The Scariest Outdoor Movie Experience Ever

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Sep 9, 2014 Under Event Productions

The Scariest Outdoor Movie Experience Ever

Picture the sun setting on the bay as boaters and kayakers gather together for a fun filled evening while watching an outdoor movie with friends and family. The feature film was “Jaws.” They, like most of us, have seen this movie time and again, but it seemed like fun to watch once again. Everything was perfect until the sun went down and these guests found themselves right in the middle of the action. It was the scariest outdoor movie experience ever.

The stage was set for this unexpected turn of events by placing an inflatable outdoor movie screen on a helicopter barge. The barge was placed in the bay where all the boaters could get a good view of the main attraction. The other outdoor cinema equipment was boated out into the water along with a generator. The plan was to show the movie “Jaws” to all of the people who were coming. The outcome of the evening just goes to show how the location of an outdoor movie can make all the difference in the world.

As the day was coming to a close, boaters and kayakers began to arrive. Each was positioning themselves where they would be able to kick back and relax while enjoying the show. All were encouraged to have a great time and enjoy the water while watching. The sunset was beautiful as the theme song from “Jaws” began to play across the bay. The music grew in intensity and rumbled across the water in an eerie sort of way that truly began to set the scene for what guests could expect.

Boaters getting ready for a boat-in movie

Watching this well-known film took on a whole new meaning that evening. As everyone watched the movie unfold, they became very aware of being in the water themselves. The music continued to set everyone just a bit on edge. As the movie played on, it finally reached the intense shark scenes that it is so famous for. That’s when the thrills began.

A swimmer strapped on a shark fin while no one was paying attention and got in the water. They waited patiently for those terrifying scenes where Jaws comes exploding up out of the water towards the characters in film. This is when the swimmer made his rounds, scaring unsuspecting boaters as they noticed the fin circling about. Guests were left with the feeling that they had just been thrown into the movie itself.

As with any good scare, all were left laughing at themselves for how they reacted to the stunt. Friends and family teased one another, and everyone had a whopping tail to tell when they got home. By the end of the evening, all agreed that this was the scariest outdoor movie experience ever.

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Boat-In Movie: When A Day of Sailing Isn’t Enough

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday May 29, 2013 Under Event Productions, Tips

Outdoor Movie Event - Boat In After a comfortable, although warm, day of sunning, swimming and sailing, summer boaters watch for the sunset and head home.

But what if you’re wanting to have more fun and still can’t get enough of the water?

We’re sure you know where we’re going with this: a movie by the sea, of course!

Also known as a “boat-in”, marinas, boat clubs, city offices, power plants and homeowners’ associations enjoy this additional layer of event planning when it comes to outdoor celebrations.

These clients imagine docking their boats along the bank, gathering their friends and family and enjoying a big-screen movie.

To accommodate a larger crowd, we can set up the movie much like our regular outdoor movie events. Landlubbers can get a great view of the water and enjoy a big-screen movie! (Don’t forget to bring the lawn chairs, bug spray and picnics!)

Memorial Day has come and gone, and the official summer season has begun. But imagine the close of a fourth of July celebration with fireworks and a patriotic flick?

Or how about a neighborhood summer party by the lake? Complete with vendors and children’s activities? There are so many possibilities that could be combined with our professional turnkey system.

Much like our poolside movie events, putting together a state-of-the-art, cinema-quality outdoor movie of this magnitude means an emphasis on safety.

As always, we enjoy sharing expert tips on using our outdoor movie rental company, especially in a location most folks wouldn’t think to set up a theater.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a boat-in movie event:

1) It’s crucial to know the rules and regulations of setting up when planning this kind of event. Be sure boaters are aware of the current docking rules before the event begins.

2.) We utilize a no-splash zone for events around the water. It’s important to let attendees know of the set up to keep everyone safe.

3.) Remember to encourage family-friendly food and drinks for a boat-in. That means no glass bottles, grilling safety rules and, of course, no alcohol. Many marinas already enforce these types of rules!

boat in outdoor movie rental Here are three family-friendly movies to fit the boating and water themes and great party ideas from our Pinterest boards:

  • Finding Nemo – Check out these really creative Finding Nemo party ideas!
  • The Little Mermaid – Yep, we have an idea board for this classic Disney movie, too.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean series – Who doesn’t want to be a pirate? (Well, unless you want to be a ninja.) Here arrrrr some festive party ideas. (We had to do it!)

Other great watery flicks that are great for family viewing include: Shark Tale, Free Willy and Splash.

Check out another one of our YouTube videos to fuel your imagination of a boat-in movie event.

What would you be doing on the water the day before an outdoor movie? Let us know in the comments or our Facebook page!

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