Fall-o-ween and An Outdoor Movie

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Oct 28, 2014 Under Event Productions

Fall-o-ween and an outdoor movie in Kennesaw

Once the air turns cooler and the leaves begin to fall, many parks and recreation departments start planning their annual fall festivals and Halloween parties. The challenge is to not only make the event fun for all ages, but to make it a memorable one. Several towns are adding an outdoor movie to their event line up in order to do just that.

Choosing a scary film or monster movie can be the perfect ending to a fun filled day of games, activities, and trick-or-treating. Families can gather with their friends and neighbors for a safe and memorable Halloween evening that can be enjoyed by all.

An Atlanta suburb recently decided to add an outdoor movie to their annual fall activities. They started by turning the local park into a Spook Park. Next they invited area residents to come and enjoy the day with friends and family. Everyone was encouraged to dress in their best Halloween costumes to add to the excitement.

Star Wars look-a-likes

On the day of the big event, people arrived in some pretty amazing costumes. The Spook Park was soon filled with princess, ghouls, super heroes, and even some favorite characters from the movies and television. Costumes ranged from the cute to the scary. Guests were rewarded for their efforts with costume prizes every 30 minutes. Judges dressed as zombies roamed around the dance floor during the Monster Mash Dance Party picking out their favorites.

Outdoor dance floor

Along with the dance party there were plenty of other activities, inflatables, and amusements to enjoy. Carnival games like the ring toss were set up throughout the park where both the young and old could test their skills. Children had a wonderful time burning off that extra energy as they played with all their friends. They could also join in the many children’s crafts available during the event.

What most of the kids were really excited about was the trick-or treat trail. This was a great way for the little ghosts and goblins to get their fill of Halloween candy. Parents loved that it was in a safe and friendly environment that took many of the typical worries away.

Costume Constest

What would a fall festival be without pumpkins? This event had plenty of impressive displays. Everyone got a chance to watch the professional carvers show off their talents as they created unique jack-o-lanterns to add to the decorations.

After all the dancing, game playing, and trick-or-treating, guests were ready for the much anticipated main attraction, an outdoor movie. Event planners chose Goonies which was perfect. It kept the Halloween theme going without being too scary for the little ones to attend. Everyone laid out their blankets or set up lawn chairs where they could sit and relax after a day of fun. The children settled down as they sifted through their candy and treats, and as the sun went down, the movie started.

Everyone who attended or even helped plan the event had a great time. Adding the outdoor movie was a great way to draw attention to the fall festival and all the other activities going on in the park that day. Best of all, watching the Goonies under the stars surrounded by family and friends will be a memory none of these people will soon forget.

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5 Movies to Watch to get in the Spirit of Halloween

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Halloween is a time for ghosts and ghouls to come out and play, and of all of the holidays that are celebrated each year, it could very well have the most movies perfect for watching on this all too scary occasion. Here are 5 of the top picks that can be watched to get in the Halloween spirit this year.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the story of the Pumpkin King who everyone in Halloweenland knows as Jack Skellington, and his sudden change of heart. Jack has always been a ghoulish kind of guy, but all of that changes the moment that he finds Christmastown one day. It seems as though Jack has a sudden urge to sing jingle all the way to his very own Christmas. But what will happen to Halloween? Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas to find the answer to that all too important question.

Monster House

Trick or treating on Halloween night is a fun time that children wait for the entire year through, but what if the answer at the door came in the form of a trick? Monster House is a movie about a house with soul, or one soul in particular, and it seems as though this Halloween the trick is on every child that approaches the door. DJ Harvard (voice of Mitchel Musso) lives directly across the street from one of the spookiest houses on the block, but worse than that would be the fact that the house is alive. The soul of an angry individual looking for payback has taken over the once peaceful dwelling, and has been waiting for the one night of the year that will bring a bountiful supply of children to the door. DJ tries to tell the adults about the trouble that lies ahead but nobody seems to have the time to listen, so he clues his two best friends, Jenny (Spencer Locke) and Chowder (Sam Lerner) in on his plan, and their long and spooky night together begins.


When an evil curse, that has been around for hundreds of years, begins affecting the residents in town, it is a boy named Norman (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who comes to the rescue. The only way to break the curse is to go directly to the source, and Norman has the ability to do just that. He can speak to the not-so-living which is exactly what the townspeople need since the curse involves getting rid of witches, and ghosts. What Norman isn’t prepared for is having to deal with all of the grownups in town, but if he can handle the unliving, the living shouldn’t be a problem, right? Watch ParaNorman and enjoy an animated film with enough twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat on Halloween night this year.


What do you get when you combine the original style of black and white filming, the cool graphics of 3D animation, a classic movie like Frankenstein, the death of a family pet, and a young boy with a higher IQ than anyone else in town. Well, you get Frankenweenie, of course. Frankenweenie tells the story of Victor, a boy who loses his best friend, and dog, Sparky one day unexpectedly. Victor is a smart boy and he manages to use his scientific knowledge to bring Sparky back from the dead. While Sparky would seem to be alive, he has a few physical blemishes that warrant keeping him away from everyone else. But Sparky gets away, and word gets out that Victor can give neighborhood pets a second chance at life, but with monstrous consequences. Frankenweenie takes the classic story of Frankenstein and gives it a fun, 3D, animated twist.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus begins in the town of Salem, 300 years ago, and tells the story of three witches who are captured, and put to death, for practicing witchcraft. The three witches make a promise just before they are executed. They vow to to return from the dead, on Halloween, in exactly 300 years to take revenge for their deaths. Now fast forward to present day Salem. Max is an individual full of doubts, who pays a visit to the ruins where the witches had once lived. Despite his sister’s many warnings, Max decides to play a dangerous game and mocks the witches, and their vow. He even goes a step further and lights the Candle of Black Flame as part of the ritual meant to bring them back from the dead. The only problem is that the ritual works, and the witches return from the dead. The witches set out to wreak havoc on the townspeople, but lose their spell book in the process. They must now refocus their attention towards retrieving the spell book before the sun comes up if they are to save the sorceress from death by the morning light.


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The Safest Halloween Event For Kids – An Outdoor Movie In the Park

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The Safest Halloween Event

As Halloween approaches, it is important to parents that their kids have safe events and activities to go to. Fears have increased over trick-or-treating with today’s dangers that are involved. Many adults worry about the children being unsupervised, being out after dark, and allowing them to take treats from strangers. Local churches and community organizations have been working on finding safe alternatives to the traditional Halloween activities. Planning a fun filled event with plenty of fall activities would give the children an enjoyable experience, and the parents could have peace of mind.

Organizations and church groups looking for a fun way to do this should consider having a fall or Halloween themed outdoor movie event for families. Children look forward to this fun filled evening while the parents can relish the fact that their kids will be avoiding the dangers associated with traditional trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities.

A successful outdoor Halloween movie event only requires a family friendly movie and lots of terrific games to play. The church or local organization could get the evening started with some fall crafts, bobbing for apples, face painting, and maybe tractor rides. The kids could all come in costume so that they won’t feel left out of this particular tradition. Making a contest out of it adds to the joy. Carnival rides could be brought in, and local vendors could sell food and snacks. The more people that are involved, the more it will become a community celebration. Volunteers could help out with all the booths. Small favors and candy make excellent prizes, and it makes the games even more exciting to the little ones. They also get to benefit from the seasonal candy without the fear of where it came from.

The residents of Woodstock, Georgia have made their own Halloween tradition of an annual outdoor movie event each fall. It brings out many families each year, and it has grown to include 20 vendors, local business, and several area churches. The outdoor movie is held in the downtown park with food and strolling entertainers as well as all the other activities. They continue to prove that this is an excellent alternative to more dangerous activities at this time of year.

When organizing a halloween-alternative outdoor movie event, the main film needs to be appealing for all ages so that the parents can enjoy it along with their children. Something like “Monsters Inc would be ideal. Monster themed films are good too, as long as they aren’t the really scary thrill type of film. A great way to make sure it appeals to many people is to ask the community to help choose. This also gets more individuals involved. Watching whatever selection the organizers pick will be the perfect ending to the day’s events. After all the fun and play, everyone can sit back and relax with their friends and family while watching the movie together.

A safe Halloween alternative such as this is the perfect solution for concerned parents and their children. Everyone will be able to experience a stress free, simply good time with their neighbors and family. The addition of the outdoor movie to the event will make this fall activity a memorable one that families will want to experience year after year.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next special event.

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Trick Or Movie

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Woodstock Georgia Kids Fest and Outdoor Movie

A Halloween festival with an outdoor movie showing provided a safe and fun alternative to neighborhood trick or treating. This past Halloween kids gathered at the downtown park in Woodstock, Georgia to enjoy an evening full of games, candy, carnival rides, costume contests and an outdoor movie showing.

Each year the festival attracts over 3,000 ghosts and ghouls throughout the day. More than 20 vendors participate in the community event, including churches and local businesses. The park is full of activities for the kids along with food vendors and strolling entertainers. This year’s festival concluded with a monster themed movie shown on a giant inflatable movie screen.

Fall Festival includes Carnival Rides

Entertainer at the festival in Woodstock


Decorations around town

Activity before the movie

Georgia Halloween Outdoor Movie Event

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5 Movies to Watch With the Family on Halloween

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Halloween is such a fun family holiday. Children and adults will enjoy decorating the home, dressing up, trick or treating and attending other fun Halloween events. Enjoying a family movie is another great way to celebrate this holiday. Many Halloween selections are too scary for families with young children, but these selections make excellent choices to watch with the family on Halloween.

Monsters vs. Aliens

Susan is hit by a meteorite on her wedding day and it turns her into a giant. She is taken into custody by the government and locked away with other monsters. Susan was initially afraid, but over time develops friendships with the monsters. The monsters make a bargain for their freedom by agreeing to fight a giant robot alien. The monsters defeat the robot and they are set free. Susan is initially anxious to return to her old life, but finally discovers that being turned into a monster and finding her new friends was a good thing for her.


Ghosts are a big part of Halloween. Casper is a movie about a friendly ghost the whole family will enjoy watching. Carrigan inherits an old mansion from her father but is scared away by the ghosts in the house, so she hires an afterlife therapist to come. He arrives, along with his daughter, and the pair end up developing a relationship with the ghosts, particularly Casper, the friendly ghost of a young boy. This sweet and funny movie will get the whole family into the Halloween spirit.

Scooby-Doo: The Movie

In this movie, the Mystery, Inc. gang is accidentally reunited after a previous break-up of the group. The members of the gang are all asked to an island to investigate a mystery, and they find the others upon arrival. During the movie the gang is reminded why they need each other and ultimately reunites.

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The Addams Family

The Addams family was inspired by both the cartoon and the television show about the quirky family. In the movie a stranger comes to the home claiming to be a relative; His real intent is to steal from the family. The Addams family, using their usual weird and entertaining methods, keeps the intruder from stealing their fortune.

Monster House

In this movie, a group of neighborhood kids must take on a scary house in their neighborhood that turns out to be a living monster. Children will especially enjoy this movie since the kids are left to take on this adventure on their own when the adults refuse to believe them.

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