Movies That Float On Water

Posted by Paul Murray on Thursday Dec 11, 2014 Under Tips

Inflatable Movie Screen Rental Atlanta
Southern Outdoor Cinema is making a big splash at aquatic centers and lakes with our floating movie screen. This safe and fun way of showing family friendly movies makes for an unforgettable evening for movie guests. What could make a fun day of swimming and playing any better than seeing an outdoor movie?

Inflatable movie screens are becoming a popular choice of entertainment at many community, charity, and even private events, but you may not realize the possibilities that a water setting can create. Our new floating movie screens can be inflated and then have the blower removed. This allows the screen to float on the water safely. Guests can view the featured film from in the water or sitting along the edge.

The ability to float an inflatable screen on the water provides endless unique viewing experiences for you and your guests. By placing the screen in a pool guests can sit around the edge of the pool with their feet in, relax in lounge chairs, or even get right in the water with a floating tube. This works just as well at larger community events in the local pool as it does in your own private pool. Put the movie screen beachside and everyone can spread out blankets in the sand to watch a movie with the waves in the background. The sun setting is a beautiful beginning to an unforgettable family movie night.

Inflatable screens are also being used on ponds and in lakes where boats can pull up for the show. Pick a movie that relates to a water setting and you have an instant theme for your next party or event. Make it an all-day function by setting up games and activities in the area by the water. Serve seafood for a dinner fitting in with the setting, and don’t forget to create a kid’s area with food and games geared towards their favorite things.

When you hire Southern Outdoor Cinema, you are guaranteed to have a unique outdoor movie production. The best part of a movie showing with an inflatable movie screen is that it adds a whole new feeling to the evening. It’s always fun to gather together with friends and neighbors to enjoy a feature presentation, but when you do it in a water setting, it’s an entirely different experience. Your guests may soon forget exactly what movie they watched or who exactly came, but they’ll remember for a long time the fun of seeing that movie outdoors on the water.

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