Pets Watch Outdoor Movies Too

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jul 16, 2014 Under Event Productions

Pets watch outdoor movies too
What makes watching movies outdoors on large inflatable screens a unique experience is that you can have the whole family on a blanket together, but don’t leave the family pet behind. We often include our pets in so much of our everyday life that they begin to feel like they are an actual member of the family. So why would we leave them at home?

Why Bring Your Pet to an Outdoor Movie Event?
Outdoor movies on large inflatable screens are ideal for families. They are shown in relaxing and fun settings such as fund raisers, in parks, at festivals, and many other unique settings. Children especially love the novelty of watching a movie under the stars, so why not bring along the pets too.

Nothing helps us relax better than having our favorite pet cuddle in our laps. There is no reason why they can’t cozy up in a lawn chair or on a blanket with you while watching the main feature. You’ll also get some terrific pictures as they socialize with others and later on settle in with the kids.

Most pets, especially dogs can become restless when left home alone too much. Just like humans, most pets need stimulation to keep them well behaved and happy. During the work day they are pretty much stuck being left behind, but they are more than welcome at outdoor movies.

How Pets Help Their Humans
The more time we spend with our pets, the healthier we can become. Pets of all types are beneficial. Everything from birds and hamsters to dogs and cats can provide the following benefits.

• They Help Us Relax
• They Can Reduce Blood Pressure
• They Are Therapeutic
• They Improve Relationships
• Pets Enhance One’s Mood
• Their Companionship Overcomes Depression

If our pets can do all this, why wouldn’t we include them in events that also help with these common situations?

What Types of Pets Enjoy Outdoor Movies?
Of course our furriest family members such as dogs and cats would love the opportunity to go to an outdoor movie with their favorite humans, but these events can be terrific for a wide range of family pets.

Pets enjoy outdoor movie event

At a recent event in Florida, we spotted a family watching a movie with their parrot. He was perched on the back of his owner’s lawn chair, and he seemed to be enjoying everything just as much as she was. He was quite content to sit and look around at all that was happening.

We’ve also seen some pretty unusual pets showing up at outdoor movies lately. We’ve seen an iguana and even a pet monkey who were quite happy to be included.

As long as your family pet is well behaved and the outdoor movie is being held in an area where pets are allowed, there is no reason why they can’t enjoy an evening out with their family. Pack their favorite snacks right along with the ones you bring for you and the kids, and they’ll be thrilled that you remembered to include them.

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