First 4-D Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Thursday Apr 1, 2010 Under Company News

Moviegoers are experiencing a new way to watch films these days and that is outdoors. The first thing people think of when you say outdoor movies is the old drive-ins. Who doesn’t remember piling into the family station wagon and sound the tires made riding over the gravel as you approached the drive-in. But outdoor movies have evolved. An outdoor movie today consist of friends and family sitting on a blanket in a picturesque location with a warm summer breeze watching movies under the stars. Outdoor movies are popping up on all over the country. A typical outdoor movie event can accommodate 400% or more moviegoes than a standard movie theater.

Movies in 3-D are all the craze these days. Most of us have you seen Fox Studios ‘Avatar’ or Dreamworks ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ in 3-D. But what 3-D is lacking is the physical effects of the presentation. This is where 4-D movies outdoors comes in.

In October of 2009, Southern Outdoor Cinema produced the first ever outdoor 4-D movie event. On a large grassy soccer field in the City of Johns Creek, GA a portable inflatable movie screen was erected to present the movie ICE AGE 3. The park was decorated with winter elements such as skiis, sleds, large snowmen and mittens. But the experience of the event didn’t end there, instead it started miles before moviegoes arrived at the park. High in the sky, floating above the city, were large 3 foot wide snowflakes. Snow in Atlanta in October, how was this possible? Southern Outdoor Cinema used soap formed helium-filled snowflakes that floated as high as a mile and as far out as three miles. Another element added to the event, was the use of snow. At the gate of the event, moviegoes where greeted by snow flurries. Southern Outdoor Cinema went beyond the elements of touch and sight and teased the audiences sense of smell by incorporating a scent of “snow” during the snow seasons. A 4-D movie outdoor is truly an experience moviegoing never experience before.

About Southern Outdoor Cinema
Southern Outdoor Cinema, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the largest providers of mobile outdoor cinema services in the United States. Known for their high quality outdoor cinema services, they have been hired to work on high-profile events for clients such as several movie premiers for Hollywood and Film studios. Southern Outdoor Cinema owns and operates the Largest Inflatable Movie Screen in the South, which has hosted crowds of over 10,000 for an outdoor movie series in downtown Atlanta, GA and Sherwood Baptist’s Freedom Festival. Southern Outdoor Cinema also created and implemented the Georgia Movies in the Park ™ series, an experiential mobile movie tour in North Georgia.

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