What a $299 movie night package gets you (or may not get you.)

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Southern Outdoor Cinema brings movie events of the highest quality to schools, events, and parties all around the country.

What a $299 movie night package gets you (or may not get you.)
When planning an outdoor movie event, you will find that several equipment companies only charge $299. This sounds like a terrific bargain, but there are several reasons why these companies can charge such a small fee. You may have already read about these companies that skimp on insurance in order to save money while others will use inexpensive, non-commercial grade equipment.

Common Problems with Cheap Outdoor Movie Providers
At Southern Outdoor Cinema we often get calls from school PTA organizers who want to host an outdoor movie event. Many of them have already hosted such events in the past, but these functions have failed. We have heard plenty of stories about horrible experiences when using cheap outdoor movie providers. One organizer told us of a technician who got lost because they didn’t have the proper address. By the time they arrived, it was past the advertised movie start time, and they still had to get their equipment set up.

Often the stories relate to faulty equipment. One DJ had a screen with a hole in it. He didn’t have his own patch kit, so the host had to find duct tape for them. Another equipment provider didn’t even have extension cords long enough to reach the power source. The hosts had to search the school for enough extension cords to allow the show to go on. One group actually had to help set up the screen because the technician was new and didn’t know how to do it.

Hiring a cheap provider for your movie event can result in the following:
• Hassles
• Last minute chaos and confusion
• A poorly executed outdoor movie event
• Stress
• A movie that may never get started

Why Some Outdoor Movie Equipment Rentals are Cheap
There are many reasons why you can find cheap outdoor movie equipment rental companies for as little as $299. Often it is simply because the company doesn’t invest in their equipment. They provide only the bare bones equipment which often results in failure. These budget providers cannot afford to add convenient extras into their service such as patch kits, back up projectors, or reliable sound systems when they charge such low fees.

Often you will find that these $299 providers are actually DJ’s or mom and pop businesses with second jobs. These people don’t focus solely on outdoor movie events. Due to their other business ventures, they don’t have a passion for outdoor movies. It is simply one more way for them to make some money.

What You Can Expect From Southern Outdoor Cinema
At Southern Outdoor Cinema, we are dedicated to outdoor movies. This is where our passion lies. We believe that on the night of your event, you should be stress-free and able to enjoy the movie along with your guests. Our technicians have years of experience with outdoor movie productions. Many people on our crew have done the most outdoor movie setups of any other technicians in the world.

We use high-end equipment, along with backup equipment on hand, to provide you with a Hollywood Premiere like experience. We provide routine inspections and maintenance on our equipment to ensure everything is working properly. You’ll find that we would rather over plan for your event than under plan. For example, we’ll bring twice as many cords than is needed, just in case a mistake was made in calculating the distance to the power source. When you hire Southern Outdoor Cinema, you can count on a hassle free, enjoyable movie event that both you and your guests will enjoy.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close knit community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at http://www.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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Parent Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3


Kung Fu Panda 3 is an action packed animated movie feature, where the main character is a dragon warrior named Po (voice of Jack Black). He is also the ultimate hero of China’s animal kingdom; the undisputable dumpling eating champion of the Valley of Peace and the leader of the Furious Five, an alliance that includes Monkey, Tigress, Viper, Crane and Mantis. The voices behind these warriors are those of Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, David Cross and Seth Rogen respectively. In the ensuing drama, Po unites with his long lost father and a community of other pandas. He must also acquire additional warrior skills to combat a new, more deadly enemy called Kai.

Po’s team faces a two way challenge. In the first scenario, their teacher Master Shifu has decided to go on a knowledge and enlightenment expedition. He appoints Po to hold a brief for him. In the second instance, Kai a notorious village yak has come back from the spirit realm after centuries of spiritual condemnation. Kai’s quest to become the ultimate warrior and the most dominant force in China and the world prods him to steal the “chi” belonging to all the great warriors and masters of the land. Kai goes on a mission to destroy Po in retaliation to what he sees as the physical world’s repudiation of him. Kai also wants to make a mockery of last great prophecy made by the legendary Master Oogway, that a panda warrior will destroy him.

Actors J.K. Simmons, Dustin Hoffman and Randall Duk Kim lend their voices to the characters Kai, Master Shifu, and Master Oogway respectively. Po’s birth father Li tells him about the existence of a mystical secrete village occupied by pandas to the chagrin of his adoptive father, a goose named Mr. Ping (voice of James Hong). Soon Po finds himself in a quandary, as he comes into terms with the idea of meeting other pandas and his real father. In the magical village, Po captures the attention of an exotic and flirtatious dancing panda named Mei Mei (voice of Kate Hudson). Mei Mei appears to love Po more than he does in return. Later, Po avows that the skills and knowledge he needs to fulfill Oogway’s prophecy can only be obtained in the new secrete village.

Positive Elements
One of the many positive elements on this movie is expressed when Po learns about the sacrifice her mother made to protect him against notorious killers when he was a small boy. Po repeats the same feat later by standing against the enemy to protect his community. In another positive scene, Po’s adopted father Ping embraces Po’s birth father in a show of unity.

Violence Content
Kung Fu Panda 3 is rated PG for intense martial arts action as well as mild and rude humor. The martial arts action pits good versus evil characters. One frightening scene is when many of Po’s friends are captured and transformed into opposing jade warriors. The evil Kai also uses large blades connected to chains to destroy things around him, even though the smashing and punching does not result in stabbing or killing. Despite some scenes of violence, the movie is generally suitable for viewing by people of all ages.

Sexual Content
Kung Fu Panda 3 has a mild sexual innuendo. The most notable sexual innuendo is portrayed by the ribbon dancer, MeiMei who openly flirts with Po. In the second instance, a little child is pointing to certain things and then points below the camera view. Although it is said the items are dumplings, this could be misconstrued to mean testicles.

Drug and Alcohol Content
None, the movie doesn’t feature any incident of drug or alcohol use.

Kung Fu Panda is elegantly designed, as it features a scenic mountainside panda hideout and a mystical rock spirit world with a corresponding class act from the pragmatic Po. The new Po is great to look at as he ditches his previous underachieving self. The previous two installments of Kung Fu Panda were highly popular with children and families, even though kids may find the intense battles in the latest release scary. In this movie, Po and his friends must fight against Kai, the supernatural bull monster that is causing so havoc in China. An aura of mystic is captured by the reappearance of Master Oogway and the evil Kai. The other scene that may cause some fear is the conflict between different characters in the movie.

Parents should expect some insults; for example, the use of words such as “loser” and “stupid” and sarcastic humor. On the overall, the entertaining script that includes tit for tat mayhem and inclusion of new characters makes Kung Fu Panda another funny, must watch movie. The other great thing about the Kung Fu Panda 3 is the positive message the movie reverberates. This is portrayed when Po’s family and friends lend him love and support during the times of trouble. Although Po appears not to fit perfectly in the new community of panda’s, the show of unity embraced by the community when there is a disaster goes a long way to instill a sense of belonging on him. The most enduring enduring themes in this captivating threequel include family ties and identity. The movie opened in theatres on January 29, 2016.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at www.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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Is $299 For An Outdoor Movie Too Good To Be True?

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Community Movie Night by Southern Outdoor Cinema

There is a reason why some outdoor movie equipment providers can charge only $299 for their movie services besides using inexpensive equipment with poor viewing quality. That reason is their lack of proper insurance for a movie event or possibly no insurance at all.

Provide a Safe and Fun Outdoor Movie Event

As the organizer of an outdoor movie event you have many responsibilities. You want your guests to have a great time, but you also want to ensure a safe environment free of risks for you and others who are helping behind the scenes. Having general liability insurance is the best way to offer a safe environment with minimal risks at your outdoor movie event, but this shouldn’t be your responsibility to provide.

A good equipment rental company will carry general liability insurance. Being adequately insured will benefit them as well as you, their customer. Unfortunately, the fact remains that many of these outdoor movie equipment providers are not properly covered. Even worse, there are some who have no insurance at all.

Why Some Companies Are Not Insured

General liability insurance for outdoor movie companies cost up to $10,000 per year to be properly insured. The outdoor movie season is only several months out of the year. It would be close to impossible for many companies to afford this after paying the expense of their employees along with the cost of gas to travel to each event.

Bounce house companies, DJ services, and other small businesses will offer outdoor movie equipment rental services in addition to their existing business without taking the proper steps to do so. One thing that is often overlooked in these situations is adding general liability insurance for their outdoor movie screen services. Only a few underwriters cover these types of activities so it is difficult to obtain this type of insurance. Those offering outdoor movie services as a side line don’t let their insurance provider know they are doing these events. Therefor they are not covered for the outdoor movies.

The Importance of General Liability Insurance

You may be wondering why this insurance coverage is so important. Imagine if your equipment provider were to cause damage to the location of your event while setting up. As the organizer of the event, you and your organization will be held responsible for any damages if the equipment rental company doesn’t have insurance to cover such problems. The risk of mishaps increases when companies such as bounce house rentals offer outdoor movie screens in addition to their regular services. More than likely their technicians are not properly trained to set up and take down outdoor movie equipment. They may be more likely to cause damages.

Reputable companies carry general liability insurance. It protects themselves and their customers. When planning your outdoor movie event you need to do your research and make sure the provider you choose has adequate insurance coverage. Don’t take their word for it. Ask for a copy of the equipment provider’s general liability insurance certificate, and make sure the description of coverage includes cinema viewings and outdoor movies. $1,000,000 is the industry standard for this type of insurance. Keep this in mind when looking over the coverage.

Responsibilities of an Outdoor Movie Event Organizer

Along with offering your guests a great movie at an enjoyable venue, with extras and entertainment to make everyone comfortable, you need to make sure all behind the scenes responsibilities are being handled. You will be doing your best to minimize damages and risks by verifying that your outdoor movie equipment provider has the proper liability insurance to cover your event. If the company you are considering doesn’t have this coverage, continue your search for a more reputable one. In the end you will be glad you did.


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