5 Pirate Themed Movies

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Sep 19, 2012 Under Movie Articles

Get ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day with these adventure packed pirate themed movies.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is currently a series of four movies featuring the quirky main character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Each movie features a different storyline; the first one focuses on Jack Sparrow and Will, the blacksmith, getting together to save Will’s love, Elizabeth. All of the films are filled with entertaining pirate action and plenty of humor.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a must-see pirate-themed movie. Go on an exciting journey with Wendy, her brothers, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as they battle the evil Captain Hook. After Wendy and the Lost Boys are captured by Hook and his crew, Peter, with the help of Tinkerbell, saves Wendy and the Lost Boys and they all return home.


In Hook, an adult Peter Pan, known as Peter Banning, is struggling in his family life when he is forced to return to Neverland after Captain Hook kidnaps his two children. At first, Peter does not remember his past, but after spending some time in Neverland, he begins to remember. Peter teams up with the Lost Boys to save his children and win back their love. His trip back to Neverland reminds him of what is important: his family and enjoying life.

Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins, a young boy, discovers a valuable treasure map while working at his parents Inn in England. He ends up on a trip to the island where the treasure is located, but not all of the members of the crew are trustworthy. Jim accidentally hears about mutiny plans being made by Long John Silver and his allies, and sets out to stop them. Jim boldly does what he can to stop the pirates from finding the treasure, and eventually prevails. In the end, the pirates are left on the island, except for Long John Silver; Jim sees that Silver has been a friend to him and helps him escape to freedom.

The Goonies

A group of friends who call themselves The Goonies face hard times while their families struggle financially. They find an old map that is connected to a rumor that there is treasure to be found. The Goonies decide this should be their last adventure and set out to find the treasure. A group of criminals stand in their way, and even after the Goonies find the treasure, the criminals catch them and take the treasure. The criminals are eventually caught and arrested and the boys return home. Everyone is in for a surprise at the end when enough treasure to save the families homes is discovered in one of the kids’ bags. (Click here to retweet.)

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