#1 Rule For Showing Movies Outdoors In Public

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First Rule to showing movies outdoors

The Hollywood movie making industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business. Most of these big screen productions are shown in a cinema or movie theater. However, there are a growing number of outdoor movie events that are occurring all over the country in part due to inflatable movie screen rentals. There is nothing like enjoying a great movie from the comfort of your vehicle or blanket and under an open sky. Movies in the Park events planning and the acquiring of required movie licensing due to copyright laws.

To host a movie outdoors whether it be on your own portable blow up screen or through an equipment rental company, there are rules and movie licenses that have to be addressed. There are many myths surrounding the subject of showing films outside at a private event. One of these myths is that the film studio do not have time to check up on such matters. The truth is that the introduction of the internet and social media make it easier for Hollywood Studios to track illegal showings of their materials. Films being shown need to pay a licensing fee to the movie studio. A professional outdoor movie event equipment provider is the answer to this dilemma.

The second myth is that you can just pretend as if you did not know about the copyright law concerning the licensing and fees. This matter can result in hefty fines of up to $250,000.00 or up to five years in jail. If the licensing company or the studio can prove that the infringement was intentional and willful, this is a hefty trip to the snack bar of the theater. This is a mighty fine to endure for the lack of paying a fee or acquiring a license to show a film. This simple act of ignorance is a poor excuse for copyright infringement when it comes to the opinions of the FBI and the movie studios. The FBI has created a warning that is displayed at the beginning of every movie, stating the consequences of not complying with the laws. No excuses are accepted.

The big movie companies make enough money and will not miss the money from an illegal showing, is another myth that surrounds the screening of outdoor movies. An opinion that is shared by people is that movie studios have enough money and will not miss it. They are huge and uncaring so they can afford to have some of their movies shown without receiving payment for them. The truth is that the monies paid to the film industry help to ensure that there will be future works available for the public to view. The performers and workers involved in the production and development of these movies deserve to be paid for their great work. A professional outdoor cinema or a/v rental company can best handle paying the fees and acquiring the licenses needed for your special outdoor event.

To successfully hold a public movie viewing event without having to pay these fees and acquire the licensing, it is necessary to meet certain criteria. To show a production of a movie in a setting such as a church, a restaurant, or a school, there are parameters that must be met. To show a movie in a school and be exempt from obtaining a movie license

  1. There must be a teacher present at all times during the viewing of the film.
  2. The film must be shown in a classroom type setting.
  3. The current school curriculum must be part of the movie being viewed.

If all of these parameters are met, the organization will be allowed to view the movie without the cost of the licenses and fees associated with the copyright.

Perhaps the most important reason for paying the licensing fees when operating an outdoor theater is the performers and the art itself. These people who have worked all of their lives to be seen on the big screen are just people like you and I. They have personal lives and families. They have bills and worries just like everyone else. They too deserve the paycheck that they earn by creating some of the best cinema ever. Their jobs are very demanding and often keep them away from their homes and families for long periods of time to create these unforgettable films.

Events showing flicks outdoors have been around for a great number of years, and they are still held accountable for the fees and costs associated with the showing of a film. Whether your event is a neighborhood get-together, a non-profit fundraiser, or a free public event, the requirements are the same. There are no exceptions when it comes to the seriousness of the need for licenses and paying the fees associated with outdoor movie theater productions. Hire Southern Outdoor Cinema to produce your special event and they will help to secure the licensing for your movie showing. Do so and your mind will be free and clear to enjoy your movie under the open sky.

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