What You Need To Know Before Planning A Fall Outdoor Movie Event.

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Fall is an excellent time of year for an outdoor movie.

Even though summer is over, the outdoor fun doesn’t have to come to an end. Fall is a wonderful time of year to host an outdoor movie event. These events can make any school function or fall festival a memorable occasion. With a little special planning, this outdoor movie can be just as fun and comfortable as a summer event.

Set the Scene for Fall

As the host, you can take full advantage of the smell of autumn air by giving everyone in your community a reason to come out and enjoy it along with the beautiful view of the colored leaves. Hay bales serve double duty as both extra seating and the perfect harvest time decoration. Don’t forget to use the in season apples and pumpkins to create points of interest or to simply scatter about for effect.

Keep Everyone Warm and Comfortable

No one’s going to enjoy themselves if they are more focused on staying warm then watching the movie. Because the days are still quite warm, you as the event planner may not have thought about how autumn nights will affect your outdoor movie night and your guest’s viewing experience.

Once the sun goes down and it’s dark outside, the ground can become hard and cold. Temperatures will continue to drop as the evening progresses. You also have a better chance of the ground becoming wet during fall nights than you do during the summer. Unless you’re prepared, this can turn your outdoor movie event into a wet and cold viewing experience. This is when the children will begin to fuss, making it hard for families to enjoy themselves.

Fall outdoor movie planning

Timing is Everything

While your guests will bring along their blankets, coats, and gloves to the event, the chill of the night can overcome them. This makes it uncomfortable for them to watch a movie on into the night. You can help prevent this by choosing to have your movie event earlier in the evening.

When picking an equipment provider for your movie night, it is important to know what time the main feature will start. A majority of equipment providers, especially those who are DJs, cannot start projecting your movie onto their inflatable screens until it is completely dark out.

Choose a Professional Company

A professional company like Southern Outdoor Cinema can start pre-movie projection at least 40 to 60 minutes before dark with the actual main attraction beginning right at sundown. Having a head start on the evening in this way will place the majority of the outdoor movie event in the earlier evening hours when it is still a bit warmer and more comfortable. This makes for a more enjoyable experience for your guests.

With just a little careful planning, you will have created a fun and memorable fall experience that your guests will remember for years to come.

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