Church Youth Ministry Hosts Big Hero 6 Movie Night

Posted by Paul Murray on Sunday Jan 10, 2016 Under Event Productions

Considering that the Big Hero 6 movie was a phenomenal film, there is only one way to make the movie better, and that is by hosting a children’s movie event in a space that is transformed into San Fransokyo with featured characters from the film. That is exactly what occurred when Southern Outdoor Cinema partnered with the Youth Ministry at a Church in Roswell Georgia for movie night in a basketball gym. It was truly amazing to watch their church community come together to create an unforgettable atmosphere for the children to enjoy and remember for a very long time.

Southern Outdoor Cinema provided the inflatable movie screen to showcase the film, and the Youth Ministry and the church community did an excellent job of decorating the gym with themed items from the Big Hero 6 film. The decorations included paper lanterns for ambient lighting, white balloons decorated with the one-of-a-kind Baymax face, props that resembled the San Fransokyo city and skyline, colorful balloons, bags and bags of popcorn, lots of tasty treats at the fully stocked concession stands and much more.

Big Hero 6 Movie Night at Church

The youth fully enjoyed the special guest appearances by the Big Hero 6 movie characters, which included Baymax, Hiro Hamada and Honey Lemon. The energy in the room was vibrant and electric as the children ran, played and interacted with the movie characters. Of course, the super cuddly Baymax character stole the show as the children could not get enough of the life-sized superhero that had clearly captured the imagination of the smaller children.

Big Hero 6 Movie Characters

The movie event was truly epic before and after the featured film even started. However, when the film was playing the children enjoyed watching their favorite Big Hero 6 characters on the large inflatable screen. The children cheered, laughed and smiled as the event was truly a family affair with very supportive adults and teenagers who worked really hard to ensure that the youngest participants had a great time.

The movie event was truly filled with joy and tons of smiles and laughter as all of the participants interacted with each other like one big happy family. Another thing that the children really enjoyed was the freedom to make unlimited trips to the concession stands. It seemed like there was as much popcorn and candy as any small movie theater that I had ever been to.

Having Southern Outdoor Cinema screens at the Big Hero 6 movie event was a fantastic experience for everyone. Even though the children were very respectful and well-behaved, it was still great to have the presence of an inflatable and mobile movie screen that is durable and capable of withstanding a room filled with excited children who played freely and safely.

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