day after returning from the grocery store the “Chipmunks” find a ring in one of the brown grocery bags. The Chipmunks are certain this is an engagement ring that Dave intends to give his future wife. Quite impressed with the new finding, the Chipmunks attempts to steal the ring however their efforts prove to be unsuccessful.

Dave finds out he must travel to Florida because of business. Therefore, Dave decides to bring his lovely Samantha along and propose to her before they return from their Florida trip. Dave feels Florida provides a somewhat romantic setting in which to propose.

The Chipmunks along with Miles decide to travel to Florida in an attempt to sabotage the engagement proposal. In a turn of events, the Chipmunks decide to drug three squirrels . Once the squirrels are drugged they dress them up in unrecognizable clothing in an attempt to fool their neighbor Ms. Price played by Jennifer Coolidge.

During the trip to Florida you can clearly hear one of the Chipmunks songs being played in the background “Christmas Don’t be Late”. The Chipmunks head to a club upon arriving in Florida. The purpose for going to the club was to perform. However, an interruption causes a brawl and they eventually leave the club.

Over a period of months the Chipmunks manage to save some money and travel to New Orleans. The Chipmunks begin to frequently sing the song “Uptown Funk” . Actually, they sang this song many times during their bus trip to New Orleans. Dave feels that the song is well put together and that the Chipmunks definitely capture the attention of the public with their singing.

Weeks later Samantha and Dave reunite with the Chipmunks and offer to drive them to Florida. Once they arrive in Florida Alvin confesses that he was the one who snatched the engagement ring from the shopping bag.

While walking through the streets of Miami weeks later Miles is almost struck by a car. Alvin quickly pushes Miles out of the line of danger and ultimately saves his life. The incident with Miles seems to have a profound affect on Alvin and he seems to have a change of heart about many things.

Alvin not only confessed to taking the ring but he willingly gives the ring back and apologizes. However, once the ring was returned to Dave he tells Alvin he decided not to marry Samantha and that the ring actually belonged to his long time friend Barry which was played by Eddie Steeples. With the ring incident behind them, the Chipmunks get even closer to Dave. Dave decides to legally adopt the Chipmunks. This is a day of much happiness and celebration. Upon leaving the courthouse after the adoption hearing. Dave is as happy as a lark and claims that nothing in the world could spoil his happy mood.

However, once Dave returns home with his newly adopted Chipmunks he finds his home in total disarray. Apparently the squirrels ruined much of Dave’s home. Dave tries to keep his cool but it is quite evident that he is angry about the destruction which has taken place.

Dave unexpectedly shouts Alvin’s name and it was quite clear that Dave was placing at least part of the blame for the home invasion on Alvin. Dave has no choice but to accept the Chipmunks for what they are especially since he has legally adopted them.


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