Outdoor Movies & the Weather: Wind

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Aug 6, 2012 Under Tips

One of the important differences between an indoor movie and an outdoor movie is that those who plan an outdoor movie event must take the weather into consideration. If your event is to take place on the shore or beach, where the wind is typically higher, you will need to be especially conscious of the effect that the wind might have on your event. Carefully choosing a company with skill and high quality equipment can help take the worries away in windy situations.

As you plan for your event, keep at eye on the weather forecast. Knowing what to expect as far as wind speed and direction is critical when planning your event. Not all inflatable screen systems have ratings for wind. A screen that is not made to withstand wind can be unsafe for the audience, since it can become a big sail in the wind. Airscreen brand screens can withstand winds up to 35 mph. The screen frame is designed to withstand high pressure from the pump, which prevents the screen from bending or folding in the wind. (Click here to tweet this.)

In addition to safety concerns, wind can also affect the quality of the picture and sound. Wind can distort the picture on some inflatable movie screens by pillowing out in the wind; the resulting image looks much like a circus mirror. Airscreen brand screens have a wind shield on the back of the screen surface to prevent this from happening. Wind direction can also cause issues with the sound and how the sound travels from the movie screen area. Equipment must be carefully placed to optimize sound in windy conditions.

An anemometer should be used to measure wind speed and direction on-site. If the speed of the wind gets to an un-safe level, event organizers will know it is time to cancel or postpone the event.

Skilled team members from an event company will be able to determine if additional ground anchors, such as multiple long tent stakes, are needed to secure the screen, as well as what type of screen ropes are needed. In windy situations, a thick ratchet strap is needed to handle higher wind loads.

As wonderful as outdoor movie events are, it can be frustrating as an organizer to deal with weather conditions. A lot of time is spent planning a movie event, but weather is a factor that is completely beyond human control. Reduce your worry over wind with a skilled and knowledgeable outdoor movie company that uses high quality equipment.

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