Outdoor Movie Fundraiser Themed Around Disney’s Up Movie

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Disney offers some of the best opportunities for those who would like to explore a unique experience. During the movie fundraiser themed around Disney’s Up movie, many students got an opportunity to interact with each other while also enjoying more other facilities. The theme that was created that day was meant to clearly bring out Disney’s whimsical arrangement.

Venue: school campus in Knoxville, TN
The event, which happened in the school campus in Knoxville, TN, brought together students from different areas. This was a fun filled event that was also well coordinated to bring out the desired effect. There were various enjoyable activities that were set up to help make the day better and more memorable. This was a free session that allowed everyone to join the feeling while ensuring the theme did not get interrupted.

Movie Fundraiser Hosted Annually
The movie fundraiser is such a successes that it is hosted annually on the school’s campus. Each year a different film is chosen and a themr is created to enhance the viewing of the outdoor movie event. Money is raised through ticket sales, food sales, raffles during the event and through the selling of sponsorship ads.


Food trucks and concession trucks
For any event to become interesting and enjoyable, food should not miss in the list of things to be made available. During the movie fundraiser, there were lots of food varieties, unique cuisine and one could make a choice for the best foods. The setup was flexible as to allow anyone to request the right food at the venue. This was a fun filled event that offered not only comfort, but also helped to create memories and offered a learning experience to many.

Student interaction
Students were free to interact with each other for various categories. They built an “UP” house with balloon and later raffled it off. Everyone who attended the event was able to find a spot to enjoy the evening. Students decorated the venue with sidewalk chaulk art as well, helium filled balloons and event signage.

Movie Night - Sidewalk Art

Activities before the movie
Before the movie began, students did not just sit aimlessly waiting. There were many other activities to suit different people. Such include picture taking at the photobooths. On the other side, there was balloon art and face painting.

Outdoor Movie Clock Tower

Movie by the clock tower
The beauty of the school campus added to the outdoor movie experience. Parents and students gathered on blankets on the quad’s lawn. At sundown the movie “UP” started with a view of the school’s clock tower standing tall behind the inflatable movie screen.

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Quick Tips For Obtaining Outdoor Movie Event Sponsors

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outdoor school movie event The phrase “movies under the stars” conjures up images of dozens of families bringing out their blankets and snacks to a community park to watch a free flick, generally put on by the city or another large organization.

But who says you can’t put this on just for your students and their families?

Sure, parks and recreation departments enjoy our full turnkey event production and theatrical-grade screens. But school administrators can take advantage of our audio/visual services as well and host their own movie night.

Wait. Are those dollar signs floating above your head? Though it may sound like something you’ll have to add a line item for in next year’s school budget, it can be done with little or no budget set aside.  So what’s the secret to hosting an affordable, family-friendly movie event for your students? Event sponsors!

If you’ve been reading our blog, you already know one great way to help ease the costs of an outdoor (or indoor!) movie is to obtain sponsorships or make the event a fundraiser. It’s time to think outside of the popcorn box! (Sorry, had to say it.)

Check out local dance studios, pediatricians, restaurants, particularly businesses near your school. We recommend finding sponsors who market to families with young children. When approaching sponsors, let them know how Southern Outdoor Cinema is a truly unique way to advertise their business:

  • We have a professional graphic artist on staff who will create artwork for an advertisement to the sponsor’s specifications. That means less work for you and for the potential sponsor.
  • These ads will be up and projecting before the movie begins. The difference between us and other equipment providers is we can have this set up ahead of time, while there is still ambient light. So your sponsor can have their message displayed 20 minutes ahead of time in order to have a sundown start time. (This also means families aren’t up late watching the flick and can get your students to bed on time!)

school outdoor movie night One of our favorite clients had some great tips about using sponsors for their movie events. She said though the slow economy has been an issue with maintaining sponsors, they have used several methods over the years to obtain funds.

“We have offered vendor spots for a flat fee as well as a percentage of sales donation. We also include their logo on the screen prior to the movie, as well as including their logo in our school paper and flyers.”

If you need assistance, another part of our unique experience is we can provide marketing materials to present to sponsors and to show off to families. We are with you every step of the event planning process. This isn’t something you have to do alone.

Part of the joy we experience in bringing Hollywood to you is helping you create movie magic without any stress. Hopefully these tips will help you with your next sponsored event.

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Are Your School Fundraisers Exciting?

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Sep 10, 2012 Under Tips

Fundraisers for schools and other organizations are incredibly important. For schools, fundraisers raise money for important special events to benefit the children. A fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization or cause, but it can be difficult to decide what type of fundraiser to organize. It is important to come up with new ideas to keep people excited about raising money.

A PTO hosts a movie night as a fundraising event.

If you have children in school, you are probably familiar with fundraisers. You have probably been asked to help raise money for your school PTO by selling chocolate, magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper or other items. The problem with this type of fundraiser is that parents and children are required to ask friends, family and neighbors to buy items they most likely do not need. Parents may not wish to sell to friends and family and they may have limited time to solicit sales, collect the money and deliver the items. This type of fundraiser gets old and can be especially troubling for families with several children in school. Many families want to support the school or organization, but experience fundraiser fatigue and simply tune-out and no longer support these programs. If this is happening at you school or organization, it is time to make a change to a new style of fundraising. Outdoor movies events are a great alternative fundraising idea. (Click here to retweet.)

Outdoor movie events make for great fundraisers for several reasons. First, outdoor movies appeal to children and adults of all ages. You can tailor your event to specific audiences through your movie selection. At an elementary school, for example, choose a popular movie that is appropriate for children and families. Second, outdoor movie event fundraisers can be stress-free to organize with the assistance of outdoor movie equipment providers who offer full turn-key productions. Next, this type of event can easily be promoted within your organization. Hang posters and utilize social media if your organization maintains a presence. For a school, send information about the event home in student’s backpacks. Finally, you will be able to raise valuable dollars for your organization or cause while enjoying a fun event.

Fundraisers shouldn’t give parents or supporters of your organization a bad feeling. Fresh, fun fundraising ideas that do not require selling are a great way to beat fundraising fatigue and gather more support for your organization or cause. Plan an exciting outdoor movie event fundraiser and have fun raising the money your organization needs.

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How To Make Money Selling Popcorn At An Outdoor Movie Event

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Movies and popcorn go hand-in-hand. This is why popcorn is a great way to make money at your outdoor movie event. Here is what to keep in mind so you can make the most of selling popcorn at your outdoor movie concession stand.

Bags of Popcorn at an outdoor movie event

Popcorn Machine Placement
Many people already enjoy popcorn with a movie, but smart placement strategies can help you increase popcorn sales even more. First, choose the best location for your popcorn popper. Make sure the event attendees can see and smell the popcorn by placing the machine in the front of the movie viewing area, or to the side of the movie screen. Be sure not to place the popcorn machine behind the audience, since they will be more likely to buy the popcorn if they can see and smell it.

Another great way to increase visibility is to illuminate the popcorn by keeping the machine’s light on. A central location for the machine and proper illumination will make it hard to miss the delicious sight and smell of the popcorn.

Popcorn Popper Appearance
Create a clean and inviting appearance to make the popcorn more appealing. Event attendees will steer clear if the machine is dirty. Be sure to clean the popcorn popper properly after every event to keep it sanitary and increase popcorn sales.

Keep the machine moderately full so that there is an attractive display of popped popcorn. Be sure to pop the popcorn during working hours, and keep the doors open during popping so that stream does not fog up the windows. Be sure to keep the popcorn hot, however, following popping so you can serve customers fresh, hot popcorn to enjoy with the movie.

Choose the best containers for your popcorn. Try to avoid paper bag containers. It is difficult to display popcorn in paper bags, and serving it this way is also more time consuming since the bags will need to be opened before they can be filled. Popcorn boxes are generally a much better alternative. Offer a large size popcorn box so two people can share.

More Tips to keep in Mind
In addition to popcorn, consider offering a variety of drinks including bottled water and soda at your concession stand. Popcorn makes people thirsty, so offering drinks is a good idea. Attendees will be happy there are beverages available, and you will enjoy additional revenue from the drink sales. Be sure to also highlight the fact that popcorn is a much healthier alternative to candy, another popular movie snack.

Popcorn is a very important part of a movie concession stand. Give your popcorn machine an appropriate spot and place it up front in your concession stand, rather than on a back shelf. This simple change will increase your sales by 30-50%.

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