Three Myths About Movie Licensing You Need To Know Before Hosting A Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jul 10, 2013 Under Tips

Movie Copyrights Considering ways to minimize costs for your next indoor or outdoor movie event?

One area where scrimping is a big no-no is movie licensing. Some outdoor movie companies will not work with you during this process in order to save themselves a few bucks and some time.

Here are a few warning signs you may be working with a company who doesn’t care about making sure your event goes off without a hitch.

1) Movie studios don’t have time to check up on illegal movie events. Social media and other internet sites have revolutionized promotion and event advertising. This also makes it much easier for licensing companies and filmmakers to make sure they aren’t enduring copyright infringement.

Much like employers nowadays are checking out Facebook and Twitter social media profiles before hiring, movie studios are diligently checking on illegal showings of their films. Ever notice how quickly YouTube video clips of movies and television shows get pulled? It is just as easy for them to find out if a public movie showing isn’t properly licensed.

2) If you get caught, just feign ignorance. Just because copyright law was not made available to you by an unprofessional company doesn’t mean you are off the hook. If the movie studio or licensing company can prove willful infringement, the penalty is huge – up to five years in jail or a $250,000 fine.


The cost of obtaining a movie license is minuscule in comparison to the fines and penalties associated with copyright infringement. Unfortunately, event planners are held liable for such infringement, not the outdoor movie company.

An unprofessional company will leave you holding the bag. Or, in this case, the bag of popcorn.

3) Not obtaining a license is only hurting big movie studios. They don’t really care and can afford to have a few illegal showings go unnoticed. Anyone who works in the movie industry will disagree vehemently with this myth.

Licensing requirements are not simply a way for companies to make money off of folks showing movies without a license. The laws are in place to make sure filmmakers and screenwriters continue to create really great movies!

Without licensing, these folks would have little recourse to ensure their works are protected and financed.

Remember, when you are planning a large-scale movie event, this falls under the public performance requirement of copyright law.

Even if the showing is free to the public or being held by a non-profit organization, a license is required for such an event.  The requirements for an educational exemption are very specific. There are no exceptions!

The public performance requirement excludes folks showing a movie for a few family and friends, but not movie events like we help you plan.

And there’s the key: At SOC, we assist you in obtaining a quote for the movie you wish to show, and we fill out licensing paperwork on your behalf to ensure your outdoor movie showing is legal.

We really take this seriously and have been for years. For more information on movie licensing, check out our FAQ.

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5 Reasons to Host A Movie Event at Camp

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday May 15, 2013 Under Tips

outdoor movie camping Swimming, bunking with new friends, enjoying the great outdoors. These are the kinds of things we associate with camp. We’d like to introduce a new tradition: big, beautifully projected, outdoor movies.

It may seem like an unusual combination at first glance. Isn’t camping about getting away from it all, including technology?

But we enjoy being a little bold in that arena. Melding awesome activities with great movies is what we do. We’re good at it, we really love it and, of course, our clients love it too.

Here are the top five reasons why it’s a seriously fun idea to have an outdoor movie event at camp:

1) A “camp-in”, as we like to call it, gives kids a taste of the creature comforts they miss from home. We understand putting a hiatus on cell phones, computer games and other devices that keeps us glued to screens and away from each other and the outdoors. But showing a movie is a great way to incorporate both.

Are your campers sleeping in tents? Here’s a chance to show a big-screen movie as the last activity before vittles or bedtime.

Will you be having camp during the ultra-hot summer months where the kids are dying to be inside? Have an indoor movie event inside a large facility to beat the summer heat! The kids will have a movie theater experience at camp, which would be a blast for them and camp planners.

We’ve even had clients have a camp-in on the beach! For cool nights, our clients have improvised to stay toasty by building small campfires in drums.

2) Having a big movie event at camp can serve as a reward for a long day of activities. Depending on the type of camp you are operating, it seems pretty likely your kids will be totally tuckered out. A movie on our theater-quality projection screens is just the thing to surprise your campers and give them an opportunity to relax.

3) What would make for a great close-of-camp experience than to show a great flick? Perhaps this could be the last activity the campers can enjoy before going home. Or maybe this is an event where you can invite the kids’ parents and other family members along.

Memorizing a farewell camp song or putting on an impromptu play for the grown-ups is fun, but treating them to a free movie is simply the ultimate thank-you.

4) If your movie ends up being a big event for more than just your campers, you can incorporate sponsors or have concessions open to raise money for the camp or alleviate the costs of screening. S’mores supplies for the campfire, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, cold beverages, you name it. These yummies can also be a reward to your campers!

5) Camp-ins are the ultimate opportunities to pull out classic camping flicks! Our favorite camp movies include: “The Parent Trap” (either version is awesome), “Camp Nowhere,” “Space Camp” and “Heavyweights.”

Having an outdoor (or indoor!) movie event at camp is ideal for local organizations, day camps, summer camps and neighborhood associations.

Did we forget any awesome camp movies? What would have been your favorite movie to watch when you went to camp? Talk to us on our Facebook page!

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Small Towns Without Movie Theaters Host Movies Outdoors

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jun 20, 2012 Under Event Productions

Outdoor movie events bring the movie theater experience outside to create a fun and unique cinema experience. Modern equipment allow outdoor movie viewers to enjoy the same high quality experience enjoyed by traditional movie theater patrons. For towns without movie theaters, outdoor movies are a great alternative.

Currently, there are small towns all over the country without movie theaters. By 2013, more small movie theaters could be closing their doors when the movie industry switches to all-digital technology. Movies will no longer be released in traditional 35 millimeter film prints, and theaters without the technology to show digital movies will be forced to shut down. The cost of converting to digital in a movie theater is around $65,000, leaving this conversion out of reach for many small, older movie theaters.

There are already many towns without a movie theater, and this change will lead to more. Residents of towns like this are left with the options of missing out on these movies or traveling to a town with a movie theater. Portable inflatable cinema technology gives these communities another option: outdoor cinema.

Inflatable movie screens are available in a variety of sizes to fit into many different locations, and accommodate small or large crowds. High quality screens and projectors, along with clear sound, bring the movie theater experience to any location. An outdoor movie can be held almost anywhere; holding it at a historic site or downtown can enhance the experience and make it more special for the community.

Going out to see a new movie with friends or family is a completely different experience than watching it at home. Small towns without theaters and those that stand to lose a theater with the digital conversion will be missing out. Outdoor cinema technology can provide a replacement that sometimes proves to be even better than a traditional movie theater.

Outdoor movies provide entertainment and can bring a community together. Event organizers can take their pick of locations, maybe a popular community park, or another location that is special to the community. An outdoor cinema also allows community members to come together and watch a movie all at the same time, rather than being limited by the size of a movie theater. Outdoor movies are being shown in communities all over, to provide a unique cinema experience. For towns without traditional movie theaters, outdoor cinema is even more special. In these towns, outdoor movies replace the movie theater experience by providing another cinema option.

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Movies In the Park: A Money-Saving Movie Experience

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday May 7, 2012 Under Event Productions

As summer approaches you might be looking for money saving ways to have fun and entertain your family. Fortunately, cutting back on spending does not have to mean missing out on fun. In many towns there are plenty of cheap or free summer activities available.

This summer plan a stay-cation and enjoy a movie in the park. Spend your days checking out the cheap and free activities your town has to offer, such as parks, beaches, or the local pool, and then spend relaxing evenings enjoying an outdoor cinema.

Movie events outdoors are growing in popularity in towns all over the country. A large inflatable movie screen and a powerful sound system are used to create a movie theater experience under the stars. Companies host outdoor film events to show appreciation for their customers and to increase their visibility in the area. Organizations like churches and schools also host movies under the stars events. Many local parks and recreation departments are beginning to offer summer outdoor movie events at parks as well. These events offer a money saving, often family friendly, entertainment option.

Many outdoor cinema events offer cheap or free admission. Sometimes events are paid for by corporate sponsors, other times open air film events are provided by a town’s parks and recreation department. You will be able to enjoy a unique film experience, sitting outside with friends and family, and avoid paying movie theater prices.

Many events include pre-show activities in addition to the movie. Sometimes there are bands that play, or children’s activities like face painting, balloon art, or crafts.

Snacks are an important part of a movie experience. Many outdoor flick events feature cheap concessions with popcorn, candy and drinks available for a reasonable price. Or, if you prefer, you could bring your own picnic along with you. Be sure to also bring along something comfortable to sit on like an air mattress, blanket, or low-back lawn chairs.

Since outdoor movies are hosted in large public venues, they are often family friendly. A family friendly outdoor movie event is a great way to bond as a family and enjoy time together without spending a lot of money. Even pets are often allowed.

If, like many people, you are trying to find ways to cut back on spending, you might be worried about how the changes will affect your family. You might be worried that spending less will mean missing out on fun activities and disappointing your family. Outdoor movie events are the perfect way to entertain the whole family without breaking the budget.

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Want to use this article on your website or your own blog? No problem! But here’s what you MUST include:
Southern Outdoor Cinema is the largest producer of PREMIUM outdoor movie events in the country. They are leading the industry with NEW & UNIQUE outdoor movie events. To begin planning your outdoor movie event contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at or visit their online photo gallery at for event ideas.

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Outdoor Movies On The Market

Posted by Paul Murray on Sunday Sep 12, 2010 Under Event Productions

Downtown has traditionally been the heart of a community. It has been where people work, shop, gather to socialize, engage in civic activities, and often live. A healthy downtown has usually meant a healthy community. In recent decades, downtowns in America have suffered from the proliferation of enclosed malls, strip malls, big box retail outlets and office parks, all components of sprawl. Storefront vacancy signs and boarded up buildings are now too often the face of downtown in many communities. Instead of bringing people together downtown, in one place, development patterns now often dictate that we drive from place to place without much opportunity for gathering or socializing. Our sense of community has been diminished and our communities have lost their economic vitality. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Revitalization – bringing new life to downtown areas, including many aspects from improving roadways, rezoning property and attracting new business. Many downtown revitalization programs include offering community activities such as concerts and outdoor movie series.

“Movies on the Market” are a series of outdoor movie events held in a parking lot near in a small South Carolina downtown market area. The movies series draw guests to the newly redeveloped downtown area which helps bring awareness of the newly renovated downtown area and shops.

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