Super Bowl 2014: 5 Best Football Movies

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Super Bowl 2014: 5 Best Football Movies

Looking back at movies involving the wonderful sport of football and just how it has affected our outlook on the sport takes us back over two decades. There have been quite a few greats each of which presents a view of its own. The one commonality is that football has been around for longer than most realize and that it is much more than just a sport. Here is a list of our top 5 best football movies of all times.

Facing the Giants
Filmed in 2006, this Christian drama was filmed with a group of supporting cast members right out of the Sherwood Baptist Church. Each of the cast members volunteered their services and did a fantastic job in the process. The story involves a Christian High School and their fight to achieve victory in a sport which doesn’t typically recognize private schools to begin with. Throughout the story, their belief in God and their faith in His ability to take them to places they might never have been on their own keeps the fire burning. It is this faith and fire that takes them all the way to the top, right into a game that leaves them facing the giants, the top football team in the league.

“Rudy” is the story of the life of Daniel Ruettiger otherwise known as “Rudy”. He was a student at the University of Notre Dame whose only desire was to play for the college football team. The only problem is that Rudy was 5 ft. nothing and nowhere near big enough or fast enough to make the team. The one thing that Rudy did possess was a huge heart and that is what kept Rudy going. He would help the team in any way he could and fought each and every year to get onto the team until by some amazing miracle, he finally did. Watch as Rudy fights to get off of the bench and onto the field in this epic football adventure of all time.

Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans was filmed in 2000 and was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin. The 1970’s were a racially rough time and introducing a group of black football players into an all white football team was bad enough. Now throw in the fact that a black football coach is joining the coaching staff and you have the makings for a pretty big mess. This amazing football flick shows just how strong determination, a belief in something bigger than any one person, and the phenomenal game of football can change the way that people look at the color of skin.

Invincible is based on the story of a South Philadelphia bartender who everyone said was too old to make it in the big leagues yet gets the break of all breaks. At 30 years of age, Vince Papale beats all odds and is invited to play for the 1976 Philadelphia Eagles by winning a chance spot in more of a fluke than anything else. Throughout the movie, no one takes the fact that Vince is actually making ground with the team and just when the team is about to make it to the final game, the big dogs try to get rid of him. Determination and teamwork prevail and Vince plays the game of his life in the end.

Friday Night Lights
Filmed in 2004, Friday Night Lights is one of the best sports drama films of all time. It tells a story of the town of Odessa Texas and their obsession for the high school football team that is all that they have ever had to cheer on. There are many ups and downs as players get injured, coaches risk their jobs, and games become much more than just a simple football game. It just goes to show how important high school football can be to a small country town.


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