Outdoor Movie Event Planning – What if it Rains?

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Aug 14, 2012 Under Tips

There are many wonderful things about outdoor movies; it is delightful to be outside with friends and family and enjoy a movie under the stars in a unique setting. Ill-timed rain can throw a devastating wrench into the plan if you have not considered the possibility of rain and planned ahead. Here are some tips for being prepared in case of inclement weather.

Have a Backup Plan In Case of Inclement Weather
Set a rain date ahead of time and be sure to advertise the alternate date. Alternatively, you can have an indoor location to move to. The decision to move to an indoor location must be made before setup to allow enough time for outdoor or indoor equipment setup. You should also make arrangements with the equipment provider ahead of time to make sure the screen will fit in the indoor location. An alternate indoor location is a great option for schools or colleges where a cafeteria or gym can be used. (Click here to tweet this.)

Hire a Professional Equipment Provider With Experience Dealing With the Rain
Venues with wet fields are not just messy, they can also cause a safety concern. Equipment providers who do not have experience and appropriate equipment will not understand that a wet ground surface will make it necessary to secure the screen with longer ground stakes.

Light rain will not deter the die-hard outdoor movie fan; this type of fan will come prepared with a lawn chair and an umbrella, still ready to enjoy the movie. Is your equipment provider prepared, though? High rate equipment providers will come prepared with water proof equipment or items such as covers or tents for their equipment so the show can go on. Top rate equipment is just as essential as professional technicians; a top rate inflatable movie screen such as Airscreen brand handle getting wet while still standing tall during the show.

Sometimes when the rain is heavy enough and you do not have a viable indoor location, it will be necessary to cancel the event. This could happen with a large festival that happens once a year, for example. Weather insurance is the best way to protect your financial investment in this case.

It is disappointing when rain arrives and messes with the careful plans you have made for your outdoor movie event. Spend a little bit of extra time planning for inclement weather for the best chance of success.

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