Keeping your Audience Entertained Before an Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jun 27, 2012 Under Event Productions

Today, I want to talk to you about keeping your audience entertained before the start of your outdoor movie. One of the things you want to do is have a nice environment for your participants to attend.

Number one: consider having some music playing while people are filtering into your location. Obviously you’re going to want it to be at a relatively good volume level but not too overpowering so people can actually talk in the audience. Also the music selection is important. You don’t want it super blaring, hip-hop, or something if your crowd is sort of a laid-back crowd, or vice versa.

Number two: create an environment for the participants of your movie. You can go ahead and create some signage that tells what kind of movie it is or you can even theme the event with certain signage. Maybe consider having some balloons. Definitely want to consider possibly having greeters welcoming somebody into your event.

Number three: if this is a child or family-friendly event, consider having some activities for the children so that they’re not just sitting around for over an hour with nothing to do. Consider having some inflatables, possibly renting a local clown for a clown show or a walk around. Consider having maybe some bubble machines, or some spin art machines at your event and definitely have something for them to be doing so they’re not just sitting there. If you’re on a tight budget, consider doing some cost effective things such as maybe having games outdoor games such as tug-of-war or sack races. Those are definitely still a lot of fun when you’re trying to pinch some pennies.

If you’ve got more of an adult-themed environment that’s not as a kid-friendly film or kid-friendly environment, consider some of the things that’ll keep the adults active as well such as, you could do something like a cakewalk, or you could have up displays that they could go and peruse through the different vendors or different things for them to actually look at at the event. You could also do some silent auctions. You could do some raffles before the event. And you could also, of course, have some door prizes as well.

Number four, go ahead and consider having some sort of items on the screen before the movie starts. This could include on-screen slides, and the slides could have things like trivia. You could go ahead have some of the rules of the location up such as if you’re going to smoke, please smoke outside of the crowd where the crowd’s actually sitting. You could have trivia up you could have messages about making sure you have your cell phones turned off, things like that, as it’s getting dark, you can go ahead and display those messages up on the screen.

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