Last spring, Oprah Winfrey traveled to Kingsland, Georgia with two acclaimed matchmakers to kick-off a 30-day social experiment challenging residents to focus on building love in their community. The town’s efforts are the focus of a new series, “Lovetown, USA,” premiering on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. During one of the reality tv show’s segments, an outdoor movie event was hosted for the community. The couples that the show follows on dates attend an outdoor movie night with the community.

Producers of the show were exploring ideas and events that would bring the community together and thought an outdoor movie event would be a perfect fit for the show. The show, produced by the Oprah Winfrey Network and BBC America, called upon the outdoor movie company, Southern Outdoor Cinema of Forsyth County to put together the outdoor movie aspect of the reality show. This is not the first time Hollywood has called upon Southern Outdoor Cinema for their expertise. Southern Outdoor Cinema has worked on a movie premier for Warner Brothers Studios as well as produced outdoor movie events for Sherwood Pictures, creatures of the faith-based films Facing the Giants and Courageous.

Paul Murray, owner of Southern Outdoor Cinema and his crew traveled to Kingsland, Georgia for a day shoot this past spring. A giant 43′ inflatable movie screen was installed on location of the shoot at a high school.

The segment featuring Southern Outdoor Cinema airs this Sunday, Sept 2nd at 10pm EST on (OWN) Oprah Winfrey Network.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema Featured On Reality TV Show

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Aug 20, 2012 Under Company News

Southern Outdoor Cinema brought the big screen to the small screen for the Oprah Winfrey Network’s new reality tv show “Lovetown USA.” The tv show was filmed in late spring in Kingsland, Georgia.

About the show
After a nationwide search, Oprah Winfrey chose Kingsland, Georgia, to be transformed into Lovetown, USA. Oprah launched the first-of-its-kind social experiment by traveling to Georgia, where she called the community to action at a “love rally” and challenged everyone to “open their arms and hearts to the possibilities of all kinds of love.” She has charged two experienced relationship coaches—Paul Carrick Brunson and Kailen Rosenberg—with the daunting task of transforming Kingsland in 30 short days.

Over the course of a month, Paul and Kailen will attempt to mend relationships of embattled friends and lovers—young and old—and find true love for singles. This social experiment, which involves everyone from government officials to grade school students, will examine how love, grace, kindness and forgiveness can affect an entire community.

Southern Outdoor Cinema’s featured on the show
For a segment of the tv show that involving a community / date night, Southern Outdoor Cinema produced an outdoor movie night on the town’s football field. Southern Outdoor Cinema’s crews setup a giant three-story tall Airscreen inflatable movie with digital projectors and cinema sound systems. The participants of the reality tv show enjoyed a picnic dinner while watching a Hollywood blockbuster film outdoors and under the stars.

The segment featuring Southern Outdoor Cinema’s outdoor movie setup will air in the television show “Lovetown USA” on OWN in August 2012.

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