4 Keys To Creating A Memorable Outdoor Movie Experience

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Aug 20, 2014 Under Tips

Memorable Outdoor Movie

You’re planning a movie night for your school, church or organization that will be outdoors and under the stars. You’re not an event planner, but you want to but you want your event to be successful and fun. After all you are putting your time and effort into the event and you want it to reflect well on you. Who doesn’t want to create an event where the guests have an experience that wows them and has them asking you “when are you hosting another outdoor movie event”

There are four key items that are needed to create a memorable outdoor movie event.

1. The most important thing you can do when creating a memorable outdoor movie experience is to pick the right movie.
You need to pick one that will appeal to the entire crowd. Think about what type of people will be attending. Is it a church gathering? Will most of the guests have children? In order for the event to be a success the movie must be appropriate for all ages and not offensive. Use the theme of your event as a starting point. If you’re showing it by the water, pick a sea related film. When on a football field or baseball diamond, choose a movie with a sports storyline.

The best movies will keep the children entertained without boring the adults. There are many family style movies that fit this description. Use the rating as a guide, but keep in mind that the PG rating of the 80’s isn’t the same as today’s standards. The best way to make sure that your guests will enjoy the show is to ask their opinions. Have those who will be attending make recommendations and vote on the final decision. Not only will you be reassured of having chosen the right movie, but they will be more likely to come.

2. The backdrop of the venue enhances the outdoor movie experience. Picking the right location is as important as finding the perfect show. Watching a movie outdoors isn’t just about the feature film. It’s about watching in a unique setting that makes the event memorable. Any flat grassy area will do nicely, especially if the grass is soft rather than stiff and prickly. Hillsides make terrific amphitheater type settings as well. To ensure a beautiful location under the stars, find a park setting or stunning scenery such as mountains or a lake as a backdrop.

You’ll also want to make sure the location you find is free of nighttime hazards such as ant hills or rocks. If you are near water, select a spot that is clear of goose and duck droppings. Visit the area after dark to get a feel for it. Avoid railroad tracks and busy roads. Not only will the noise be bothersome, but the lights can be incredibly distracting. Call the local police department to check on the crime rate in the area. You want all of your guests to feel safe.

3. When having a memorable outdoor movie event, it’s all in the equipment. The outdoor cinema equipment used for your show can vary among rental companies. In order to have a show with a picture that looks amazing and has riveting sound, hire a company that specializes in only outdoor movie events. Screens that don’t require a blower can be placed closer to the water’s edge. Check for the screen’s wind ratings. You won’t want to have it blow over during the event. Quiet generators are a big plus as well, and ask when they can start showing the movie. You can start movies before it is completely dark with the high end portable screen systems, something that is appreciated by families with small children. Southern Outdoor Cinema can provide your event with large inflatable screens that are ideal for your individual setting.

4. The snacks you serve will make your outdoor movie event even more memorable. Most of us think food and movies go hand in hand. How do you have one without the other? After all, popcorn has been considered a movie must have since the depression era when theater owners sold it to keep their business afloat.

Concession snacks are an important part of the event, but they don’t have to be costly. In fact, the money brought in from selling snacks can help cover expenses. You can sell popcorn for $1 while it only costs 15¢ to make. You can also offer free advertising for those who donate food. When working with a school group or similar organization, ask for donations from those in the group. Parents can help by contributing small bagged snacks. You’ll also find great deals on bulk snacks at the big box stores.

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Outdoor Movie Fundraising: How To NOT Lose Sponsors in One Day

Posted by Paul Murray on Thursday Jun 20, 2013 Under Tips

Outdoor Movie Sponsor Details make or break an event, right? And movie event sponsors are the most important detail. They are the lifeblood of a great get-together or fundraiser such as an outdoor (or indoor!) movie event.

Don’t let an opportunity slip away to make your movie event sponsors happy.

Don’t allow a less than professional outdoor movie rental company put a bad taste in your sponsors’ mouths.

These sponsors helped make your movie event possible, and they deserve to be in the spotlight. Plus, you want to retain them for future events!

Here’s how to please your outdoor movie event advertisers just as if they bought (much pricier) ad packages from a traditional movie theater.

1) Make sure the ads look professional on screen: Sharp, eye-catching sponsor ads is one of the keys to pulling off a high-quality movie event.

Skewed, stretched or unreadable ads? Well, they make advertisers flinch and put away their check books next time.


Just imagining a messed-up ad (and the looks on the faces of attending sponsors) makes you squirm a bit, right?

This isn’t a marketing project to face alone. We have you covered. We have a professional graphic artist on our staff to prepare sponsor ads and ensure they are shown on-screen in a proper and professional way.

The sponsors will also be delighted at how well their ads look on our theatrical-grade, elegant outdoor screen. Going pro means going big for your event, right?

2) Give your sponsors premium screen time: Your goal is to make those sponsor dollars valuable. To give your event sponsors the best bang for their buck, make sure the ads are shown well in advance of the movie.

Many outdoor movie rental providers don’t have projectors powerful enough to show sponsor ads for longer than three minutes.

Yep, just three minutes.

Why so little time? Their low-powered projectors can only be used in the dark, which is usually 40 to 60 minutes after the sun sets.

This means that depending on the number of ads shown, attendees may only get one opportunity to see the ads.

That’s it.

Our bright, outdoor projection screen can display advertisements for 20 minutes before the movie starts, while there is still ambient light.

Your movie attendees can see your sponsor messages multiple times while milling about and settling in for the flick.
This means more time for ads to be seen, and your movie can start right at sundown! (Great for families who need to get the kids to bed.)

Why do we help you so much with marketing efforts? Because we want you to enjoy the day of the outdoor movie event too! We don’t just stop by the day of, rustle up a screen and take off. We work with you during the entire event planning process before you even start publicizing.

Pleasing your advertisers is just as important as pleasing your attendees. Make sure you can put on more fun movie events by following these tips!

What other suggestions would you give event planners for increasing sponsor satisfaction for an outdoor movie event. Talk to us in the comments!

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Tips for hosting a dive-in movie event

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Today, I want to talk to you about hosting a dive-in movie. Showing a movie by poolside is a refreshing change to the hot summer. Outdoor movies are becoming popular with swim themes and places like the YMCA as an alternative to some of their other events. (Click here to tweet this.)

Also consider theming your event this summer. August is typically shark week, and you can start theming your movie series to something like Jaws or something shark related. You can also consider the fact that, during the movie, you’ll have kids floating out onto the pool while the parents are enjoying drinks and socializing on the pool deck During the movie, here are some tips to consider when hosting an outdoor movie by poolside.

  • Make sure you turn on any underwater lights on the pool. You wanna have a safe environment, you wanna be able to see everyone in the pool and make sure that everyone is safe during the movie.

  • Consider having lifeguards on hand. For events at your park or YMCA pool, at work you will have a large crowd. Definitely have a lot of kids in the water and you’ll want to make sure that you are able to keep an eye on every one of them.

  • Swap out popcorn and replace with icies or snow cone machines. Often times when people eat popcorn near the pool, they’ll drop it in the pool or they’ll try swimming with it in the pool, and wet popcorn corn creates a lot of a mess, especially for the pool filters.

  • Make sure you have some lighting around the pool deck area so that people aren’t tripping into things during the movie. One thing you want to make sure is that your don’t have any direct light over the screen itself, but lighting everywhere else in the audience area is fine. I hope you are finding my outdoor movie tips to be filled with high value and high content.

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