5 Movies to Watch With the Family on Halloween

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Oct 17, 2012 Under Movie Articles

Halloween is such a fun family holiday. Children and adults will enjoy decorating the home, dressing up, trick or treating and attending other fun Halloween events. Enjoying a family movie is another great way to celebrate this holiday. Many Halloween selections are too scary for families with young children, but these selections make excellent choices to watch with the family on Halloween.

Monsters vs. Aliens

Susan is hit by a meteorite on her wedding day and it turns her into a giant. She is taken into custody by the government and locked away with other monsters. Susan was initially afraid, but over time develops friendships with the monsters. The monsters make a bargain for their freedom by agreeing to fight a giant robot alien. The monsters defeat the robot and they are set free. Susan is initially anxious to return to her old life, but finally discovers that being turned into a monster and finding her new friends was a good thing for her.


Ghosts are a big part of Halloween. Casper is a movie about a friendly ghost the whole family will enjoy watching. Carrigan inherits an old mansion from her father but is scared away by the ghosts in the house, so she hires an afterlife therapist to come. He arrives, along with his daughter, and the pair end up developing a relationship with the ghosts, particularly Casper, the friendly ghost of a young boy. This sweet and funny movie will get the whole family into the Halloween spirit.

Scooby-Doo: The Movie

In this movie, the Mystery, Inc. gang is accidentally reunited after a previous break-up of the group. The members of the gang are all asked to an island to investigate a mystery, and they find the others upon arrival. During the movie the gang is reminded why they need each other and ultimately reunites.

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The Addams Family

The Addams family was inspired by both the cartoon and the television show about the quirky family. In the movie a stranger comes to the home claiming to be a relative; His real intent is to steal from the family. The Addams family, using their usual weird and entertaining methods, keeps the intruder from stealing their fortune.

Monster House

In this movie, a group of neighborhood kids must take on a scary house in their neighborhood that turns out to be a living monster. Children will especially enjoy this movie since the kids are left to take on this adventure on their own when the adults refuse to believe them.

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