Despicable Me 2 - Parent Movie Review by Southern Outdoor Cinema

Despicable Me 2 – Parent Movie Review by Southern Outdoor Cinema

GENRE: Animated / Children

It wasn’t very long ago that Gru was playing the part of the villain, out to destroy the world, but look at just how drastically things have changed. Rather than plotting against government organizations, like the Anti-Villain League, Gru is being recruited to work as an agent for this secretive group. His would be mission; to catch the evil perpetrator of a horrendous heist that involved an entire arctic research lab, and a transmutation serum capable of turning completely innocent creatures into indestructible monsters.

The only problem with this entire scenario is that Gru isn’t sure that he wants to become the secret agent that the Anti-Villain League thinks he is capable of becoming. Well, that and the fact that his three little girls are totally into the idea of their already amazing dad becoming a secret agent. There are, however, advantages to taking the Anti-Villain League up on their offer and the biggest, as with all secret agent stories, involves a female secret agent. Agent Lucy Wilde, Gru’s would be partner, might be a little controlling but that doesn’t concern Gru in the least bit. This is probably because Lucy has a way of making Gru go weak in the knees whenever he is around her.

The overall theme of the movie is one of family, fatherhood, and the love shared between a father and his 3 little adopted daughters.

Violent Element

As with most other secret agent stories, there is an abundance of action packed moments ranging from the occasional bumps and bruises that Gru experiences while fumbling into his role as a secret agent, to the menacing monster rabbit who attacks everyone in the lab. Even a few of the adorable yellow minions are morphed into ferocious beasts who spend a good amount of time wreaking havoc on everyone.

The PX41 serum plays a big role in much of the violence that occurs throughout the later half of the movie. It is this serum that is responsible for morphing the cute little bunny rabbit and the few yellow minions into the monsters they become. When monsters aren’t eating the good guys, minions are bopping each other on the head, and Gru & Lucy are getting knocked around quite well.

Sexual Element

Gru’s cute little girls feel that Gru is over due for a date and he gets set up on one that ends up being a bit steamy. The sultry female that he goes out with bares a little too much cleavage and lips that just don’t quit. There is also a matter of the adorable little yellow minions, and the fact that they end up out of their outfits at several points throughout the movie. One minim, in particular, drops a towel that was being used to cover up a bare body exposing an anatomically correct backside.

Drug & Alcohol Element

One of the characters in the movie, named El Macho, sips on tequila that has been spiked with a snake venom. And Gru’s date ends up getting knocked unconscious from a moose tranquilizer dart administered by Lucy.


It was difficult to imagine exactly which direction this sequel would take but thankfully it ended up taking a surprisingly sentimental one. The former villain, now turned loving dad, plays a great role throughout the entire movie. The story of a single father, who adopts three cute little girls, is one that sits just right with many movie goers however, the slapstick humor will have a few families cringing for sure. The question is, from which eyes do you see the story behind this movie through? The answer to this question will determine whether a family chooses to watch, or not watch, Despicable Me 2 in the end.


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Super Bowl 2014: 5 Best Football Movies

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jan 27, 2014 Under Movie Articles

Super Bowl 2014: 5 Best Football Movies

Looking back at movies involving the wonderful sport of football and just how it has affected our outlook on the sport takes us back over two decades. There have been quite a few greats each of which presents a view of its own. The one commonality is that football has been around for longer than most realize and that it is much more than just a sport. Here is a list of our top 5 best football movies of all times.

Facing the Giants
Filmed in 2006, this Christian drama was filmed with a group of supporting cast members right out of the Sherwood Baptist Church. Each of the cast members volunteered their services and did a fantastic job in the process. The story involves a Christian High School and their fight to achieve victory in a sport which doesn’t typically recognize private schools to begin with. Throughout the story, their belief in God and their faith in His ability to take them to places they might never have been on their own keeps the fire burning. It is this faith and fire that takes them all the way to the top, right into a game that leaves them facing the giants, the top football team in the league.

“Rudy” is the story of the life of Daniel Ruettiger otherwise known as “Rudy”. He was a student at the University of Notre Dame whose only desire was to play for the college football team. The only problem is that Rudy was 5 ft. nothing and nowhere near big enough or fast enough to make the team. The one thing that Rudy did possess was a huge heart and that is what kept Rudy going. He would help the team in any way he could and fought each and every year to get onto the team until by some amazing miracle, he finally did. Watch as Rudy fights to get off of the bench and onto the field in this epic football adventure of all time.

Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans was filmed in 2000 and was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin. The 1970’s were a racially rough time and introducing a group of black football players into an all white football team was bad enough. Now throw in the fact that a black football coach is joining the coaching staff and you have the makings for a pretty big mess. This amazing football flick shows just how strong determination, a belief in something bigger than any one person, and the phenomenal game of football can change the way that people look at the color of skin.

Invincible is based on the story of a South Philadelphia bartender who everyone said was too old to make it in the big leagues yet gets the break of all breaks. At 30 years of age, Vince Papale beats all odds and is invited to play for the 1976 Philadelphia Eagles by winning a chance spot in more of a fluke than anything else. Throughout the movie, no one takes the fact that Vince is actually making ground with the team and just when the team is about to make it to the final game, the big dogs try to get rid of him. Determination and teamwork prevail and Vince plays the game of his life in the end.

Friday Night Lights
Filmed in 2004, Friday Night Lights is one of the best sports drama films of all time. It tells a story of the town of Odessa Texas and their obsession for the high school football team that is all that they have ever had to cheer on. There are many ups and downs as players get injured, coaches risk their jobs, and games become much more than just a simple football game. It just goes to show how important high school football can be to a small country town.


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National Lampoon Family Vation

Summer is here and for many families that means it is time for an annual family vacation. Nice weather and a break from time commitments like school make summer a great day to enjoy some time away with the family. Gather your family and watch one of these five family vacation movies before you begin your own journey.

“National Lampoon’s Vacation” is a must-see family vacation movie. Clark Griswold has planned the perfect vacation for his family. They plan to travel form Chicago, where they live, to the Wally World theme park in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Clark’s careful planning and good intentions are not enough to keep their vacation on track. They run into trouble and keep viewers laughing the entire way.

2. RV
“RV” is another vacation movie where the family gets into trouble as they travel across the country. Bob Munro plans to take his family to Hawaii, but a work commitment causes a change in plans. Rather than let his family know, he decides to incorporate his work commitment into the vacation and rent an RV for his family vacation. A lack of RV experience and some bad attitudes in the Munro family create a recipe for disaster and many laughs in this movie.

In “Cheaper By the Dozen 2,” Tom and Kate Baker plan a final family vacation for their large family as their oldest children get ready to move away and on with their lives. The family finds themselves in competition with the family of Tom’s old rival, Jimmy Murtaugh. By the end of the movie the two families find a way to get along, and the Baker’s come to terms with the changes they are going through.

“Guilt Trip” is about an ambitious young inventor, Andy Brewster and his relationship with his mother. He is focusing all of his energy into getting his invention, a natural cleaning product, into a retail store. Andy visits his mother before embarking on a long trip and decides to invite her along for the ride. He tells his mother he wants to spend time with her, but he secretly plans to reunite his mother with a long-lost love. The relationship between Andy and his mother is entertaining, with Andy trying to get his over-bearing mother to back-off and his mother constantly pushing back. We are reminded how important family is in this movie.

Chet and Connie plan a fun vacation for their family in the movie “The Great Outdoors.” Unfortunately, their plans change when Connie’s sister, Kate, and her husband, Roman, show up with their two children. Chet and Roman, in particular, cannot get along. Roman and Chet are forced to come together to help Roman’s girls when they get into danger. Sometimes families have a hard time getting along, but coming together when it matters the most is what is important.

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The Three Stooges Movie Filmed in Georgia

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jun 3, 2013 Under Georgia Film Industry

Three Stooges Movie

The Three Stooges“, released in April of 2012, joins a long list of movies and television shows that were filmed in and around Atlanta, GA in recent years. Beautiful locations, mild weather and the presence of several successful production companies in the area make Atlanta, GA a hot spot for filming, particularly since the implementation of tax incentives for production companies in 2008.

“The Three Stooges” is a slapstick comedy that is based on the Three Stooges shorts that were popular beginning in the 1920’s all the way into the mid-twentieth century. The major difference here is that this movie places the Three Stooges in a modern setting. The main characters, Moe, Larry and Curly, cause all sorts of problems during their years at the orphanage where they were abandoned as babies. By the end of the movie, the trio shockingly find a way to save the orphanage from being shut down. The entire movie is filled with the hilarious antics of Moe, Larry and Curly.

These funny scenes are all filmed right here in Atlanta, Cartersville and Stone Mountain. Shots of the outside of the orphanage were filmed right in Cartersville in a home that was built in the 1850’s. This is not the first time this historic location has been used for filming. The movie “A Simple Twist of Fate” as well as several made-for-TV movies have used this very special historic location for filming.

If you live in or near Stone Mountain and like to frequent the beautiful Stone Mountain Park, you might notice something familiar about the zoo scene in “The Three Stooges”. The film crew worked their magic and transformed part of Stone Mountain Park into a zoo during filming, complete with a lion!

Three Stooges Atlanta

Several scenes were shot in midtown Atlanta as well. There are outdoor scenes that were filmed at Piedmont Park and street scenes filmed around downtown Atlanta. The party scenes from the end of the movie were filmed in a beautiful mansion located in Buckhead, the uptown district of Atlanta.

Whether you are a fan of the old Three Stooges shorts, a fan of slap-stick comedy in general, or you are just curious to see what “The Three Stooges” is all about, give this movie a chance and you will probably find yourself laughing as you watch. The movie features slap-stick type violence and some crude humor, but there is also an overall theme of love and friendship. If you live in one of the filming areas or visit frequently, you will probably enjoy seeing places you know and enjoy visiting in the movie.

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2013 Most Anticipated Action / Adventure Movies

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Feb 25, 2013 Under Movie Articles

Wolverine Movie If you enjoy action and adventure movies, you will be pleased with the selection of movies set to be released in 2013. Many new movies, that are either based on older stories or serve as a next installment to a successful series, will be coming to theaters next year.


You won’t have to wait long to experience some of the best that 2013 will have to offer. Two movies, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, are set to come out in May, setting the stage for an exciting year of action movie releases.

Iron Man 3
Tony Stark, or Iron Man, faces the powerful enemy Mandarin in the third Iron Man movie. He will need all of his strength to protect himself and those who are close to him.

Star Trek Into Darkness
If you are a Star Trek fan, you won’t want to miss the next Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. Captain Kirk and his crew must stop a powerful villain on a path to destruction.


The summer, as usual, will be filled with highly anticipated movie releases, and Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger and The Wolverine certainly belong in this category.

Man of Steel
You won’t want to miss the latest version of the Superman story when Man of Steel comes out in June 2013. This movie is produced by Christopher Nolan, the director of the Dark Night Trilogy, and is highly anticipated by both Superman fans and action movie fans in general.

The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp, is based on the Lone Ranger character from a TV series, a movie and a set of movie serials. In the movie, Tonto, a Native American Warrior, tells the story of John Reid and how he became a legend.

The Wolverine
The Wolverine is set to be released this summer and it is highly anticipated as the sixth movie in the X-Men series. Wolverine heads to Japan in this story for training.


You will have to wait until fall for Thor 2 and the second of The Hobbit movies, but these should be worth the wait.

Thor 2- The Dark World
This movie follows Thor and The Avengers. Thor must battle an ancient people and their leader, Malekith, as they threaten the universe.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, has been a highly anticipated movie for 2012, and the next movie in the series, The Desolation of Smaug, is sure to be one of 2013’s most anticipated movies. In the second movie the dwarfs will continue their journey.

Get ready for an exciting year full of action and adventure movie releases. These movies are based on previous successful stories, or serve as a continuation of an already loved story. Whether you are anxious for a new installment of a favorite series, or you are new to a story, these movies will supply plenty of action and thrills for you to enjoy.

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