The Safest Halloween Event For Kids – An Outdoor Movie In the Park

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The Safest Halloween Event

As Halloween approaches, it is important to parents that their kids have safe events and activities to go to. Fears have increased over trick-or-treating with today’s dangers that are involved. Many adults worry about the children being unsupervised, being out after dark, and allowing them to take treats from strangers. Local churches and community organizations have been working on finding safe alternatives to the traditional Halloween activities. Planning a fun filled event with plenty of fall activities would give the children an enjoyable experience, and the parents could have peace of mind.

Organizations and church groups looking for a fun way to do this should consider having a fall or Halloween themed outdoor movie event for families. Children look forward to this fun filled evening while the parents can relish the fact that their kids will be avoiding the dangers associated with traditional trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities.

A successful outdoor Halloween movie event only requires a family friendly movie and lots of terrific games to play. The church or local organization could get the evening started with some fall crafts, bobbing for apples, face painting, and maybe tractor rides. The kids could all come in costume so that they won’t feel left out of this particular tradition. Making a contest out of it adds to the joy. Carnival rides could be brought in, and local vendors could sell food and snacks. The more people that are involved, the more it will become a community celebration. Volunteers could help out with all the booths. Small favors and candy make excellent prizes, and it makes the games even more exciting to the little ones. They also get to benefit from the seasonal candy without the fear of where it came from.

The residents of Woodstock, Georgia have made their own Halloween tradition of an annual outdoor movie event each fall. It brings out many families each year, and it has grown to include 20 vendors, local business, and several area churches. The outdoor movie is held in the downtown park with food and strolling entertainers as well as all the other activities. They continue to prove that this is an excellent alternative to more dangerous activities at this time of year.

When organizing a halloween-alternative outdoor movie event, the main film needs to be appealing for all ages so that the parents can enjoy it along with their children. Something like “Monsters Inc would be ideal. Monster themed films are good too, as long as they aren’t the really scary thrill type of film. A great way to make sure it appeals to many people is to ask the community to help choose. This also gets more individuals involved. Watching whatever selection the organizers pick will be the perfect ending to the day’s events. After all the fun and play, everyone can sit back and relax with their friends and family while watching the movie together.

A safe Halloween alternative such as this is the perfect solution for concerned parents and their children. Everyone will be able to experience a stress free, simply good time with their neighbors and family. The addition of the outdoor movie to the event will make this fall activity a memorable one that families will want to experience year after year.

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