Parent Movie Review – Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

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Parent Movie Review: Disney’s Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur movie follows the story of a place where humans and dinosaurs live together. The Good Dinosaur is made by Disney Pixar and Directed by Peter Sohn. This movie is rated PG due to the action, danger, and thematic elements shown in the movie. Cast members include Jack McGraw, Raymond Ochoa, Marcus Scribner, Ryan Teeple and many more.

In the Good Dinosaur Arlo an Apatosaurus became friends with a human boy due to an unfortunate series of being separated from his family during a storm. The whole movie is based on the story line of what would have happened if the asteroid that caused dinosaurs to go extinct didn’t actually hit the earth. It shows the kind of bravery and troubles a person might have to face after losing their loved one which is what young Arlo went through during the storm before meeting Spot the human. The Good Dinosaur is not very educational when it comes to teaching children true facts about the prehistoric times. However, it does show children how to overcome fear and be sympathetic to others.

Positive Content

This movie shows that family and friendship are far more important in one’s life than anything else is. It is healthy and completely a part of life to have fear, but you should never let it consume your whole life. The fact that it shows that fear is healthy and normal in life shows that the lesson that “the grass is always greener on the other side.” It also shows that you can make a positive impact on the world by doing something more than you ever thought you would. All of which are good things that kids should learn.

Sexual Content

This movie did not really show any sexual element’s except for maybe one which would be the fact that Spot the human that Arlo comes across is only wearing a cloth as clothing. Another sexual element shown was that they appear to hint at Spot urinating.

Violent Content

This movie shows many different occasions in which violence is shown. The first occasion was when Arlo’s dad dies during the storm. Another occasion is that one of the characters was shown how to kill and trap a creature. A good amount of animals and insects were killed in the movie and also a large insect’s head was ripped off.
Some of the dinosaurs in the movie were fighting which would be another scene of violence. Along with some of the dinosaurs having visible scars and after showing the scars the dinosaurs continue on to explaining how they received such scars.

Drug and Alcohol Content

There was only one scene where drug and alcohol content was shown and in the scene two of the main characters consumed a piece of fruit that was rotten. After consuming the rotten fruit, they began to hallucinate from eating the rotten fruit.


Over all The Good Dinosaur has a good meaning and story line. It gives children a sense of imagination of what may have happened if the asteroid never hit earth. Although it is very unrealistic and it may confuse younger children making them believe this is what actually did happen.

The movie could have had less violent and sexual content, but I believe that the content shown is appropriate for children who are older. The drug and alcohol content I believe was shown as a joke along with the sexual content of the character urinating. However, this is humor that only a parent may understand and could have been left out of this family movie. I guess you could say that it had a little bit of humor for parents well still being appropriate for older kids.


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