How to Host a Fall Outdoor Movie Festival

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Aug 29, 2012 Under Tips

Fall is the perfect time of year to host an outdoor movie festival. Colorful fall foliage makes the perfect backdrop for a fall festival, while cooler autumn nights create the perfect opportunity to cuddle under a blanket with family or friends. Earlier fall sundown times allow for family friendly earlier movie start times. Here are some tips for planning the perfect fall outdoor movie festival.

Set the scene at your venue with fall-themed decorations and seating. Set hay bales in rows to create theater-style seating and decorate the venue with farm tractors placed next to the screen. You can partner with a local nursery who can supply pumpkins to decorate your venue with. Use a campfire to create a cozy atmosphere and help guests keep warm on a chilly fall night.

There are so many great fall activities you can plan to keep guests entertained before the movie begins and to add to the fun. You might feature a ghost story teller or plan a trunk or treat activity if it is close to Halloween. Hay rides, a barnyard petting zoo or a hay bale maze are all fun, family friendly activities to feature at your event. You could also embrace the spirit of fall harvest and feature a chili cook-off or pie eating contest, or a marshmallow roast. Finally, consider inviting local farmers to set-up a farmer’s market. Guests will enjoy a chance to purchase fresh, local produce, and you will build positive relationships in the community by reaching out to local farmers. Adding activities like this will create a warm fall atmosphere, attract families and help to make your event more memorable.

Fall is also the time for delicious treats like cider, caramel apples, hot cocoa, pumpkin muffins, baked apples, apple cake and more. Be sure to include some of these treats at your concession stand.

Finally, offer a chance to do some good in addition to the fun. In the spirit of sharing your harvest, set up a table where food donations can be collected. Non-perishables like canned goods are great options; you might even consider asking attendees to bring a can of food for entrance to the event in lieu of admission.

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Cool, comfortable weather, beautiful scenery and seasonal treats make fall the ideal time to host an outdoor movie festival. Use these tips and take advantage of all the wonderful things fall has to offer by decorating, planning activities and offering food that goes with the fall season.

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Fall Festival Kicks Off With Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 Under Event Productions

Fall Festivals are a great way to bring families and the community together. Great food, contests, children’s games and music all make a fall festival a great family experience. In order to get things started right you will want to choose a special kick off event that all attendees will enjoy. A unique opening event will attract crowds and help set the tone for a great festival.

An outdoor movie event is the perfect way to get things started and set the stage for a great family festival. An outdoor movie ties in perfectly with the purpose of a fall festival; which is to provide a fun event for families to come together and enjoy the crisp weather and good food that make fall such a great time of year. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy coming together under the stars, cuddling under a blanket and enjoying a unique outdoor cinema event as a family.

A well chosen movie will help set the tone for the event. Whether you choose a farm themed movie for your “Flick on the farm” or a favorite family or children’s movie; it will be a memorable and enjoyable event for all who attend.

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