Alternative Halloween Celebrations for Churches

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 31, 2011 Under Event Productions, Tips

Parents all over are experiencing increasing fears about the safety of trick or treating and other traditional Halloween activities. Adults worry about children being out after dark, especially unsupervised, and are concerned about the risks of consuming treats from strangers. Trusted community organizations like churches have begun filling the need for safe and fun alternative activities for children. Planning a unique event filled with fun fall activities will help both parents and children have an enjoyable and worry free Halloween.

Churches looking for a unique way to help families in the community celebrate Halloween and the fall season should consider a Halloween or fall themed outdoor movie event. An event like this appeals to both children and parents as an alternative to potentially dangerous trick or treating or other unsupervised Halloween activities. Fun games and activities and a wholesome family movie are the keys to a successful alternative Halloween event.

The church can start the evening by offering some fun activities like bobbing for apples, fall or crafts, tractor rides and face painting. Volunteers can help run the booths and, if desired and possible, prizes like candy or other small favors can be given out to participating children.

A child friendly movie “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, or any other family movie, shown on a large movie screen will be the perfect ending to the event. After time spent with friends and family enjoying games and other activities; children and adults will enjoy relaxing and enjoying a movie together.

A safe fall event like this is perfect for families concerned about Halloween safety, or those who simply want to stay away from the stresses of trick or treating and enjoy a fun evening with friends and family. An outdoor movie adds a unique element that will make the event stand out and will encourage more families to attend.

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Fall Festival Kicks Off With Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 Under Event Productions

Fall Festivals are a great way to bring families and the community together. Great food, contests, children’s games and music all make a fall festival a great family experience. In order to get things started right you will want to choose a special kick off event that all attendees will enjoy. A unique opening event will attract crowds and help set the tone for a great festival.

An outdoor movie event is the perfect way to get things started and set the stage for a great family festival. An outdoor movie ties in perfectly with the purpose of a fall festival; which is to provide a fun event for families to come together and enjoy the crisp weather and good food that make fall such a great time of year. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy coming together under the stars, cuddling under a blanket and enjoying a unique outdoor cinema event as a family.

A well chosen movie will help set the tone for the event. Whether you choose a farm themed movie for your “Flick on the farm” or a favorite family or children’s movie; it will be a memorable and enjoyable event for all who attend.

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