Plan the Ultimate Pool Party – Host a Dive-In Movie

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Plan The Ultimate Pool Party - Host a Dive-in Movie

You can make your next pool party unique by hosting a dive-in movie. This experience combines the nostalgia of a drive-in movie with the fun of playing in a pool. People of all ages will love it.

As the sun begins to set, the kids can grab their inner tubes to float around in while watching the show. The parents can pull up a lawn chair and relax at the edge of the pool where they can keep an eye on the little ones and still see the main feature. Offering a dive-in movie on a warm summer evening will create a childhood memory these kids will carry with them for a lifetime.

Why Choose a Dive-In Movie?

Watching the movie outside isn’t simply about seeing a good family friendly movie. It has much more to do with experiencing it in a unique setting. Chances are the kids will never remember exactly which movie they saw, but they will have fond memories of a summer evening when they floated in the pool while watching a movie with Mom and Dad.

These splash-in movies aren’t just for the children. The adults can have a really wonderful time as well. It’s an excellent way to lounge around the pool with a drink while catching up with friends and family. What better way is there to enjoy the summertime?

Places That Can Host Dive-In Movies

There are several situations where setting up an outdoor movie by the pool would be perfect. The following are common places that host dive-in movies.
• Country Clubs
• Swim Teams
• Home Owner Associations
• Resorts
• Hotels

The local YMACA or rec center would be the ideal setting for a poolside movie. They can also offer dive-in movies during the colder months with an indoor pool. Home Owner Associations also find this a great way to provide neighbors with a unique way to get to know each other.

Country Clubs can offer dive-in movies for their members. Not only is it a terrific perk, but they can also use the splash-in movie idea to make their location stand out from others. An outdoor movie can make any event they are hosting a memorable one.

Hotels and resorts are the perfect place to host a dive-in movie. It offers guests a new way to relax and have fun during their stay. Showing family friendly movies in this unique way can draw in those with children who are looking for ways to keep the little ones entertained when traveling.

Safety Tips

Any time you are hosting an event near water you need to keep safety a top priority. Turn the lights on in the pool so parents can easily keep an eye on the children.

When selecting an outdoor movie company, look for one that offers an inflatable screen that doesn’t require a blower. These types of movie screens allow the screen to be placed closer to the pool’s edge. Not only is it easier to view, but it is much safer as well.

Also make sure the outdoor movie company can start the feature film before dark so the kids are not out to late in the pool. Mixing tired children with water isn’t safe. Following these simple tips will keep everyone safe and happy.

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3 Safety Tips For A Dive-In Movie

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outdoor movie pool splash in The sticky-hot summer weather is approaching. No matter how much you get used to it, the heat always hits hard.

Except you have an alternative.

You don’t have to resort to staying inside with the air-conditioning on full blast and watching a flick. Ever thought about hosting a “dive-in” movie?

It’s a great combination of favorite summer activities: splish-splashing in the pool, then lounging poolside (or on your favorite inflatable in the pool) to watch a movie on a theatrical-grade screen. Hosting an outdoor movie event poolside is popular with homeowner associations, apartment complexes/condos, swim clubs and the local Y.

We know. Movie equipment and water don’t mix, right?

If safety was the first issue you thought of when having a poolside movie then no worries.

Here’s a peek at what we do to make sure the elements of a dive-in movie event blend together just as nicely as syrup and crushed ice in a snow cone.

1) Behind-screen projection – To avoid electrical issues we project the movie from behind the screen instead of in front of it. Yep, it sounds different than your usual movie-going experience, but it works well and it also keeps you safe!

2) “Silent” screen – No, in this case, we are not encouraging the viewing of silent movies. We like to use a screen that doesn’t require a blower to stay inflated. It makes for a much better listening experience. That’s also one less piece of equipment near the pool.

3) “No-Splash” Zone – We designate areas around our equipment that cannot get wet. (Oh, and do you see the friendly reminder to attendees in the photo?) This ensures you and any little ones present stay safe. We also do not allow water guns for a dive in movie to keep our equipment dry.

Our own Paul Murray talks safety during a splash-in movie in our video blog, including area or pool lighting and lifeguards.

Do you love the idea of watching a big-screen movie by the pool as much as we do? Let us know by checking us out on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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Tips for hosting a dive-in movie event

Posted by Paul Murray on Friday Jul 20, 2012 Under Tips

Today, I want to talk to you about hosting a dive-in movie. Showing a movie by poolside is a refreshing change to the hot summer. Outdoor movies are becoming popular with swim themes and places like the YMCA as an alternative to some of their other events. (Click here to tweet this.)

Also consider theming your event this summer. August is typically shark week, and you can start theming your movie series to something like Jaws or something shark related. You can also consider the fact that, during the movie, you’ll have kids floating out onto the pool while the parents are enjoying drinks and socializing on the pool deck During the movie, here are some tips to consider when hosting an outdoor movie by poolside.

  • Make sure you turn on any underwater lights on the pool. You wanna have a safe environment, you wanna be able to see everyone in the pool and make sure that everyone is safe during the movie.

  • Consider having lifeguards on hand. For events at your park or YMCA pool, at work you will have a large crowd. Definitely have a lot of kids in the water and you’ll want to make sure that you are able to keep an eye on every one of them.

  • Swap out popcorn and replace with icies or snow cone machines. Often times when people eat popcorn near the pool, they’ll drop it in the pool or they’ll try swimming with it in the pool, and wet popcorn corn creates a lot of a mess, especially for the pool filters.

  • Make sure you have some lighting around the pool deck area so that people aren’t tripping into things during the movie. One thing you want to make sure is that your don’t have any direct light over the screen itself, but lighting everywhere else in the audience area is fine. I hope you are finding my outdoor movie tips to be filled with high value and high content.

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Dive-In Movies: Outdoor Movies By Poolside

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday May 16, 2012 Under Event Productions

For so many people, swimming is a treasured summer past time. Why not combine this fun summer tradition with watching a movie? Dive-in movies combine two favorite family traditions to create a fun summer activity the whole family can cool off with.

YMCA’s, communities and Home Owner’s Associations, community pools, water parks, and even backyards are some of the many places where poolside outdoor movie events are hosted. Dive-in movies are typically summer events, but places like aquatics centers with indoor pools can host them all year round.

A poolside movie event is set up much like a traditional outdoor movie event. A large, inflatable movie screen, a powerful sound system, and a projector are used to turn an outdoor venue into a cinema. The only difference with a poolside event is the movie screen is set up near the pool, and rather than sitting on chairs or blankets, movie goers enjoy the experience from tubes, rafts, pool noodles, or poolside lounge chairs.

Like any movie event, the movie choice for a poolside outdoor movie is important. Be sure to choose a movie based on the intended audience. A water themed movie could be an excellent choice for your dive-in movie experience. Movies like Jaws or Pirates of the Caribbean are good selections for an older crowd. For a family friendly event, try Finding Nemo, Flushed Away or Shark Tale.

In addition to a themed movie, serving themed movie snacks is another great way to make the most of the poolside setting. Goldfish, blue Jell-O jigglers cut into fish or shark shapes, or even sandwiches cut into ocean animal shapes make fun, simple refreshments for the whole family. Serve popsicles or frozen drinks to keep everyone cool. You could even rent a Slushy machine to make special summer treats.

Set the scene by decorating for the event. Choose Tiki torches or citronella candles for pretty lighting and to help keep bugs away. Also consider decorating with blue balloons or ocean themed banners or garlands. Spruce up the refreshment table with a brightly colored table cloth, candles or special center pieces.

A splash-in movie makes a great addition to almost any summer get together, whether you are trying to plan an event for your community to get neighbors together, or you are a homeowner trying to plan a get together to remember at your home. You can also add a poolside movie to another special event. End an afternoon birthday party or family reunion with a splash-in movie after dark, or host an end of the school year dive-in movie event.

Summer is all about having fun with family and friends and finding new and exciting ways to stay cool. A pool side outdoor movie event is fun for the whole family. Adults can relax on lounge chairs, and children can enjoy themselves in the pool, floating on inner tubes or noodles.

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Want to use this article on your website or your own blog? No problem! But here’s what you MUST include:
Southern Outdoor Cinema is the largest producer of PREMIUM outdoor movie events in the country. They are leading the industry with NEW & UNIQUE outdoor movie events. To begin planning your outdoor movie event contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at or visit their online photo gallery at for event ideas.

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Beat the Heat in Atlanta with Movies by Poolside

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jun 28, 2010 Under Event Productions

The heat wave gripping Metro Atlanta continues for two weeks with no end
in sight. Southern Outdoor Cinema, of Alpharetta is busy this summer,
offering outdoor movie events by poolside throughout the area as a great
way to cool off.

Poolside movies give families something different to do together. Instead
of just going to a movie, poolside movies allow families to swim and watch
a movie at the same time. The over head flood lights are turned off with
the pool’s underwater lights remaining on. Kids float on inner tubes and
parents relax in lounge chair while watching the movie on a screen next to
the pool.

Basically a poolside movie is a giant inflatable movie screen set next to
a pool in a backyard, community center, or public pool where movies are
projected onto the screen. Southern Outdoor Cinema typically can
transform any poolside into a dive-in event in under an hour.

The concession stand typically sell standard movie fare – hot dogs,
popcorn, sodas and candy. The event is a modern twist to the drive-in,
but with inner tubes instead of cars, and a very family-oriented

Last month, Southern Outdoor Cinema partnered up with Northside Hospital
Forsyth and Dawson County Parks and Recreation to offer a Movie on Lake
Lanier. The movie screen was setup on the shore of Lake Lanier at War
Hill Park. Movie goers enjoyed a movie on the beach with the option of
watching the movie while taking a swim in the lake or watching from a

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