Recently, an annual Men’s Wildlife Supper was hosted at a coastal South Carolina mega church, and Southern Outdoor Cinema was able to help make it an overwhelming success. The event was part of a men’s outreach program at Community Bible Church. The highlight of the evening was a visit from Tim Tebow, who once again reached out to others with his strong faith.

When planning this year’s event, Community Bible Church invited Heisman Trophy-winning and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow to be their guest speaker. As word spread of this popular sports celebrity coming to the church, more and more people wanted to be there to hear him speak. Over 3,000 men registered for the event, but many more were expected. Each registered visitor was asked to bring an “unchurched guest” with them. Many fathers and sons were coming as well as friends and neighbors.

With so many visitors expected and limited room in the sanctuary, the issue of where to seat everyone became a major concern. This is when Southern Outdoor Cinema was able to step in and help. SOC’s audio and visual services are versatile. They don’t just show outdoor movies on their big inflatable movie screens. Their closed circuit services are ideal for large events such as this men’s outreach

The main church sanctuary was packed the night of the event. Southern Outdoor Cinema set up a two story tall, inflatable movie screen on the church grounds in an open auxiliary building so that Tim Tebow’s message could be shown via closed-circuit. This provided an additional 1,500 seats for guests. A live feed was sent through fiber optics to Southern Outdoor Cinema’s audio/visual equipment. Those seated in the auxiliary building next to the main church were able to hear Tim’s speech as well as see his live image projected in high definition onto the screen.

Tim Tebow brought to the event that same enthusiasm we once saw him bring to the field. Both those in the sanctuary and next door were able to experience Tim’s high energy as he shared stories of how his faith has touched his life as well as others. Many people saw his end zone thanksgiving to our creator, later known as tebowing, as a publicity stunt, but it is clear to all who hear him talk, that his faith is real. He grew up as the youngest child of Baptist Missionaries. He has had an out-front Christian faith since those days when he was growing up.

In addition to Tim Tebow’s work as an NFL football player and a SEC Network analyst, he enjoys doing charitable service. Along with speaking engagements like this Men’s Wildlife Supper, he founded the Tim Tebow Foundation in 2010 which helps children in need. Later he helped the pediatric Tebow CURE Hospital open. His words have inspired church groups, fans, and even inmates throughout the country.

Prior to the event at Community Bible Church, volunteers served dinner to the men. It included tasty wildlife dishes such as turkey, wild boar, shrimp, and venison. The menu planner even included alligator tail, a nod towards Tim’s days with the Florida Gators. Appropriate sides, beverages, and dessert rounded out the cuisine.

All in all, the Men’s Wildlife Supper with guest speaker Tim Tebow was a huge success. The many thousands of guests enjoyed his uplifting words thanks to the help of Outdoor Cinema’s audio/visual equipment. Everyone went home with their stomachs full of food and their hearts filled with faith.


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Is $299 For An Outdoor Movie Too Good To Be True?

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Feb 24, 2016 Under Tips

Community Movie Night by Southern Outdoor Cinema

There is a reason why some outdoor movie equipment providers can charge only $299 for their movie services besides using inexpensive equipment with poor viewing quality. That reason is their lack of proper insurance for a movie event or possibly no insurance at all.

Provide a Safe and Fun Outdoor Movie Event

As the organizer of an outdoor movie event you have many responsibilities. You want your guests to have a great time, but you also want to ensure a safe environment free of risks for you and others who are helping behind the scenes. Having general liability insurance is the best way to offer a safe environment with minimal risks at your outdoor movie event, but this shouldn’t be your responsibility to provide.

A good equipment rental company will carry general liability insurance. Being adequately insured will benefit them as well as you, their customer. Unfortunately, the fact remains that many of these outdoor movie equipment providers are not properly covered. Even worse, there are some who have no insurance at all.

Why Some Companies Are Not Insured

General liability insurance for outdoor movie companies cost up to $10,000 per year to be properly insured. The outdoor movie season is only several months out of the year. It would be close to impossible for many companies to afford this after paying the expense of their employees along with the cost of gas to travel to each event.

Bounce house companies, DJ services, and other small businesses will offer outdoor movie equipment rental services in addition to their existing business without taking the proper steps to do so. One thing that is often overlooked in these situations is adding general liability insurance for their outdoor movie screen services. Only a few underwriters cover these types of activities so it is difficult to obtain this type of insurance. Those offering outdoor movie services as a side line don’t let their insurance provider know they are doing these events. Therefor they are not covered for the outdoor movies.

The Importance of General Liability Insurance

You may be wondering why this insurance coverage is so important. Imagine if your equipment provider were to cause damage to the location of your event while setting up. As the organizer of the event, you and your organization will be held responsible for any damages if the equipment rental company doesn’t have insurance to cover such problems. The risk of mishaps increases when companies such as bounce house rentals offer outdoor movie screens in addition to their regular services. More than likely their technicians are not properly trained to set up and take down outdoor movie equipment. They may be more likely to cause damages.

Reputable companies carry general liability insurance. It protects themselves and their customers. When planning your outdoor movie event you need to do your research and make sure the provider you choose has adequate insurance coverage. Don’t take their word for it. Ask for a copy of the equipment provider’s general liability insurance certificate, and make sure the description of coverage includes cinema viewings and outdoor movies. $1,000,000 is the industry standard for this type of insurance. Keep this in mind when looking over the coverage.

Responsibilities of an Outdoor Movie Event Organizer

Along with offering your guests a great movie at an enjoyable venue, with extras and entertainment to make everyone comfortable, you need to make sure all behind the scenes responsibilities are being handled. You will be doing your best to minimize damages and risks by verifying that your outdoor movie equipment provider has the proper liability insurance to cover your event. If the company you are considering doesn’t have this coverage, continue your search for a more reputable one. In the end you will be glad you did.


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About Southern Outdoor Cinema
Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events
in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500
Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor
movie experiences with big screens and  bright and colorful images so that your audience
members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere.  Contact Southern Outdoor
Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next indoor or outdoor movie event.


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Why Host A Movie Night At Church?

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Feb 17, 2016 Under Tips

Why Host A Movie Night at Church?


Southern Outdoor Cinema hosts family movie night at church.
Hosting a movie event in a church may sound like a strange idea to many people, but it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, movies tell a story. These stories can have a profound impact on how we feel, think, and behave. Jesus was a story teller. He told stories about the kingdom of God in order to communicate the truth about Himself. Still today, stories teach us valuable lessons, history, and the truth.

The stories found in today’s movies can challenge us to be better as well as inspire us. They motivate us, causing little boys to dream about growing up to be heroes. They teach little girls the value of living happily ever after. Many of these stories we’ve heard while sitting on our parents’ laps. Stories have the power to make us cry, and sometimes, they make us feel angry. Above all else, they help shape us, and they give us a way to express ourselves to others.

Today we rely on movies to tell our stories. The settings, plot, and characters make us laugh and cry. Movies, just like any story, motivate us to change ourselves along with the world around us. They can be quite powerful, and as part of a huge cultural phenomenon, we tend to spend large amounts of energy and time on them.

Since these films are the story tellers of today, why not have them in our churches? Faith based movies are an excellent way to increase your church’s growth by reaching out to those who might not visit otherwise. These movies can depict the greatest story ever told in a new, relatable way that everyone can appreciate. Faith based films offer a starting point for Bible studies and group discussions focused on the characters and the plot of a movie.

Hosting a movie event in your place of worship is a wonderful way to reach out to the community. Many people are more likely to go see a movie than attend a church service, but once they see a movie’s compelling preview, they’ll find themselves excited about entering your sanctuary. The movie offers these people the perfect reason for visiting a church. You’re opening your doors to them, providing the opportunity to share your beliefs and the gospel in a uniquely powerful way.

An Atlanta area church hosts a movie night in their sanctuary on Valentine’s Day each year. Southern Outdoor Cinema helps them transform their church into a theater setting by installing a portable cinema screen at the front of the sanctuary. Guests can set in the pews to view the movie. Faith based films are chosen for the feature presentation. The stories told by these movies offer those who are new to the church a way to start conversations. This has helped the church reach out to those within their community in a way they may otherwise not have been able to.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at

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3 Lies Outdoor Movie Equipment Providers Will Tell You

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 7, 2013 Under Tips

3 lies outdoor movie providers will tell you

At some point in your life, you have probably heard someone say that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you are planning outdoor movie night, you have probably seen companies advertising their services for $299 or even $199. This pricing probably looks attractive, but you might also be worried that it seems too good to be true. It is smart to be skeptical of this type of offer. The truth is, companies such as DJ services, bounce house rental companies and other “Mom and Pop” businesses typically only have one small, low quality screen in their inventory and add outdoor movies on inflatable movie screens as a side business.

In situations like this, misinformation is common. In some cases the company is simply misinformed, in other cases they might actually be trying to deceive you. In any case, there are 3 common lies an equipment provider will tell you that you should be aware of.

1. You Don’t Need a License to Show a Movie Outdoors

Unless your movie event is in your own backyard, due to movie copyright laws, ALL outdoor movie events require a public performance license. Bargain outdoor movie companies will deceive you or omit this important information to make their package price low and attractive. They are telling you to break the law. If you are caught you can be fined up to $250,000 from the movie studios. Unfortunately, if you end up in this type of trouble the bargain price you paid for your event won’t seem like such a great deal anymore.

2. We Carry General Liability Insurance

Avoiding copyright law trouble is not the only financial concern to consider as you plan your movie event. What about liability? Hopefully your event will go smoothly and you will not run into any problems, but what if, for example, your equipment provider causes damage to your venue while setting up for your movie night such as a stake hitting an underground power line? It is essential to choose an equipment provider with adequate liability insurance to protect yourself financially should anything go wrong at your event. Unfortunately, many small businesses with add-on outdoor movie screen rental services do not carry insurance for the outdoor movie part of their business. Considering the cost of a business general liability policies start in the multi-thousands of dollars, how can a company that offers their service for only $299 afford to carry this insurance?

3. Movie Start Time is at Sundown

Sundown is 30-40 minutes before dark. The majority of open air cinema providers cannot start an outdoor movie until it is completely dark out because they use underpowered projectors and cheap, see-through screens. There are only three professional inflatable movie screen systems on the market: Airscreen, Epic and Open Air Cinema. Chances are these small bounce house rental companies, DJ services and other small businesses operating out of their homes are not using a professional-grade screen, but rather a inexpensive, disposable inflatable movie screen meant for one-time personal use.

Atlanta DJ Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

What is the bottom line? Do your homework. Ask for references when considering an equipment provider for your event. Be skeptical if their offer seems too good to be true or if outdoor movie services are not the primary business for the company. Ask to see a copy of their general liability insurance to verify proper coverage. Practicing due diligence and choosing a company with a good reputation that specializes in outdoor movie event production will protect you and make success more likely for your event.

Have you had a bad experience from an outdoor movie provider? Share them below in our comment box.

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Why It’s Important to Start an Outdoor Movie Before Dark

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Aug 7, 2013 Under Tips

SOC-Outdoor-Movie-Before-dark Enjoying a free outdoor movie is a great end to a full day of summer activities. Since we’ve been at this for a long time, we show our movies around dusk, which is up to 60 minutes earlier than other companies.


There’s just enough ambient light to get settled with snacks and not trip over anyone. The surrounding environment is still visible enough to be enjoyed.

Plus, the movie is done earlier so you and your family can get to bed in time to sleep off an awesome day at the movies. After all, summer days are long! On the East Coast, you may not see sunset until nearly 9 p.m.!

Do you really want to wait that long to start an outdoor movie?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

We try to think of every little detail to create a fabulous outdoor movie experience. Have you ever thought of the following reasons why an early start time is best?

A Better Bang For Your Buck

If you’re planning the event, an early start time means more time for sponsor ads to be shown! We get set up right away so that advertisers can have a good 20 minutes of screen time, ensuring they are getting the most value out of working with you.

Volunteers who are helping with concessions or other activities aren’t up too late and can get some much deserved rest! This may also save you money on venue and labor costs. You won’t have to pay any one overtime for having a late night event.

Did you realize that outdoor movie providers who have a late start time may be using inexpensive equipment?

Think about it! If their equipment can’t achieve a crisp, colorful image before it’s fully dark, you may be using an unprofessional provider. Remember to wow moviegoers with the best audiovisual equipment available.

These same results can be achieved when you are showing a movie indoors as well.

An Experience That’s Bigger than the Movie

If you’re attending the event, it can be tough to not get bored (in the dark, no less) when you’re waiting an hour or two before the movie starts.

We’ve all been to events like that. The kids are running around, because all of the toys and games you’ve brought no longer capture their attention.

It seems to be getting hotter and hotter as time passes so, so slowly. Nobody wants a summer outing to end on a sour note like that. We want attendees to be entertained as much as you do!

Ever have the little ones (or you) fall asleep during the movie and miss it? Even if it’s a movie we’ve seen before, the experience is lost when you doze off.

We know the cutest summer photos are of the little ones tuckered out after a great event. But we want that to happen after the movie is over!

Check it out: You’ll find even more tips on why outdoor movie start times are important on our blog.


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“Bigger Screens. Brighter Images. Crisper Sound.”

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