5 Simple Steps to Get the Word Out About Your Outdoor Movie Event

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Advertising Outdoor Movie Night

You have taken the time to plan all of the details for your outdoor movie event. You have picked the perfect venue, a great movie and a reliable event production company. You have thought of everything, right? What about advertising? You can plan the perfect outdoor movie event, but if only a few guests show up, all of your planning will not have been worth the effort. Marketing your outdoor movie event is a crucial planning step. Here are 5 simple steps to get the word out about your outdoor movie event.

Create Flyers

Flyers are a great way to advertise an outdoor movie event. Flyers can be hung up at the movie location and around the community and they can be distributed to potential movie-goers. If your event is at a school, for example, hang flyers in prominent areas like the office and send them home in students’ backpacks. In addition to making a nice looking flyer, be sure to include all of the essential information like movie title and the time and location for your event.

Press Releases

Press releases are another good way to promote your event. Send press releases to local newspapers and bloggers to get the word out to as many people in the community as possible.

Social Media

Social media can be a great marketing tool. Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to a lot of people at once and get them all of the movie event information. If possible, begin advertising this way a few weeks in advance and post occasional reminders as the date approaches. Social media users typically check their accounts often, so reminders on this platform are very effective.

Encourage Members to Bring a Friend

Encourage members of your organization or company to bring a friend to the event. Whether you are a company, a church, a school or even the local parks and recreation department, you can encourage employees and members to spread the word and bring guests to the event. This is a simple way to bring in a few more guests.

A Banner

Create a banner to a hang up at your event location. Anyone who visits the location during the time leading up to the event date will know about the movie event when they see the banner. Make your banner eye-catching, and, just like with a flyer, be sure to include all of the essential information to make it simple for anyone who wants to attend.

Without guests, your outdoor movie event cannot be a success. As you plan, be sure to include some solid marketing strategies. These tips won’t take too much time or effort, but will go a long way towards achieving a higher turnout.

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