Selling Food at an Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jun 27, 2012 Under Tips

A concession stand makes a perfect addition to an outdoor movie event. People typically like to snack while watching a movie, so selling food can be a great way to raise money at your event. If you wish to sell food at your movie event, you have two options: set up and run the stand yourself, or hire a company.

First, let’s look at setting up a stand yourself. The main advantage of doing it yourself is that you will enjoy a greater profit. The main disadvantage is that this option will require more work and planning.

Here are some tips for choosing the right foods and drinks:

  • Purchase candy and drinks at warehouse stores
  • Buying in bulk is a great way to save money when you need to buy a large amount of candy and drinks.

  • Pick non-perishable items
  • Choose food items that will not spoil quickly, so you can store what is not sold for another event.

  • Avoid items that contain nuts
  • It is best to avoid items that contain nuts because of common food allergies.

  • Avoid chocolate
  • Avoid chocolate at summer events because it will melt.

  • Don’t choose candy with small wrappers
  • Stay away from candy with small wrappers, like Starburst, to avoid extra work at clean-up time.

  • Limit choices
  • Don’t offer too many choices at your concession stand. Two or three types of candy, basic drinks like water, cola and Sprite, and, of course, popcorn will provide enough variety.

You will also need a cash box with plenty of singles, a table with lighting to display concession items at night, and a tent. Finally, you will need to recruit volunteers to man the concession table during the event.

Now let’s talk about hiring a company to do the concession stand work. Contracting a company is a lot less work; no need to worry about organizing the concession stand or buying too many supplies.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you choose to hire a company to sell food at your outdoor movie event:

  • Payment
  • Arrange to charge for a percentage of sales. A normal percentage is between 10-20%.

  • Permits
  • Check to be sure the company holds all of the appropriate business and food permits.

  • Price Points
  • Know the company’s price points. There should be items that start off at $1.

Selling food at your outdoor movie event is a great idea. Whether you choose to handle the concession stand yourself, or contract a company is a personal decision that depends on your organization’s time availability and budget. These tips can help you make the best choice.

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