Outdoor Movie Night at School on a Tight Budget

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Once spring arrives, many elementary schools begin looking for fun family activities to host for the students and their parents. With the weather getting nicer, it would be wonderful to do something outdoors. The children are often restless after a long winter inside, and the parents are anxious to get them out once again. Outdoor movie nights held at the school are perfect. These events tend to bring out the whole family, even the dads. Elementary schools usually don’t have a lot of extra funds for events. The idea of an outdoor movie night may seem out of reach at first, but there is a simple way to make it more affordable. To raise the money needed for this type of event, you can sell movie ads to run before the feature presentation. This is how the movie theaters make money. They sell advertising because the ticket sales alone don’t generate that much of a profit.

You may be wondering who you would get to run ads on the screen before the movie starts. This is simple. Think about your audience and which businesses are geared towards families with young children. Check out the local dance studios who always want to find a way to invite young people into their classes. Pediatricians are another good example of businesses catering to little ones. Children’s clothing shops, local restaurants, and toy stores would all make terrific sponsors who market to the people you’ll have at your movie event.

Each sponsor can customize their ad to their own needs. Full screen ads could be ran for larger corporations who are more invested in their advertising department and can afford a bigger ad. Half screen ads are ideal for smaller businesses. The smaller ad makes it more affordable for them, and the fact that they can advertise to a specific group of people will mean they aren’t wasting their limited budget on advertisements that won’t reach the right people.


As you offer this opportunity to the local businesses, especially any located close by the school, don’t forget that this screen time can be used for more than just commercials. These ads can give parents the perfect way to show everyone how proud they are of their kids. These ads can be used to celebrate a child’s accomplishments or to simply send an encouraging message to them. Imagine the memories you’ll be making. Not only will the kids remember a fun filled outdoor movie event with their friends and family, they’ll never forget seeing themselves up on the big screen.

Southern Outdoor Cinema will provide your sponsors with premium exposure. Twenty minutes or more will be devoted to ads before the main movie begins. While the kids and their families are getting settled in, they’ll be able to view these special messages. It’s just one more way to make a family fun event successful without over stretching your budget. 


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