Parent Movie Review – Shaun of the Sheep

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Parent Movie Review: Shaun of the Sheep

Shaun of the Sheep Movie is Aardman Animations (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run)latest claymation film aimed at children. The film is rated PG for rude humor. Directed by Mark Burton and Richard Starzak, the film features the voices of Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Omid Djalili, Richard Webber and Kate Harbour.For Shaun the Sheep (voiced by Fletcher), life at the Mossy Bottom Farm is pretty sweet. There is just one tiny problem though. Farm life can just be SO boring. Wake up. Work. Work. Work. Eat. Sleep. Do it over again. Every. Single. Day. Sound familiar?After tiring of this tedious routine, Shaun and friends devise a scheme to take a day off from work. They trick the farmer into sleep by using the old sheep counting trick. As sheep jump over the fence one after another, the farmer counts them and falls asleep before he even reaches ten. They put the passed out farmer in his caravan, which accidentally rolls away into the big city.

The farmer wakes up, having bumped his head, with amnesia. He soon roams into a hair salon. He begins to cut everyone’s hair as if he was shearing a sheep. The customers love it so much that the farmer becomes a famous stylist sensation.

Meanwhile back on the farm, Shaun and rest of the flock find life impossible without the farmer. Shaun and the gang take a bus to the big city to find the farmer. They eventually find him, but he does not remember them. They concoct a plan to put the farmer asleep again and get him on the caravan and back to the farm.

In the end, the farmer wakes up and regains his memory. He helps the sheep rid the farm of an animal control officer, who becomes bent on killing the sheep. Through teamwork, the farmer and sheep stop the evil animal control officer and gain a new fond appreciation and understanding for each other.

Violence Content

A caravan tumbles to the city, narrowly avoiding being hit by a train. The farmer is knocked out by a falling street lamp. The sheep often escape sudden near-death situations.

The animal control officer uses a high-voltage gun that shoots out a hook in order to trap his victims. This could be especially scary for young children when he demonstrates it’s power on a toy, which ignites in flames. The animal control officer also uses a scythe when he chases the sheep.

When the animal control officer becomes particularly enraged in the ending scenes, he drives a large tractor in hopes of pushing the farmer and sheep off a large cliff. He, of course, is unsuccessful.

Positive Elements

Shaun and his buds go to great lengths to save the farmer after realizing life was so much better when their family-unit was whole. They put themselves in great peril and learn the value of teamwork in order to rescue the farmer from the big city.

This theme is continued as the film introduces stray animals who seek a family of their own and teach Shaun and his friends the value of family.

The farmer learns that a bit of R&R and downtime can go a long way as a treat to your hard-working friends and family members.

Sexual Content

The very top part of a man’s buttocks is shown on several occasions due to his sagging pants. There is some flirtation and a few light sexual insinuations.

A farmer is photographed without his shirt for a calendar. The animal control officer openly flirts with a sheep dressed as a human female.

Drug and Alcohol Content

A drink is mixed and served in a cocktail glass. A character drinks a glass of wine during dinner. The farmer holds a bottle of champagne in a photograph.

A patient in the hospital is gassed unconscious before going in the operating room.


Shaun the Sheep is a movie for all ages. Based on the children’s TV show, the film continues the light-hearted tone of the series. As it has very little dialogue, there is no crass language and it also makes the film very easy to follow for kid’s of all ages. Parents should enjoy this one as well.

While the film does rely on some crude sight-gags such as passed-gas and toilet humor, parent’s should feel confident in showing their little one’s Shaun the Sheep Movie. The morals shine through at the end of this movie and seek to teach children to value and love their family and life, even when it can become boring and tedious ever so often.

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