Preparing Your Movie Viewing Area For An Outdoor Movie Event – Part 2

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday May 28, 2012 Under Tips

Today I want to continue to talk to you about preparing your viewing area for your movie event. One of the things you should think about, is putting out trash cans. Also consider when putting out the trash cans, where people will be sitting, putting them out evenly dispersed, and not too close to where the screen will be.

Don’t Leave your Crowd in the Dark
Consider having some lights on hand if you don’t field lights for your location, or parking lot lights that you can turn on after the event. Make sure you have portable floodlights that you can bring to your event so that people can see when they are leaving. Also make sure that you have bathrooms available, whether they are a port-a-potty or they’re inside a building, have them clearly marked.

Check for Power
Make sure that you have enough power. Especially if you’re running concessions, make sure you have enough power for all of for all of your concessions, because things like popcorn machines can pull a lot of power. Make sure that you have all your power lines visibly marked so they are not tripping hazards.

Additional things to Look for
Make sure when prepping your location that any additional things on the field area, such as goose droppings, dog droppings, or anything else that somebody would not to step in or sit on, are cleaned up. Also, make sure, in addition to marking your cords, to mark any unsafe area such as a sudden dip in the land or a ditch or something somebody could easily walk into when it’s very dark outside.

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