‘Flight’ Starring Denzel Washington, Filmed in Georgia

Posted by Paul Murray on Thursday Mar 20, 2014 Under Georgia Film Industry

‘Flight’ is a 2012 film about an airplane pilot who manages to save most of his passengers by bringing his malfunctioning plane to a heroic crash landing, but when the crash is investigated, the physical state of the pilot during the flight comes into question. The film, starring Denzel Washington and directed by Robert Zemeckis, dives into the life of the pilot, who is an alcoholic and drug-abuser. ‘Flight’ was nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Actor (for Denzel Washington) and Best Original Screenplay, at the 85th Academy Awards. The screenwriter, John Gatins, had originally set this film in Oklahoma, but ended up changing the setting to Atlanta because of the area having both the urban and rural feel that the script called for. Having the world’s busiest airport and the tax breaks that the state has also pushed his decision to change the film’s setting.

One of the filming locations was Hall’s Flying Ranch at 771 Hall Road Hampton, Georgia. Hall’s Flying Ranch is a privately owned small airport that used to be owned by a family who would give private flight training. The property has a barn-like hangar built for one small plane and a 2150 ft grassy landing strip. ‘Flight’ used this property to stand in as the farm house property that Denzel Washington’s character retreats to after the media circus surrounding the plane crash. The only thing the crew had to build for the set was the actually farm house seen in the film. The house was not already a part of the property. Hall’s Flying Ranch is locating about 35 miles south of Atlanta. The film crew also had another set that needed built, and that was for the crash site. The film chose a private farm, Green Valley Farms to build the elaborate and large set. The farm is located on an isolated stretch of Highway 278 in Covington, Georgia. Though in the film the crash happened just a few miles outside of the city, the set had to be constructed further away due to its large size.

Since the film is actually set in Atlanta, the majority of the filming did take place in the city. Atlanta’s oldest and most distinguished hospital, St. Joseph’s, was used for the hospital scenes in the film. They filmed in the hospital’s critical care wing. The Marriott Marquis Hotel on 265 Peachtree Center Avenue was also an establishment where the film shot some of its scenes. The Marriott Marquis is quickly becoming a popular place for films to shoot. ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ did some filming there in 2012.

‘Flight’ was released in theaters in November 2012 and is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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