MegaMillions: Top Movies About Winning The Lotto or Lots of Cash

Posted by Paul Murray on Friday Mar 30, 2012 Under Movie Articles

Top Movies about Lottos The MegaMillions jackpot is currently up to $560,000,000 or over half a billion dollars and is one of the biggest anticipated lotto drawings in a while. As you make a quick trip to the gas station for your lotto quick picks, dreams of “more money” are sure to fill your head. Many lotto players say they will donate some of their winnings to charity or help out family and friends financially. But sometimes winning the lotto can turn bad when all of your old classmates or facebook fans turn to you for a loan.

We’ve compiled a list of movies about winning the lottery or coming into money quickly and how this luck can affect one’s life for good or evil.

Bruster’s Millions
A comedy featuring Richard Prior, a minor league baseball player, who has to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days in order to receive 300 million dollars. Of course there are rules associated with the deal including Brewster not being allowed to tell anyone about the $300million task, so everyone thinks he’s crazy. Will Brewster understand the value of money or will he fail the task.

It Could Happen To You
When nice-guy good-cop Nicolas Cage (Charlie) can’t afford a tip at a restaurant he promised half of his earnings from a lottery ticket to his waitress, Bridget Fonda. When Charlie wins the $4 million lotto his kind gesture to the waitress gets him in trouble with his wife Muriel, who wants a divorce and the entire lotto winnings. This is a story about the things that money can buy and the things that it can’t.

Lucky Numbers
In effort to solve his financial troubles, John Travolta, a television news man and Lisa Kudrow rig the lotto so that their lucky numbers are drawn. Their plan works, but before the $6.4 million jackpot can be claimed, everything begins to unravel.

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