Parent Movie Review: HungerGames MockingJay Part 2

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Mar 22, 2016 Under Parent Movie Reviews


The Hunger Games final installment is known as Mockingjay Part 2, but it is not exactly the kind of movie you would take your kids off to. You first have to get past the idea that this movie is entertainment for children. It is not. These are movies filled with violence and sexual innuendo that basically never stops. The attacks on a capitalist society are just as bad, and you will feel yourself cringing as an adult when you are watching this movie with your kids. There are many things to look out for if you still want to brave this movie with your kids or your family.

Violent Content
The Hunger Games are violent from start to finish, and there is no way to get around it. These are movies about kids killing other kids, and more people are going to die than in your standard war movie. You might have felt ok showing your kids Midway or Bridge On The River Kwai because those are historic movies that tell your kids about things that really happened. This is a movie that uses violence to get the end of the story plain and simple.

You will see people skewered by arrows shot by the main character, and you will see people die in explosions and other ways that are quite gruesome. That alone makes it very hard to watch, and you need to be prepared for gut-wrenching deaths that your kids are probably not ready for. You can stop right there and think about how much violence you want your kids to see.

The advanced special effects and the plotline require a lot of people to die in this movie, and this movie uses violence to make its point. The point could have been made in a more civil and wholesome way, but the book and movie companies want parents to think that this movie is actually for kids. Please remember that it is not.

Sexual Content
You have to get past the fact that the whole movie is pushing a certain couple into bed together, and it is making their love story seem romantic when it is just a way to survive a war. This is not how you would want your kids to act, but it seems to be the only way that this movie will portray relationships. Remember that there is no Christianity in this movie, and there are basically no morals. That is going to be hard to explain to your kids because the movie is rife with intrigue that is created with the use of any moral compass.

Drug and Alcohol Content
Drugs and alcohol are not really present in the movies, but the problem is that people are poisoned just to make the story keep moving along. So, you are not seeing anything that is asking your kids to do drugs or drink, but they might as well be if they think that it is cool to go into an arena to fight and kill other kids. Two of the kids in the movie actually tried to commit suicide together in an earlier movie, and you have to wonder what kind of message this movie is sending when these kids are doing such things.

You do not want your kids to get any ideas, and it is better that you just keep them away from this movie so that they do not think that anything they could do is not as bad as what happens in the movie. Kids will think like this, and you have to protect their young minds from all the excessive sex and violence that is fueled by poison and the occasional alcoholic drink.

The Verdict
This is a very easy movie to review because it is nothing more than a gratuitous attack on capitalism that uses attractive young actors to make the movie seem appealing. Anyone who is watching this movie will be shocked by how much violence is in it, and the movie does not even have a good resolution because two people who should not be in love or even thinking of having sex are doing just that. The torture scenes are violent in a way that is truly disturbing, and it is not a movie that kids should be allowed to watch.

You would be much better off reading the books with your kids so that you can explain it to them. You will be able to let them into adulthood later in life knowing that they will not want to watch movies like this, and you can avoid the questions that they will ask just by skipping the movie. It is impossible to explain such a violent and sexually-charged movie to your kids when there is nothing else to talk about.


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