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Parent Movie Review - Disney Frozen

Disney’s Frozen- Parent Movie Review by Southern Outdoor Cinema

GENRE: Family / Animated

AnimatedArendelle is the near, Norwegian Kingdom that Elsa and Anna grow up in, and it is facing a deep freeze in the most unexpected time of the year. You see, SOC-FB-Frozen-Movie-Review everything that Elsa touches turns into ice and when she flees the palace in a panic during a ball one night, her fear produces a penetrating cold capable of icing over a hot summer’s day in July; and that is exactly what it does. Arendelle’s only hope is in the unselfish love of a sister willing to sacrifice everything just to make things right.

Elsa was born with a gift that sets her on a path to a place where love and loyalty are put to the ultimate test. Her ability to simply gesture things around her into a frozen state had once been used to turn ordinary days into fun filled days with magical ice skating rinks in the middle of the palace ballrooms, but things take a terrible turn for Elsa. An accident occurs one day when Elsa mistakenly zaps Anna in the head with a freezing blast that sends Anna on an emergency visit to the nearby trolls for help. This is the last straw for Elsa as she decides to do everything in her power to refrain from using her chilling powers ever again.

Arendelle’s chilling fate takes form during Elsa’s coronation ball as Anna, in desperation due to a disagreement with Elsa, strips Elsa’s protective glove from her hand. This otherwise harmless act sets of the chain of events that leads to the frigid fate that Arendelle must escape. Can Anna get to Elsa in time and if she does, will Elsa be able to control the now raging power that has taken control of her entire being? This is a question that only time will tell.

Positive Elements

Anna truly does risk life and limb for the sister that she loves more than life itself. The only problem is that her risks catch up with her when Anna is hit with an ice dagger that can only be removed by the ice melting, sacrificial love of another. But who will make the much needed sacrifice for Anna? Will it be Kristoff, an ice salesman who Anna meets on her way to Elsa and the one individual who has truly fallen in love with Anna? Or will it be Anna’s fiance Hans, the one person capable of delivering a kiss capable of thawing the chilliest of souls?

This is a question that only the most sincere of loves can answer, and it is the love shared by Anna & Elsa. We have grown accustomed to the stories of love that Disney depicts in its fairy tales today however, the “true love” in this particular movie isn’t between the typical individuals who fall in love. This love is shared by two sisters who will give everything up to provide the other with true happiness. This form of love is as pure as love can get, and it is represented by the sacrifices that each sister is willing to make for the other.

There are several positive elements expressed throughout the storyline a few of which are: the importance of communicating our feelings before they have a chance to get out of control, the fact that the differences between individuals today isn’t a reason to look down on one another but rather is an opportunity for each of us to go the extra mile to help those in need, and the reality that love is something that is nourished and encouraged to grow over time. These are positive elements that have practical applications even today.

Spiritual Elements

The supernatural presence throughout the movie is at times an “in your face” kind of supernatural presence, but it is important to remember that Elsa’s powers, in particular, have not been brought about as a result of any kind of evil curse placed on her. Her chilling powers are more organic than anythingsocDisney-Frozen-Poster-2013 else.

There is also the underlying storyline that has been compared to the story of “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian. This story is one that is loaded with references pertaining to very religious matters but is also a story that is packed with earthly demons and spiritual connotations. This can be a little confusing as “Frozen” seems to be lacking in the area of spirituality but heavy in the area of religious fable.

Violent Elements

There are violent elements that span the full spectrum of violent behavior which means that some of the violence will seem comical while other violent elements will be much more serious so to speak.

A few of the more serious elements include scenes where Elsa is hunted down and attacked by soldiers on a mission to “take care of the monster”. Swords & crossbows are used against Elsa, and Elsa retaliates by using glowing icicles against one soldier, and uses a wall of ice to push the second soldier off of a balcony. There are additional scenes where individuals are overwhelmed by intense freezing cold, people are literally punched in the face, animals nearly drown, and Anna & Kristoff are sought out & attacked by dangerous wolves.

The confusing, comical violent elements will include movie characters being thrown, hit, and tossed around (some even sail off of a cliff), and snowman Olaf completely falling apart, on many occasions, with little or no apparent reason whatsoever. The first reaction will always be to laugh simply because the violence has been masked by humor.

Sexual Elements

Anna is given a quiz for the purpose of testing her knowledge where Hans is concerned. It is basically to see just how much she knows about Hans. One question, in particular, concerns Hans’ shoe size. Anna simply replies “That doesn’t matter” and flashes a quick wink meant for the adults in the audience and we all know what that is referencing. Anna & Hans also share a “moment” in a dinghy that they literally fall into together. Their bodies get tangled up in the process.

Drug and Alcohol Elements

There is one scene where Olaf holds a tropical style drink in his hands. There is another scene that involves Elsa’s coronation ball, and champagne being served to the many guests.


Love, life, and Elsa & Anna’s pursuit of happiness is the direction that Disney’s “Frozen” seems to have taken. While this falls generally in line with the ongoing Disney themes, it brings a new element of love to light. This is the purity of love shared between family members. It is the unconditional, everlasting, and continually growing love that two sisters share, and it is the flame that keep the fire, that is the love between Elsa and Anna, burning.

“Frozen” brings hope to the seemingly hopeless family situations and encouragement to the one’s that are going strong. It teaches the lesson of learning to grow up into responsible family members as opposed to attempting to stay forever young. “Frozen” couldn’t have come out at a better time of the year, and how we look at “Frozen” will determine whether or not we choose to see it, first hand, in the end.

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