Outdoor Movie Night at School on a Tight Budget

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Once spring arrives, many elementary schools begin looking for fun family activities to host for the students and their parents. With the weather getting nicer, it would be wonderful to do something outdoors. The children are often restless after a long winter inside, and the parents are anxious to get them out once again. Outdoor movie nights held at the school are perfect. These events tend to bring out the whole family, even the dads. Elementary schools usually don’t have a lot of extra funds for events. The idea of an outdoor movie night may seem out of reach at first, but there is a simple way to make it more affordable. To raise the money needed for this type of event, you can sell movie ads to run before the feature presentation. This is how the movie theaters make money. They sell advertising because the ticket sales alone don’t generate that much of a profit.

You may be wondering who you would get to run ads on the screen before the movie starts. This is simple. Think about your audience and which businesses are geared towards families with young children. Check out the local dance studios who always want to find a way to invite young people into their classes. Pediatricians are another good example of businesses catering to little ones. Children’s clothing shops, local restaurants, and toy stores would all make terrific sponsors who market to the people you’ll have at your movie event.

Each sponsor can customize their ad to their own needs. Full screen ads could be ran for larger corporations who are more invested in their advertising department and can afford a bigger ad. Half screen ads are ideal for smaller businesses. The smaller ad makes it more affordable for them, and the fact that they can advertise to a specific group of people will mean they aren’t wasting their limited budget on advertisements that won’t reach the right people.


As you offer this opportunity to the local businesses, especially any located close by the school, don’t forget that this screen time can be used for more than just commercials. These ads can give parents the perfect way to show everyone how proud they are of their kids. These ads can be used to celebrate a child’s accomplishments or to simply send an encouraging message to them. Imagine the memories you’ll be making. Not only will the kids remember a fun filled outdoor movie event with their friends and family, they’ll never forget seeing themselves up on the big screen.

Southern Outdoor Cinema will provide your sponsors with premium exposure. Twenty minutes or more will be devoted to ads before the main movie begins. While the kids and their families are getting settled in, they’ll be able to view these special messages. It’s just one more way to make a family fun event successful without over stretching your budget. 


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema atwww.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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What a $299 movie night package gets you (or may not get you.)

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Southern Outdoor Cinema brings movie events of the highest quality to schools, events, and parties all around the country.

What a $299 movie night package gets you (or may not get you.)
When planning an outdoor movie event, you will find that several equipment companies only charge $299. This sounds like a terrific bargain, but there are several reasons why these companies can charge such a small fee. You may have already read about these companies that skimp on insurance in order to save money while others will use inexpensive, non-commercial grade equipment.

Common Problems with Cheap Outdoor Movie Providers
At Southern Outdoor Cinema we often get calls from school PTA organizers who want to host an outdoor movie event. Many of them have already hosted such events in the past, but these functions have failed. We have heard plenty of stories about horrible experiences when using cheap outdoor movie providers. One organizer told us of a technician who got lost because they didn’t have the proper address. By the time they arrived, it was past the advertised movie start time, and they still had to get their equipment set up.

Often the stories relate to faulty equipment. One DJ had a screen with a hole in it. He didn’t have his own patch kit, so the host had to find duct tape for them. Another equipment provider didn’t even have extension cords long enough to reach the power source. The hosts had to search the school for enough extension cords to allow the show to go on. One group actually had to help set up the screen because the technician was new and didn’t know how to do it.

Hiring a cheap provider for your movie event can result in the following:
• Hassles
• Last minute chaos and confusion
• A poorly executed outdoor movie event
• Stress
• A movie that may never get started

Why Some Outdoor Movie Equipment Rentals are Cheap
There are many reasons why you can find cheap outdoor movie equipment rental companies for as little as $299. Often it is simply because the company doesn’t invest in their equipment. They provide only the bare bones equipment which often results in failure. These budget providers cannot afford to add convenient extras into their service such as patch kits, back up projectors, or reliable sound systems when they charge such low fees.

Often you will find that these $299 providers are actually DJ’s or mom and pop businesses with second jobs. These people don’t focus solely on outdoor movie events. Due to their other business ventures, they don’t have a passion for outdoor movies. It is simply one more way for them to make some money.

What You Can Expect From Southern Outdoor Cinema
At Southern Outdoor Cinema, we are dedicated to outdoor movies. This is where our passion lies. We believe that on the night of your event, you should be stress-free and able to enjoy the movie along with your guests. Our technicians have years of experience with outdoor movie productions. Many people on our crew have done the most outdoor movie setups of any other technicians in the world.

We use high-end equipment, along with backup equipment on hand, to provide you with a Hollywood Premiere like experience. We provide routine inspections and maintenance on our equipment to ensure everything is working properly. You’ll find that we would rather over plan for your event than under plan. For example, we’ll bring twice as many cords than is needed, just in case a mistake was made in calculating the distance to the power source. When you hire Southern Outdoor Cinema, you can count on a hassle free, enjoyable movie event that both you and your guests will enjoy.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close knit community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at http://www.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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How To Attract A Large Crowd To Your PTA Election

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Friends and family gather together at a PTA Movie Night.

Friends and family gather together at a PTA Movie Night.

How to attract a large crowd to your PTA election

Your local school’s PTA/PTO is very important to the students, parents, and educators. They have many duties within the school system, and they are responsible for raising necessary funds throughout the school year. This organization wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of the local community along with elected officials within the association. The key to success is getting everyone involved in the elections.

Hold a Movie Night Election

Organizing a movie night is a terrific way to attract a large crowd to your school’s PTA election. Movie events entice many of the parents and students to come back to the school for the election who may otherwise skip it. The more people from the community that get involved, the more successful your PTA will become.

The best thing about a movie event is that it can be held indoors or out. A large inflatable screen can be set up on the football field, playground, or school grounds. If there is a risk of inclement weather, it can work just as well inside a gym or auditorium.

Movie nights are among the highest attended school events hosted by PTA and PTO organizations. Other events may include things such as bingo nights or school dances. One aspect that makes movie night so successful is that both the moms and dads find them appealing.

Why the PTA/PTO is So Important

Parent teacher Associations and organizations, referred to as the PTA or PTO, address the issues important to the public school administrators and the parents of students. They fight for funding and quality teachers in order for the schools to survive, especially now that many schools are experiencing increased class sizes and government mandates that make the job of providing quality education a daunting task.

PTAs depend upon the dues, fund raisers, and the support of volunteers to continue their work. The election of certain positions within the organization is vital to their success. This is why it is crucial to get as many people involved as possible with events such as a movie night.

How to Combine an Election with Movie Night

One PTA in Forsyth County GA uses the time before their annual movie night to discuss PTA issues. Using the microphone, the PTA reviews details of other events, budgets, and the hosted elections. This is also a good time for the candidates to say a few words on their own behalf. Last minute nominations from the floor could be recognized before the movie begins.

For the best turn out, the Election Day movie event should be scheduled at the beginning of the school year and placed on the school calendar. This gives parents ample notice that this is when the elections will be held.

PTA members, teachers, and attending parents can place their votes after the presentation, just before the movie starts as messages from the sponsors are being shown. Paper ballots can be collected, and the guest can enjoy the feature presentation while a designated group can count the ballots. Results could be announced at the end of the movie.

The Benefits of Attracting a Large Crowd to Election Movie Night

The movie event itself gives everyone in the community, including teachers, parents, and students, a reason to gather together. Along with enjoying the main feature with friends and family it offers the perfect setting for discussing all of the PTAs important issues. By having a larger crowd than at the typical PTA meeting, more people will be able to have input on major decisions and elections. It also makes the job of spreading information to all of the parents much easier.

Everyone will go home knowing exactly who will be holding which offices and what it is going to take to make another successful school year for the students. Using the attraction of the movie to bring in a bigger crowd will benefit the students the most. Children who attend schools where parents work closely with the teachers and PTA tend to have higher test scores and better attendance. The next time you’re looking for a way to help your local PTA/PTO succeed, consider hosting your own school’s movie night.

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Is $299 For An Outdoor Movie Too Good To Be True?

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Community Movie Night by Southern Outdoor Cinema

There is a reason why some outdoor movie equipment providers can charge only $299 for their movie services besides using inexpensive equipment with poor viewing quality. That reason is their lack of proper insurance for a movie event or possibly no insurance at all.

Provide a Safe and Fun Outdoor Movie Event

As the organizer of an outdoor movie event you have many responsibilities. You want your guests to have a great time, but you also want to ensure a safe environment free of risks for you and others who are helping behind the scenes. Having general liability insurance is the best way to offer a safe environment with minimal risks at your outdoor movie event, but this shouldn’t be your responsibility to provide.

A good equipment rental company will carry general liability insurance. Being adequately insured will benefit them as well as you, their customer. Unfortunately, the fact remains that many of these outdoor movie equipment providers are not properly covered. Even worse, there are some who have no insurance at all.

Why Some Companies Are Not Insured

General liability insurance for outdoor movie companies cost up to $10,000 per year to be properly insured. The outdoor movie season is only several months out of the year. It would be close to impossible for many companies to afford this after paying the expense of their employees along with the cost of gas to travel to each event.

Bounce house companies, DJ services, and other small businesses will offer outdoor movie equipment rental services in addition to their existing business without taking the proper steps to do so. One thing that is often overlooked in these situations is adding general liability insurance for their outdoor movie screen services. Only a few underwriters cover these types of activities so it is difficult to obtain this type of insurance. Those offering outdoor movie services as a side line don’t let their insurance provider know they are doing these events. Therefor they are not covered for the outdoor movies.

The Importance of General Liability Insurance

You may be wondering why this insurance coverage is so important. Imagine if your equipment provider were to cause damage to the location of your event while setting up. As the organizer of the event, you and your organization will be held responsible for any damages if the equipment rental company doesn’t have insurance to cover such problems. The risk of mishaps increases when companies such as bounce house rentals offer outdoor movie screens in addition to their regular services. More than likely their technicians are not properly trained to set up and take down outdoor movie equipment. They may be more likely to cause damages.

Reputable companies carry general liability insurance. It protects themselves and their customers. When planning your outdoor movie event you need to do your research and make sure the provider you choose has adequate insurance coverage. Don’t take their word for it. Ask for a copy of the equipment provider’s general liability insurance certificate, and make sure the description of coverage includes cinema viewings and outdoor movies. $1,000,000 is the industry standard for this type of insurance. Keep this in mind when looking over the coverage.

Responsibilities of an Outdoor Movie Event Organizer

Along with offering your guests a great movie at an enjoyable venue, with extras and entertainment to make everyone comfortable, you need to make sure all behind the scenes responsibilities are being handled. You will be doing your best to minimize damages and risks by verifying that your outdoor movie equipment provider has the proper liability insurance to cover your event. If the company you are considering doesn’t have this coverage, continue your search for a more reputable one. In the end you will be glad you did.


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Why Host A Movie Night At Church?

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Why Host A Movie Night at Church?


Southern Outdoor Cinema hosts family movie night at church.
Hosting a movie event in a church may sound like a strange idea to many people, but it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, movies tell a story. These stories can have a profound impact on how we feel, think, and behave. Jesus was a story teller. He told stories about the kingdom of God in order to communicate the truth about Himself. Still today, stories teach us valuable lessons, history, and the truth.

The stories found in today’s movies can challenge us to be better as well as inspire us. They motivate us, causing little boys to dream about growing up to be heroes. They teach little girls the value of living happily ever after. Many of these stories we’ve heard while sitting on our parents’ laps. Stories have the power to make us cry, and sometimes, they make us feel angry. Above all else, they help shape us, and they give us a way to express ourselves to others.

Today we rely on movies to tell our stories. The settings, plot, and characters make us laugh and cry. Movies, just like any story, motivate us to change ourselves along with the world around us. They can be quite powerful, and as part of a huge cultural phenomenon, we tend to spend large amounts of energy and time on them.

Since these films are the story tellers of today, why not have them in our churches? Faith based movies are an excellent way to increase your church’s growth by reaching out to those who might not visit otherwise. These movies can depict the greatest story ever told in a new, relatable way that everyone can appreciate. Faith based films offer a starting point for Bible studies and group discussions focused on the characters and the plot of a movie.

Hosting a movie event in your place of worship is a wonderful way to reach out to the community. Many people are more likely to go see a movie than attend a church service, but once they see a movie’s compelling preview, they’ll find themselves excited about entering your sanctuary. The movie offers these people the perfect reason for visiting a church. You’re opening your doors to them, providing the opportunity to share your beliefs and the gospel in a uniquely powerful way.

An Atlanta area church hosts a movie night in their sanctuary on Valentine’s Day each year. Southern Outdoor Cinema helps them transform their church into a theater setting by installing a portable cinema screen at the front of the sanctuary. Guests can set in the pews to view the movie. Faith based films are chosen for the feature presentation. The stories told by these movies offer those who are new to the church a way to start conversations. This has helped the church reach out to those within their community in a way they may otherwise not have been able to.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at www.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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