Next Generations of Drive-In Movies

Posted by Paul Murray on Saturday Apr 3, 2010 Under Event Productions

There was a kind of magic about the drive-in movie theater. I can still hear the gravel crunching underneath the tires of our car as dad entered to find the perfect spot for the family to watch the movie. Mom and Dad would bring lawnchairs to watch the movies under the stars while us kids slept in the car with our favorite blanket and pillow. As we got older, I recall the time with my buddies, where we all packed into the trunk to sneak into the movie. Do you remember that?

Today drive-in theatres have gone by the wayside, but there is a new generation of outdoor movies that are growing in popular. Today’s generation can relish the romance of open-air cinemas through the use of portable inflatable movie screens. Outdoor movies are being installed on a per night bases where ever a crowd can gather. Friends and Family gather on blankets or low back chairs under the open sky to watch movies outdoors.

Outdoor movie at a motorcycle resort

Bike-in Movie: A new twist to the drive-in theater.
Pictured here is an event setup at a Motorcycle Lodge in the Georgia Mountains.

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