How To Attract A Large Crowd To Your PTA Election

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Friends and family gather together at a PTA Movie Night.

Friends and family gather together at a PTA Movie Night.

How to attract a large crowd to your PTA election

Your local school’s PTA/PTO is very important to the students, parents, and educators. They have many duties within the school system, and they are responsible for raising necessary funds throughout the school year. This organization wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of the local community along with elected officials within the association. The key to success is getting everyone involved in the elections.

Hold a Movie Night Election

Organizing a movie night is a terrific way to attract a large crowd to your school’s PTA election. Movie events entice many of the parents and students to come back to the school for the election who may otherwise skip it. The more people from the community that get involved, the more successful your PTA will become.

The best thing about a movie event is that it can be held indoors or out. A large inflatable screen can be set up on the football field, playground, or school grounds. If there is a risk of inclement weather, it can work just as well inside a gym or auditorium.

Movie nights are among the highest attended school events hosted by PTA and PTO organizations. Other events may include things such as bingo nights or school dances. One aspect that makes movie night so successful is that both the moms and dads find them appealing.

Why the PTA/PTO is So Important

Parent teacher Associations and organizations, referred to as the PTA or PTO, address the issues important to the public school administrators and the parents of students. They fight for funding and quality teachers in order for the schools to survive, especially now that many schools are experiencing increased class sizes and government mandates that make the job of providing quality education a daunting task.

PTAs depend upon the dues, fund raisers, and the support of volunteers to continue their work. The election of certain positions within the organization is vital to their success. This is why it is crucial to get as many people involved as possible with events such as a movie night.

How to Combine an Election with Movie Night

One PTA in Forsyth County GA uses the time before their annual movie night to discuss PTA issues. Using the microphone, the PTA reviews details of other events, budgets, and the hosted elections. This is also a good time for the candidates to say a few words on their own behalf. Last minute nominations from the floor could be recognized before the movie begins.

For the best turn out, the Election Day movie event should be scheduled at the beginning of the school year and placed on the school calendar. This gives parents ample notice that this is when the elections will be held.

PTA members, teachers, and attending parents can place their votes after the presentation, just before the movie starts as messages from the sponsors are being shown. Paper ballots can be collected, and the guest can enjoy the feature presentation while a designated group can count the ballots. Results could be announced at the end of the movie.

The Benefits of Attracting a Large Crowd to Election Movie Night

The movie event itself gives everyone in the community, including teachers, parents, and students, a reason to gather together. Along with enjoying the main feature with friends and family it offers the perfect setting for discussing all of the PTAs important issues. By having a larger crowd than at the typical PTA meeting, more people will be able to have input on major decisions and elections. It also makes the job of spreading information to all of the parents much easier.

Everyone will go home knowing exactly who will be holding which offices and what it is going to take to make another successful school year for the students. Using the attraction of the movie to bring in a bigger crowd will benefit the students the most. Children who attend schools where parents work closely with the teachers and PTA tend to have higher test scores and better attendance. The next time you’re looking for a way to help your local PTA/PTO succeed, consider hosting your own school’s movie night.

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$199 For An Outdoor Movie Rental

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Funflicks outdoor movie rental $199 in Atlanta

Many of you who belong to a PTA/PTO organization or host school events for grades ranging from elementary school to college know how important it is to have events that are both fun and successful. Holding an outdoor movie event in the Atlanta Georgia area is an excellent way to get people to come to your function as well as guarantee that everyone will have a good time and leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Movie Rental Company

When you begin to plan your function you will find there are several cinema companies out there who do outdoor movie events. Choosing the right one ensures a successful evening that both the host and guests can enjoy. There are some inflatable movie screen equipment rental companies in Atlanta that offer their services for as low as $199 or $299. Don’t ignore that red flag telling you that this sounds too good to be true.

Inexpensive outdoor movie night

There are many reasons why these companies are so cheap. Several of them can offer these unbelievably low rates because they are providing their outdoor movie equipment as additional income to their main operation. They are not experts in the outdoor movie event production. DJs often offer movie services. You’ll also find mom and pop companies doing outdoor movie events as a side job. This can be a problem because these people are not focusing fully on your movie experience. Cheap or faulty equipment combined with their lack of knowledge can result in a disappointing event for you and your guests.

Inflatable Screen Quality

There are also inflatable movie screen rental companies that have low prices due to the inflatable screen system they are using. Companies who purchase inexpensive, non-commercial grade screens cannot give you the best movie viewing experience. As a result the quality of your outdoor movie event will suffer.

There are many different kinds of inflatable outdoor movie screens. Understanding their differences can help you choose the best rental company available. Some of these screens are made for one or two time use at home. They are meant to be discarded after that. Others are made by manufacturers who produce things other than movie screens such as bounce houses. Typically these movie screens are unattractive and will have wrinkles which distort the movie image.

You’ll also find that the projection surface or the white screen surface where the movie is shown on some inflatable movie screens is not a real movie screen surface like you would find in an actual theater. This will make the picture look dull or appear to be the wrong color. We even came across a movie screen that made everything look green. When you choose Southern Outdoor Cinema you can rest assured that you are getting a real theatrical screen surface on the inflatable movie screen equipment.

$199 outdoor movie Atlanta

The Benefits of an Early Start

Another factor to consider is whether or not you can begin your event before sunset. Due to the quality of their screen surface and the types of projectors used by these cheaper providers, images cannot be on the screen until after dark. Southern Outdoor Cinema can start their movie projection up to an hour before most of their competitors. This allows you to have an earlier movie start time. That’s an important consideration if you’re having young children at your event. Parents won’t want to keep their kids out late.

Earlier start times also give more time for displaying sponsor advertising. As a client you’ll be able to make money off the event by showing your advertising for at least 20 minutes before the movie begins. You’ll also find you won’t have guests sitting in the dark waiting for the feature film to start. Southern Outdoor Cinema has found that the best part of watching an outdoor movie is the setting of the venue. Seeing a beautiful sunset in the background when the movie begins playing can be breathtaking.

Cheap Atlanta Outdoor Movie Night Rental

What to Do When Hiring a Movie Company

It’s important to check the price quotes for your outdoor movie event. Obtain references from recent clients that have worked with the rental company you are considering. Visiting an event that is being produced by that company will allow you to see exactly what level of quality you’ll be getting. Many competitors will lie about the size of the screen they are using, but with Southern Outdoor Cinema you’ll find you get exactly what you would expect to make your outdoor movie event a complete success.


About Southern Outdoor Cinema

Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next outdoor movie event.

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How To Host A PTA Outdoor Movie Night

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How To Host A Pta Outdoor Movie Night

Movies are a language that every generation speaks. From granddad to junior, the silver screen makes a wonderful focal point of a fundraising event. Hosting a movie outdoors, at nighttime, on a huge screen steps things up a notch: it transforms a movie into an event! With an outdoor movie night, everyone is entertained, food and refreshments go hand-in-hand with a film, and having it outdoors adds an element of fun that kids and adults enjoy.

If your PTA is planning to host one of these fun outdoor movie nights, there are a few tricks of the trade to consider to make certain that things run smoothly:

There are a host of places you can host your outdoor movie night. Fields, courtyards, and parking lots are all big, empty spaces that you can reserve for your event, making them prime realty. As with anything else in life, there are benefits to each, and there are also things to consider.

First, let’s consider the essentials: Electricity and bathroom access are the top two things that you need to take into account for an outdoor movie night. You need electricity to show the movie, and you need electricity if you plan to have a concession stand. Your audience is definitely going to need a bathroom; if you don’t have access to an indoor bathroom, you can always rent a porta potty for your audience. If that’s not an option, take that as a sign that you need to select a different location.

Second, let’s consider the impact location can have on people: location sets the mood. A majority of the allure of going to an outdoor movie is being outdoors. The surroundings help make or break a movie-going experience. If you’re setting up in a courtyard or parking lot, either provide chairs or cushions for your audience to sit on. Fields make for a softer seating arrangement—but not if it’s a minefield of rocks. Watch out for insect nests and animal burrows when selecting your location.

Comfortableness is what helps an outdoor movie night shine in the memories of those who attend. Having bathroom access, somewhere comfortable to sit, and an overall pleasant experience is what will encourage them to come back next year when the PTA hosts another annual film under the stars.

You can’t show a movie without a screen, a projector, and a sound system. Not all of these things are made equal; be sure that your equipment is up to the job. With your screen, check wind ratings, know how close it can be to water, and consider the start time of your showing. If you need to start your film before the sun sets to accommodate young children, it takes a higher end screen system to be able to do a quality show before it’s completely dark out. There are even inflatable screens without noisey blowers, which Southern Outdoor Cinema specializes in.

Beyond the mechanical equipment, you need to select a movie to show at your outdoor PTA shindig. This category of “equipment” is the determining factor in how well your event goes and whether or not your audience walks away wanting to come back next year. It is important that you pick something that will keep adults and kids alike interested. Thankfully, there is an entire branch of the film industry dedicated to creating family films. Use ratings and recommendations from your equipment provider as a guide when selecting the movie for the night.

If concessions are part of your plan for the event, you’ll also need to gather equipment for a concession stand, whether it be in a tent or shed or vehicle. Popcorn is a movie classic, but you can also serve other fun things at your outdoor movie night. For the ambitious, you might gear your concessions towards the film you’re showing! Or, you might match your food to the season: for fall film showings, consider hot chocolate, apple cider, apples with caramel, and kettle corn.

Whether you need to do fundraising to have your movie event, or you’re having a movie event as a fundraiser, a great way to generate some profit is to run sponsors’ ads on the big screen before and after show time. Not only does it work at selling their product and promoting their business for them, but it also gives the audience something to watch before the movie begins.

If you have a concession stand at your event, you could use it as another advertising opportunity for a sponsor. If one of your sponsors is already in the food business, you could transform your concession stand into an outpost for their cuisine for the evening, giving them publicity and stepping up your concessions for the night.

You can also think about putting your sponsors’ logos on invitations for the event, on napkins and cups from the concession stand, and on tickets for the event itself, if you choose to have tickets. If you’re feeling extra creative, sponsors could have their logos emblazoned on seat cushions to hand out so that the audience is extra comfortable for the feature film!

You know that part of the dvd you can’t fast forward through at the start of every movie? That FBI warning is letting you know that there are rules you need to follow when you are showing a movie in public. In other words, a public performance license needs to be purchased from the film studio or you will face a large fine: up to $250,000 or up to five years in jail. While there is specific criteria that you can meet to avoid these fines, one of the easiest ways to handle this detail for your outdoor movie event is to hire a professional outdoor movie event equipment provider. Southern Outdoor Cinema takes care of the legal aspect of the movie license so that you don’t have to.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next special event.

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