Tips on Hosting a Smooth Downtown Movie Event

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“Outside of downtown, yes. But not outside and downtown!”

This was one funny response when we posed this question via social media: “Have you attended movies downtown?”

Chambers of Commerce and downtown development districts typically host outdoor movies during the summer months, so it’s time to start prepping!

Though we did find a few folks who have never attended a movie downtown, we also found a lot of folks who have.

Are you thinking about hosting a movie at a downtown location?

Here are tips from attendees to make sure you have a successful event and how we can help.

“I’m not really an outdoorsy kind of gal so as a reader, I’d like to read something that would convince me to give it a try.”

That’s right. Print media can assist in getting your event known. Contact local newspapers (along with radio and TV stations) to get the word out about your event. SOC is always a phone call away to assist with your event marketing.

“Be weather prepared and bug proof. Can you bring a picnic?”

Make sure you suggest bringing comfy chairs, blankets and bug spray for the summer. Have food and water available or allow moviegoers to bring some sustenance for the warm summer movie showing.

“I’d say set up early and do a dry run of playing the movie to be sure everything is okay before the set movie time.”

No problem! We always set up during the day where there’s still ambient light. This allows for any technical difficulties to be hashed out, and folks can get comfy without worrying about the dark.

Another awesome benefit: if you get sponsors, their ads can be shown on the screens before the movie starts.

Here are some of our tips and benefits to putting together a downtown movie event.

1) If you’re a shop owner, you can work together with other businesses to pool together for funds. Then you can advertise on our screens before the event!

2) Smaller screens are utilized well here. This allows more space for seating and makes the event ever so cozy.

3) If space is an issue, consider setting up in a store parking lot. Careful! Asphalt can get hot during the summer months. Also be sure to hash out proper permission to use parking lots.

4) So your downtown area tends to clear out after 5 p.m.? This is the best way to keep folks in town after work. Get the word out early and organize outdoor store sales or other special activities before and after the movie to keep the people flowing.

For other ideas and tips for hosting downtown-area outdoor movies, check out our other blog posts related to these events.

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Experiential Marketing: Sampling At Outdoor Movie Events

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jul 23, 2012 Under Tips

Outdoor movies are an ideal location to introduce new products and promote a brand with samples. The combination of a large crowd, the specific demographics attracted by certain movies, and a fun activity to associate with the product come together to create the perfect marketing opportunity. (Click here to tweet this.)

Why Samples?

When launching a new product, offering samples makes a great addition to a complete marketing plan. Distributing samples puts a trial-size of the product into the hands of potential consumers, as well as marketing materials, to familiarize new people with the product and your brand. Consumers love samples because they can try something new before buying it.

Outdoor Movie Events are Ideal

Outdoor movie events are an ideal venue for distributing samples. There can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people in attendance, which allows for a high volume of sample distribution on site.

It is typically easy to distribute samples to target consumers at an outdoor movie event. You can often predict the demographic of the crowd based on the movie that will be shown. For example, family friendly movies will attract families with young children. You can easily choose the best events to promote your product with samples by considering the movie that will be shown.

Experiential Marketing and Brand Ambassadors

Outdoor movies are a favorite activity for many people. Fostering a connection between consumers and a brand through positive experiences is a highly effective marketing tactic. By distributing samples at a fun outdoor movie event, you can capitalize on this and create a positive association between consumers and your brand. Outdoor movies are perfect because this type of marketing is most successful when consumers are casually exposed to the product during a positive experience, rather than approached with an outright advertisement for the brand or product.

An outdoor movie event is a great place to send brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors skillfully represent a brand and make positive connections with potential customers. Your ambassadors can meet new consumers in person, hand out samples, and promote the brand and product in a casual and fun setting.

Marketers use outdoor movie events for sampling new products for a number of solid reasons, including the large crowd, predicable demographics, and the fun, casual atmosphere characteristic of these events. If you are looking for a fresh, new way to promote a new product and your brand, consider offering samples at a movie in the park event.

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Ballparks are not just for watching baseball games in anymore. America’s other favorite pastime, movie watching, is merging with sports stadiums, to host outdoor movies events. Outdoor movies in sports settings have been branded by our clients as Flicks on the Field, Movies on the Mound, Movies in the Outfield and Field of Screens.

Southern Outdoor Cinema and Twilight Features have partnered together to create Together the two companies, which produces of outdoor movie events, can create movies under the stars event to be presented in any athletic setting.

Ballparks, athletic fields (such as soccer and football) and stadiums are great family gathering places. During off season, Minor, and Major league baseball parks, NFL football stadiums, as well as Nascar and horse tracks can use outdoor movies events as a way to make money during periods when their stadiums are idle or closed. Outdoor movies at the ball park are a great way to develop relationships with your fan base during the off season such as FanFest events, Game Day Entertainment or any other special events.

Outdoor Movie Screen setup at Church Hill Downs.

About Southern Outdoor Cinema
Southern Outdoor Cinema, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the largest providers of mobile outdoor cinema services in the United States. Known for their high quality outdoor cinema services, they have been hired to work on high-profile events for clients such as several movie premiers for Hollywood and Film studios. Southern Outdoor Cinema owns and operates the Largest Inflatable Movie Screen in the South, which has hosted crowds of over 10,000 for an outdoor movie series in downtown Atlanta, GA and Sherwood Baptist’s Freedom Festival. Southern Outdoor Cinema also created and implemented the Georgia Movies in the Park ™ series, an experiential mobile movie tour in North Georgia.

About Twilight Features
Twilight Features™, located in the Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida, was produced over 500 events throughout the Southeast and more the 25 film festivals. Owner, Nick Toutoungi, a graduate from Florida State University, known for its Film program, has helped pioneer the outdoor movie industry. Mr. Toutoungi’s professional experience includes working as the Senior Operating Director for the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, which is the longest film festival in the world, as well as creating the popular Maroone Moonlight Movie Series in South Florida.

Each company has hosted sound, projection and inflatable movie screen for hundreds of outdoor movie events in locations throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, including at stadiums, horse tracks and motor speedways. They are also equipped to handle nationwide mobile movie tours and multi-city events.

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