Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2-Filmed in Georgia

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“Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2” is the last film in the series of films based on the science fiction trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The film was directed by Francis Lawrence and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchinson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Claflin, Donald Sutherland, and many more. Katniss (Lawrence) becomes the symbol of hope and strength for the people in the districts and the soldiers waging war against President Snow (Sutherland) under the leadership of President Coin (Moore). This war comes after Katniss’ defiance and escape from the dreaded Hunger Games. Katniss along with Gale, Peeta, Finnick, and other loyal friends travel to the capital with one objective, to kill Snow. The story takes a turn when she realizes that President Coin presents a similar danger to Panem. Nevertheless, Katniss heroically saves the people of Panem, with a selfless act that leads to her imprisonment, but Panem’s democracy. This movie hit the theaters on November 20, 2015.

Filming for this movie took place in many places including European cities such as Berlin and Paris but also several locations in the state of Georgia. Principal photography started in Atlanta in September 2013 and filming took place in other cities in the state of Georgia such as Rockmart and Newnan, where the Caldwell Tanks were used. Scenes of the capitol were filmed at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta on December, 13, 2013. The hotel was used for scenes in which the tributes appeared in their living quarters while in the capital.

One of the most interesting film locations was the setting for President’s Snow’s mansion and office in the Capital of Panem. For this purpose, the crew and cast spent time filming in the Swan House of the Atlanta History Center, located in Buckland, Atlanta. The Swan House is a historical gem built in the 1920’s by a cotton baron. It is designed in Italian and English styles and features exquisite furnishings. The location scouts were drawn in by its elegance. Although there were some changes made for Hollywood effect, many of the original furnishings and objects in the mansion were kept unchanged and appeared as is in the movies. The mansion now features a tour that focuses on the Swan House’s role in the Hunger Games trilogy films. The tour is titled “Designing an Executive Mansion” and features photographs of cast and crew during filming as well as objects that can be spotted on the big screen.

If you missed the “Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2” in theaters, catch it on DVD or Blue Ray.


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Filmed in Georgia – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip

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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2015) begins when some of the friends or main characters plan a party for their friend Dave. In addition, one other reason for having a party is for the “Chipettes”. The Chipettes are moving due to the fact that they have the opportunity to become judges on the Television program “American Idol”.

Prior to any festivities or surprise parties Dave decides to take some friends to play some mini golf. One reason for Daves desire to play mini golf is the fact that a girl whom he is dating will be present at the golf course. Dave has talked about marrying this girl of his dreams and many of Dave’s friends feel a wedding is on the horizon.

Dave seems to be an independent person and enjoys doing for himself. Dave always does his own shopping also. One day after returning from the grocery store the “Chipmunks” find a ring in one of the brown grocery bags. The Chipmunks are certain this is an engagement ring that Dave intends to give his future wife. Quite impressed with the new finding, the Chipmunks attempts to steal the ring however their efforts prove to be unsuccessful.

Dave finds out he must travel to Florida because of business. Therefore, Dave decides to bring his lovely Samantha along and propose to her before they return from their Florida trip. Dave feels Florida provides a somewhat romantic setting in which to propose.

The Chipmunks along with Miles decide to travel to Florida in an attempt to sabotage the engagement proposal. In a turn of events, the Chipmunks decide to drug three squirrels . Once the squirrels are drugged they dress them up in unrecognizable clothing in an attempt to fool their neighbor Ms. Price played by Jennifer Coolidge.

During the trip to Florida you can clearly hear one of the Chipmunks songs being played in the background “Christmas Don’t be Late”. The Chipmunks head to a club upon arriving in Florida. The purpose for going to the club was to perform. However, an interruption causes a brawl and they eventually leave the club.

Over a period of months the Chipmunks manage to save some money and travel to New Orleans. The Chipmunks begin to frequently sing the song “Uptown Funk” . Actually, they sang this song many times during their bus trip to New Orleans. Dave feels that the song is well put together and that the Chipmunks definitely capture the attention of the public with their singing.

Weeks later Samantha and Dave reunite with the Chipmunks and offer to drive them to Florida. Once they arrive in Florida Alvin confesses that he was the one who snatched the engagement ring from the shopping bag.

While walking through the streets of Miami weeks later Miles is almost struck by a car. Alvin quickly pushes Miles out of the line of danger and ultimately saves his life. The incident with Miles seems to have a profound affect on Alvin and he seems to have a change of heart about many things.

Alvin not only confessed to taking the ring but he willingly gives the ring back and apologizes. However, once the ring was returned to Dave he tells Alvin he decided not to marry Samantha and that the ring actually belonged to his long time friend Barry which was played by Eddie Steeples. With the ring incident behind them, the Chipmunks get even closer to Dave. Dave decides to legally adopt the Chipmunks. This is a day of much happiness and celebration. Upon leaving the courthouse after the adoption hearing. Dave is as happy as a lark and claims that nothing in the world could spoil his happy mood.

However, once Dave returns home with his newly adopted Chipmunks he finds his home in total disarray. Apparently the squirrels ruined much of Dave’s home. Dave tries to keep his cool but it is quite evident that he is angry about the destruction which has taken place.

Dave unexpectedly shouts Alvin’s name and it was quite clear that Dave was placing at least part of the blame for the home invasion on Alvin. Dave has no choice but to accept the Chipmunks for what they are especially since he has legally adopted them.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
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Filmed in Georgia: Goosebumps

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Goosebumps Filmed in Georgia


In 2008, Georgia Governor George Perdue signed the Entertainment Industry Investment Act offering 30 percent tax incentives to Hollywood movie companies who decide to film their features in the state of Georgia. One film that was filmed in Georgia is called Goosebumps, released last year. Rob Letterman, the Hollywood director who filmed this feature, said he felt at home directing this picture in Atlanta, Georgia. Letterman noted there were plenty of directors and producers shooting motion pictures in Atlanta, Georgia. Goosebumps is a book series for children. It was originally published between the years 1992 and 1997 by Scholastic Publishing Company. Goosebumps is a book in the supernatural horror genre. Neal Moritz and Rob Letterman wanted to bring this book series to the silver screen. This 103 minute production premiered in Los Angeles on October 5, 2015 and nationally on October 16, 2015. Tim Burton originally considered making a film adaption of the Goosebumps book series in 1998. Unfortunately, Burton wasn’t able to come across a good script for it.

Actor Jack Black portrays young adult fiction writer, RL Stine, nicknamed Mr. Shivers, who writes Goosebumps, a story about a teenage boy named Zach Cooper who moves away from hustling bustling New York, NY with his mother to the quiet small town of Madison, DE, reluctantly. Zach is amazed to find that his neighbor is the author of the horror classic Goosebumps when the teen meets Stine’s daughter, Hannah. Beginning a relationship, Hannah invites Zach over to her house where the boy learns that the horror creatures actually exist. The characters are locked securely away inside their manuscripts. Zach accidentally opens one of the books, releasing the horrific characters from their home. One of the characters is a gigantic preying mantis that escapes from the Stine home and invades the town. Hannah and Zach spend most of the movie trying to find these characters and return them to the manuscripts they call home.

The characters were created with CGI, known as Computer Generated Imagery that make the characters look three dimensional as they roamed about the town and trough the shops. Some of the characters were zombies that were a result of the makeup and wardrobe department. Despite the horror surrounding the film, Neal Moritz,who had produced Goosebumps, wanted the film to be appropriate for viewers as young as seven or eight years-old. He believed he had a very fine line to walk to make sure the film did not enter the PG area.

Letterman loved the large variety of location sites that the Atlanta area offered to him. He was looking at filming in the state of Lousiana before he made his final decision. The downtown Madison location sites included one of the cemeteries in Decatur, an ice skating rink in Marietta, Georgia, Cobb County,DeKalb School of the Arts, and the Inman Park neighborhood. The chase scene was filmed in Gainesville, Georgia. In the last week of July 2014, regular commuters were warned that the filming would cause traffic delays on 53/Dawson Highway. Traffic would be slowed up from Lake Ranch Court to Marina Drive in Hall County. Chattahootchee Bridge would be backed up because of stunt drivers. The public was also informed there would be nothing to see if they were interested in celebrity sightings.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
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‘My Cousin Vinny’ Filmed in Georgia

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My Cousin Vinny

‘My Cousin Vinny’, starring Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio and Marisa Tomei, is a 1992 comedy. The film follows two New Yorkers, Bill and Stan, who are travelling through a rural Alabama town and find themselves falsely accused of murder. Bill and Stan get Bill’s cousin, Vinny, to defend them even though he is a personal injury lawyer who was newly admitted as a lawyer and isn’t quite sure what he is doing during most of the trial. Marisa Tomei won an Academy Award for her supporting role in the film. The movie is set in the fictional Beechum County in Alabama, but was actually filmed in Georgia.

‘My Cousin Vinny’ took to several Georgia locations for filming. One of those locations was Alto, Georgia. The scenes in the film that take place in the state penitentiary were filmed at the Lee Arrendale Correctional Institute in Alto. The facility is located at 2023 Gainesville Hwy outside of Gainesville. Since the filming of the prison scenes took place here, the prison has become a women’s prison facility.

Filming for ‘My Cousin Vinny’ also took place in Monticello, Georgia. The exterior courthouse scenes were filmed at the Jasper County Superior Court that is located in the town square. The scene where Bill and Stan are interrogated and where they are eventually charged with murder, was filmed at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. There were also various other shots of the town square that can be seen in the movie. A restaurant scene in the film where Vinny and his fiance get into a fight was filmed at what is now called Dave’s BBQ and Soul food, (it was called Dave’s Bar-B-Que and Seafood during filming), located in the town square. The Sac-O-Suds convenient store in the beginning of the film, (where all of the trouble starts for Bill and Stan), was an actual convenient store located in Monticello during the time filming took place. It is no longer open.

Outside of Eatonton, Georgia, there is the General Putnam Motel. This motel was featured in a few scenes of the movie. It is the motel where Vinny and his fiance stay when they first get to the fictional Alabama city to help out Bill and Stan. There is a restaurant attached to the motel as well, where a scene was filmed. The motel is located at 744 Madison Road.

Other filming locations for ‘My Cousin Vinny’ include a plantation located in Bostwick, and a few inside courtroom scenes that were filmed in Covington.

‘My Cousin Vinny’ was highly praised for its accurate portrayal of what happens in a courtroom during a trial. It is currently available on both DVD and Blu-ray.


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Atlanta Doubles for NYC in Upcoming Anchorman 2 Movie

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Anchorman 2 filmed in Atlanta GA

“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is the follow up to 2004’s “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. The sequel takes place after Ron’s success in the 1970’s with him being disbanded from his Channel 4 news team until the team is recruited for New York’s first 24-hour news channel. The film is set during the 1980’s cable news era.

Atlanta, Georgia got to be a part of “Anchorman 2” with several of its locations being used for the film. One of the Atlanta filming locations was Woodruff Park, which is located in the heart of Atlanta between Peachtree St NE and Park Place NE. The park, which is 6 acres and includes a performance pavilion, two fountains and several monuments, is also home to a notable sculpture, The Phoenix, which represents Atlanta’s rise from the ashes after being burnt down by Union armies in the Civil War. For the film, the area was turned into vintage New York City circa 1980. The park was used for a scene in the film which included a large brawl with dozens of actors outfitted in baseball hats and with hockey sticks which was reminiscent of the 1979 film “The Warriors”.

The Silver Skillet Restaurant in Atlanta was also featured in “Anchorman 2”. The Silver Skillet is no stranger to films and fame. It has been featured in several films, including “The Real McCoy” and “Remember the Titans”. The restaurant has also been featured on many major news channels and in national publications such as The New York Times and USA Today. The Silver Skillet was listed by Life Magazine for having one of the “5 Best Pies in the USA” which is their homemade Lemon Ice-Box pie.

Atlanta’s Emory University, located in the Druid Hills suburb, got to be a part of “Anchorman 2” as well. Four of the Universities film studies majors even had the opportunity to spend a day as production assistants on set. It was reported that Emory’s Briarcliff campus was selected due to the “period ambiance” of the mid-century modern architecture of Briarcliff Building A.

Atlanta is no stranger to being the stage for big films. Whether it’s replacing another city (as it represents a 1980’s New York City in “Anchorman 2”), or it’s getting to be itself, Atlanta has seen some huge films come into town for filming. Besides the star power and hype surrounding “Anchorman 2”, Atlanta has recently been a temporary home for the sets and stars of “Dumb and Dumber To”, “Fast & Furious 7” and “Mockingjay”, the third installment of the “Hunger Games” films.

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