Creative Ways to Raise Money For Your Outdoor Movie Night

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Aug 28, 2013 Under Tips

Outdoor Movie - Atlanta If you are considering an outdoor movie event at your school this year, there will be some planning involved to make the event a success. You will, of course, need to choose an equipment provider, select a movie, pick a date and a location, and get the word out to students and parents about the event, but what about paying for your movie night? Coming up with the money to fund special events is always an issue for PTA and PTO groups. Here are some creative ideas to fund a special outdoor movie night at your elementary school.

1. Pre-sell Meals

A Friday night movie night at school can be a great bonding experience for students and their families, but busy schedules can make it difficult for some families to attend. Parents coming home from work, turning around and coming right back out to the school for the movie event will not have time to make dinner. Offering pizza or hot dog packages is a great way to encourage more families to attend and to raise money for event production costs.

2. Silent Auctions

A silent auction, featuring items donated by local businesses, is a fun way to involve the community in your event and raise money. Many local business will be happy to support the school and will welcome the advertising opportunity. The silent auction table also offers something for parents to do before the movie begins.

3. On-Screen Sponsor Ads

You can also offer local businesses the opportunity to purchase on-screen advertisement space. Before the movie starts, show ads of the participating businesses, just like in the movie theater. Family-friendly restaurants, children and family activity centers, and local stores where parents and families might shop are good choices when it comes to selecting businesses for on-screen advertisements.

Family events are important for creating a positive school atmosphere. Young children like bringing their parents to school, showing them around and introducing them to their friends. Putting on special events takes money, though, and it can sometimes be difficult to raise the money needed to cover the costs of extra school events. These creative ideas for covering outdoor movie event production costs are a good place to start. Raising money in ways that can also increase convenience for families, like selling meals for the event, is a win-win. Use these ideas as a starting point and take your school’s families and culture into consideration as you decide what will work best at your school.

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